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Raised Semper Fi (Morgan's story)

Novel By: Kirkyb
Young adult


This is the third round of my Marine series folloing a families struggles

Morgan is a 3rd generation Marine Brat, headstrong and fiesty since birth, Keeps her friends and family close in her heart and would defend them to her last breath.You never know what's round the next corner when you're surrounded by guys that always look good in Uniform................ View table of contents...

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………………. "Okay again why can't your brother pick his own roommate up from the airport" I asked as Patty jumped in the passenger seat and I pulled back down her drive.
"He's on a hot date according to him" She said shaking her head "And come on you have to admit he has the hottest roommates".
"Well you do have a point there" I nodded "But you know what Troy said not hitting on them".
"Yeah like I listen to my brother" She said raising her eyebrows. "And since we all got back from Germany he's been a big over protective pain in the ass"
"You try having my family" I groaned as we pulled up to the gate I rolled down my window "I can't even breathe without someone knowing about it".
"It's only because the love you" She smiled as we drove off the base.
"I know" I nodded.
This was what I did like Patty and thousands of other Military kids day in day out. We lived in almost constant fear when the people we loved the most were deployed and away, we were used to Christmases, birthdays and other special occasions going by and not having people with us. We didn't know any other way. We were Marine brats and proud of it.
My family were Marine through and through just like Patty's. My Dad is a Marine like my Grandpa's and my great grandpa's I had Uncles and cousins who were all Marines the only exception was one of my cousins who wanted nothing to do with the Military and is some Lawyer off base. When I was born I was 8 weeks early, My Mom always laughs that I had a temper back then and I still have it now. People say I looked like my Dad and my Grandpa, I had the same dirty blond hair that both of them had but instead of the sky blue ones that both my Uncles and Mom and Grandpa had I'd gotten Dad's dark brown ones.
I pulled up at the stop light laughing at Patty singing so badly as loud as she could people were looking at us from other cars, er long black hair falling in tight curls that she'd gotten from her Dad Well I'd never seen his hair longer than a ¼ inch all over but I've seen some pictures from when he was younger.
"When do your Mom and Dad get back from Parris Island" Patty asked as we pulled up at the airport and walked to the terminal.
"I'm heading down there after L.J. gets done with school" I said rubbing my hands from the cold as we looked at the arrivals board "It's Grandpa's birthday".
"I like you're Grandpa he's cool" She nodded pointing to a flight that flashed up landed.
"He's a mean ass working but I suppose you don't get to be the base commander of a Marine training base by playing nice" I smirked as I thought about my Grandpa Logan, He'd been promoted through the ranks till he'd got to be the base commander of Parris Island.
"I wish I was coming with you" Patty said as we headed to the gate.
"Come" I shrugged "you know they won't mind".
"I can't I have so many assignments due for school I'm going to be locked in my room all weekend"
"So what the hell are we doing her picking up your Brothers roommate at 12.30 in the morning" I moaned nudging her.
"Did you forget what I said before He's hot very, very hot" She giggled.
"Oh Like you'll make a move you get so tongue tied when you set eyes on him" I said sitting down and yawning pushing my hands in to the pockets of my jacket.
'I don't"
"Oh sorry I forgot Troy's birthday last month you said Hi to him and then promptly burst in to giggles" I said shaking y head.
"Okay so I wasn't prepared to see him then, I am now I've been rehearsing this all afternoon" She said closing her eyes and taking a deep breath.
"God you can be dork sometimes" I said throwing my hat at her.
'Who's a dork" A voice said from behind Patty making her jump and spin round losing her balance and falling face down on the carpet at his feet.
"You really need to ask Kaden" I groaned getting up from the chair as Kaden offered a beet red Patty a hand to get up from the floor.
"Wheres Troy" He asked looking round.
"On a date" I said as Patty dusted herself off "so we got roped in picking your ass up".
"Oh thanks for that begrudging welcome home" Kaden smirked "You ok" he asked looking at Patty who nodded then burst out laughing.
"See total dork" I said linking her arm as we headed to the exit.
"So how was the week in Wisconsin" Patty managed to ask when we were in the darkness of the truck and Kaden couldn't see her blushing.
"Eventful, I know have a little sister" he said a smile spreading across his face.
"I saw you brother two days ago and he didn't say anything" I butted in "Jeez I didn't even know your mom was pregnant"
"No who's a dork" he teased "I was adopted, and I just found my birth Mom and my sisters"
"Oh now it makes sense" I nodded.
"So what are they like" Patty gabbled.
"Well I only really met my youngest sister Tiffany…" he paused and sighed.
'Not go to well" I asked.
"Yes and No" He shrugged.
'So you going to spill the beans or do we need to do 101 questions" Patty said nudging him.
"Okay it sounds like a bad plot form a soap opera but here goes"…………………………………


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