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The only way i can go is up now

Novel By: Kirkyb
Young adult

Autumn is at the lowest point in her 17year long life getting mixed up with a Jerk who she thought was a special guy she felt like she was stuck on the wrongside of the tracks trying to cover up her life at home and school and not let people in to her painful life until a suprising encounter with a guy begins to make her fell normal again View table of contents...

Submitted:Jun 30, 2009    Reads: 5,809    Comments: 43    Likes: 23   

..................... I slid down the wall as a guy lay in the middle of the alley unconscious, I didn't know who he was but that wasn't something new, I grabbed the bottle of beer from the floor next to me and drained the bottle.

"You did good Baby" I looked up as my boyfriend is probably not the right word to use but that's what he liked to call himself handed me another drink and a pill "Looks like we made a couple of hundred" he pulled the guys wallet from his pocket I took the pill and washed it down with another half a bottle of beer I hauled myself to my feet and started to walk away waiting for the drugs to kick in so I didn't feel worthless anymore. "Where do you think you're going the clubs only just filling up we can get some more money" Bret said grabbing my arm and pulling me round to him.

"I need to sleep" I sighed "I still have to go to school".

"You'll be fine when your little friend starts to work, and I want to see you on the dance floor making all the guys want you" he kissed me roughly,

It was no use fighting him I knew he wouldn't let me go tonight till he'd sold the last on his little pills and gotten me to make him more money I downed the rest of my beer as he walked me back into the club the atmosphere heavy with the sound of the thumping music and the heaving bodies on the dance floor my head was starting to get light and it was if the music actually pounded through my veins I felt my body begin to move Bret's tattooed arm slid round my waist pulling me back against him his breath hot on my neck.

"Go do you stuff baby" he said letting go of me I made my way across the floor I felt eyes watching me as I moved but I was lost in the music a guy who was already dancing on one of the podiums dotted round the club offered me his hand and pulled me up so I was dancing with him at chest height to everyone on the floor he pulled me against him and moved with me to the pounding beat I leant back as he supported my weight both of my legs either side of his thigh.

"You know I've watched you dancing here for the past 3 weeks and wanted to get this close to you" he said as I flicked back up so we were face to face.

'A lot of people watch me you know" I teased working the way I knew Bret wanted me to.

"I know there's a heap of guys who'd kill to be dancing on here with you right now what's your Name by the way" he said grinding against me his hand on my bare waist.

"Tabby" I lied.

"I'm Austin, you going to let me buy you a drink". He asked.

"Why don't you go get the drink while I carry on dancing" I said biting on my bottom lip and trailing my fingers down my body I knew drove guys like this jerk crazy thinking they stood a chance with me. he jumped down to go get a drink I carried on dancing when I felt someone tap my leg I looked down to see Bret glaring at me.

"Seal the deal" he mouthed before pushing his way through the crowd to his table were people were waiting to get their little fixes from him I carried on dancing whipping my long red hair round I saw Austin working his way back from the bar I went to get down when a guy put his hands on my waist and lifted me.

"Don't want you to fall" he smiled his green eyes flashed with a smile he had a familiar face but I couldn't place him.

"Thank you" I smiled.

"Dude back off I was dancing with the lady" I almost laughed as Austin said those words.

"Hey I was only helping her down" green eyes said holding up his hands before running his hand through his sandy brown hair that stuck to his forehead with the sweat from dancing.

"Come on lets go somewhere a bit quieter" Austin smirked looking pleased he'd got what other guys wanted, he put his arm round my and led me to the back exit that led into the staff parking lot.

"You want to go outside" I said running my fingers down his arm "we won't be bothered by anyone out there".

"Sure" he smiled like a kid on Christmas morning I took my drink from him and knocked it back I wasn't near high enough or drunk enough for this tonight I took the shot of Tequila he was holding and knocked it back as well god I hate that stuff I had to take a couple of breaths to make sure I wasn't going to puke it back up I pushed open the door and stepped back out into the chilly fall air the next thing I knew was Austin had pushed me against a stack of beer crates and was kissing me his hands running all over me he was drunkenly fumbling with his belt I was no way drunk enough for him the other guy tonight hadn't even got close to kissing me before Bret had snook up on him and hit him over the head with the bat he kept hidden outside the club, Austin ripped open the front of my shirt before I heard a thud and a groan as he slumped to the floor.

"What the hell he almost managed to…" Bret grabbed my face in his hand and squeezed.

"I was doing business if you have to give the odd guy more than another then you'll do it till I can sort it" he snarled "Now be a good girl and find me another mug" he said pushing me away. And turning and ruffling Austin's pockets pulling out keys to a BMW and a wallet stuffed with notes "Jackpot" Bret laughed his laughter turned my stomach how the hell did I get in to this situation I said to myself looking down at the rough scratches on my chest.

My life wasn't always as rough as this………………………………….


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