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Once a Marine Brat forever a Marine Brat (Tess's story pt 2)

Novel By: Kirkyb
Young adult

This is the fourth in the set of Marine stories Tess and Ben are married and Ben is Deployed to Afghanistan along with Logan, Toby and Eric. Once again the family is sending more of the boys to join the Marines Tess is concerned about the way Bens sister is dealing with growing up she believes she needs to find a Marine to calm her down, maybe a Girly trip down to parris island is what is called for.......................... View table of contents...

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…………………………… "Oh come on Coach are you trying kill us" Katie groaned.
"Suck it up you shouldn't have gone on the powder puff should you" I smiled all the girls and most of the guys ground to a halt and looked at me "What you think I don't know about it I only graduated 3 years ago" I laughed "now run the laps or I tag on more and we practice at 6am instead of 3 pm" I they all groaned and set off again as I walked back to the bleachers smiling to myself as the football coach walked over.
"How do you do it" he said with his hands on his hips get then to do it without a whole heap of bitching".
"That's the easy part getting then to stop doing dumb things like the powder puff is the hard stuff" I said writing some stuff in my folder.
"When's Ben get home".
"2 months" I sighed "I spoke to him last night for the first time in 6 weeks"
"How are things" Coach asked.
"Hot and dusty like always" I smiled "it feels longer than ever right now waiting for them to come home"
"They'll be back soon" he patted me on the back and walked back to the football team I blew the whistle and they all came over.
"Okay, put the things away and you're all good to go" I said looking at them "I need you all to help with a fundraiser in a few weeks we're putting together two teams to travel to Parris Island to play some of the recruits".
"How did you swing that" Troy asked taking a drink.
"I have connections put it like that" I smiled "come on you need to go I have dinner plans, with a couple of cute Marines".
"Yeah but you're married" Kayli said wrinkling her nose.
"And those two Marines happen to be my brothers" I laughed. They all started to drift away I looked at Katie who was taking off her cleats "You need a ride home".
"No, I'm going with Ritchie" she said shaking her head.
"Again… am I going to get the phone call at 4 in the morning crying because you need picking up because he's dumped you on the side of the street somewhere" she groaned and rolled her eyes.
"Tess don't start please" she said looking at me. "It happened once".
"Yeah once with Troy and three times with Ritchie so far" I said picking up my bag "What do you think you're doing didn't you learn after Justin"
"You're doing it again Tess" we both looked round as we heard a car sound it's horn "I'm a senior now I'm a big girl" I watched as she ran over to the car and got in, my phone started to ring.
Me * yup.
Ollie * Tess we're sitting on the front step like a pair of idiots.
Me * okay and the problem with that is.
Ollie * gee thanks sis
Me * you know where the spare key is let yourselves in I'm just leaving practice I need a shower and I'll be good to go.
Ollie * okay but be warned there may not be any cookies left.
Me * I'm used to it with you two.
I hung up and walked over to my truck and got in and drove home Ollie's truck was in the drive behind Ben's making me park on the street. I got out and walked in the house I could hear Nick's voice in the kitchen I walked in and made them both jump.
"You know you should teach how to creep in stealthily on the Island" Nick said throwing a cookie at me.
"Well you two don't know how to be quiet" I laughed "Did you book the table".
"Yes, Mom did it for us" Nick grinned sitting on the counter "she and Dannie are both working tonight".
"I know I spoke to Dylan at practice".
"Did they tell you about what happened at the powder puff this year" Ollie called out as I walked in to the bathroom and turned on the shower.
"No I'm not supposed to even know about the game" I sighed 'because all the kids that go could be suspended"
"Yeah well never caught you guys or us did they" Nick teased.
"No" I smiled "Tell me over dinner I closed the bathroom door and got under the water and showered 20 minutes later we were all heading out of the door to the restaurant.
Ollie was driving I looked at both of then they had both already done they're first deployment much to Mom's dread but they we're more like Dad than everyone thought being a Marine came natural to both of them and they loved every minute of it, we pulled up to the steak house that was just off the base but still filled with sailors and Marines the three of us walked in and got shown to a booth the noise level was through the roof like always when there was a ball game on I slid in to the seat Nick sitting next to me
"So why the "we need to talk lets go to dinner" call" I said eyeing both of them they looked at each other then at me.
"We got our orders this morning" Ollie said as Nick ordered our drinks, this is the part no one gets used to the feeling of sickness washed over me. It didn't matter if it was Ben, or if it was Dad and the others and now my own brothers the feeling of dread was always the same. I'd been dealing with it since I was 8 months old and Dad left I was now 21 and it gets worse each time. I picked up my drink as the waiter put them down.

"I think I'm going to need stronger that soda" I smiled "can I get a shot of Jack in there" I handed the waiter the drink back he smiled and nodded.
"Whiskey" Nick said raising his eye brows.
"After what Grandpa drinks what do you think" I smiled, I sighed "have you told Mom".
'She guessed. She's worse than you for knowing what's going on" Ollie groaned "she went really quiet like the last time"
"What do you expect" I said leaning on the table "her two little boys are off playing with guns again"
"And again Thanks Sis" he said looking at me.
"She'll be fine don't worry about it, she's probably already called Dawn and she and Ry will have their tickets booked" I said shaking my head "and
Adam will already know".
"He does he called us before" Nick smiled.
"You know how everyone come together when it deployment day" they both nodded. "Okay happier things what happened at the powder puff".
"Well from what we've heard a certain girl was getting hot and heavy with 3 different guys" Ollie sighed leaning on the table. "Not at the same time but people are talking and I'm Meaning Marines not just kids" I groaned.
"Let me guess I happen to be married to her brother".
"You got it in one" Nick nodded "We thought you should know before word gets to Ben"
"Thanks, she was fine till she and Dylan broke up" I said taking a drink "she still won't tell me why they broke up and you know what Dyl is like he's more interested in getting off base and going to school on the west coast"
"Yeah the only non marine" Ollie nodded I coughed.
"Yeah well could you imagine what the hell we'd all be like if you we're the one getting deployed" Nick laughed "God I think Ben and Dad would freak".
"That's why I stick to teaching 2nd grade kids" I grinned. "Have you two tried asking him"
"No you want us to" Nick asked.
"It might give me some idea what's going on with her" I nodded, we sat eating and laughing we finally walked out of there around 11 and climbed in to the truck.
"You guys staying at mine" I asked as my phone started to ring.
"Yep" Nick nodded "it's either that or go back to the stinky place we call home" I looked at the picture and groaned as I saw it was Katie.
Me * well at least it's not 4in the morning.
Katie * Tess please.
Me * sorry.
Katie * I'm at the beach and I got into a fight with a couple of guys now I'm scared to come out of the dunes"
Me * where on the beach.
Katie * down from the board walk by where we played soccer last weekend.
Me * 10 minutes we'll be there.
I hung up the phone.
"I take it we're heading off base" Ollie said heading for the main gate.
"Yeah guess who's in trouble again" I sighed………………………………….


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