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Live Semper Fi

Novel By: Kirkyb
Young adult

Number 6 in the Marine Series ~ 6 months after the Wedding and Morgan and Phillip are living on Base at Lejeuene Lifes about to come screaming at them throwing things in the way But Behind every Strong Marine is an even stronger woman serving in the Silent ranks View table of contents...


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....... I walked down the stairs to the noise filled house as the guys sat watching the game.
"You know my husband's still on duty for another hour and you all have a house of your own" I sighed leaning on the back of the couch between Kaden and Eric.
"Yeah we know but we miss having you there" Eric tipped his head onto my arm
"You mean you miss the fact I used to do most of the cooking"
"See she knows us too well" Austin laughed walking in from the kitchen with a slice of pie "and we know Terri was here last weekend so she was bound to have brought cookies and pie"
"She did and I can see I'm going to have to hide some of it if Phillip's going to get any"
"See the poor Marine doesn't get any now he's married" Oreo laughed.
"Are you kidding me all he does is go to work and get his wife in to bed" Patty chimed in from the recliner" I bounced a cushion off of her head. "What… you can't deny it" I felt my face flush red "Damn if he's as horny as he is now then what the hell is he going to be like after a 7 month deployment?"
"You guys are unfair" I smirked pushing off the back of the couch "I love you all… but I know you're all jealous" I walked into the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee and looked out of the window at the pouring rain.
"Okay where's the pie?" Patty said coming up behind me and resting her head on my shoulder.
"In the fridge if that lot have left any" I turned round and put my hand on her round belly "Junior hungry?" I smiled.
"She's always hungry" Patty laughed as her belly moved "And I'm going to need to live in the gym after she's born" I opened the fridge door and pulled out the cherry pie and put her a slice on the plate and handed her the whipped cream.
"Is Kaden coming to the doctors tomorrow" I asked sitting at the table
"Yeah he should be done with the meeting but if he's not you're still tagging along… right?"
"Hell yeah… any chance to hear my god daughters heartbeat" I wrapped my hands round the cup "You heard the rumors?"
"Which ones… the Commanders wife dancing on the tables at the strip night in town or the deployment ones"
"Okay I didn't hear about the Col's wife" I laughed "I hope she wasn't stripping she's definatly the rough end of 50" Patty snorted milk down her nose.
"No… it was the ladies night when you were sick" she said shaking her head as she wiped her face with a napkin "And yes I heard the deployment rumors" we both became serious "And you know Phillip could be sent now officer trainings done" I nodded "Jeez it's going to really suck if Kaden get sent before Riley is born" she rubbed her belly protectively. "3 more weeks that's all we need" I took her hand over the table.
"And if he gets sent you still have me and Paige" she took a deep breath and smiled.
"I know and I love you for it" she nodded "I guess Mom had to do it with Troy only his Dad wasn't ever coming home"
I got a lump in my throat when I thought of my god Mother having to go through having a baby on the same day that she had to bury the baby's Dad leaving her without her Marine and with a premature new born… mind you that new born had now turned into a 24 year old 6ft 2 inch Marine Drill instructor on Parris Island the Marine Corps Training base where I'd met my husband and where my Grandpa was in charge. Troy was like my big brother as much as his Sister Patty was like my sister.
"Dude you're missing the pie" I heard Oreo call out as the front door closed.
"God I swear I'm never going to tell you when my Mom visits" My heart raced as the sound of Phillip's light southern drawl filtered into the kitchen "Okay… where's my wife?"
"I'm in the kitchen… guarding the pie" I laughed Phillip walked in the sight of him in Camo always made me smile. It's true what they say there's nothing hotter than a guy in uniform especially when that guy is a Marine I got up from the table as he put his hand out to me pulling me to him and kissing me long and hard.
"Okay and if you're wondering kisses like that lead to this" Patty giggled pointing to her stomach as Phillip pulled away.
"Oh so that's how it works' Phillip laughed throwing his hat on the side and walking up to her to rub her belly "Hey Riley…" You ready to show your face yet" he said he started to laugh as she started kicking up a storm much to Patty's annoyance.
"Dude you know what reaction she has to you guys" Patty got to her feet "now thanks to her tap dancing on my bladder I need to pee" I poured Phillip a coffee as he took a piece of pie and picked up the whipped cream.
"Oooo can we take this to bed tonight" he winked naughtily shaking the can I started to laugh.
"After the strawberry sauce incident you really want to go there" I leant in and caught his bottom lip between my teeth.
"Ew… wrong time for me to walk in" L.J. laughed "Hey Sis" he dropped a kiss on the top of my head.
"What are you doing here?"
"Mom and Dad sent me with some stuff for Patty… and as no one was in at the apartment I guessed they'd all be here" I shook my head in the past 6 months my little 17 year old brother had shot up to 6ft 1 and had been training with my Dad every day readying himself for entry to the Marines. "Oh and Mom and Dad will be here tomorrow" he took the pie from Phillip and reached for the whipped cream in his other hand and hesitated "No… I think I'll skip the cream after what I heard" he walked into the living room to cheering and clapping from the others………………


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