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True friends will always love you

Novel By: Kirkyb
Young adult

A sequel to Summer at last - a year later it's graduation time Cam and Mandy are still together but home life has gotten to the point where Mandy knew it would time to break away from her self destructing Mom While her closest friends are begining to do what they must Mandy struggles with her love for Cam and the fact her Best friend is running away beacause of something she can't do............ View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 17, 2009    Reads: 1,810    Comments: 39    Likes: 14   

............................ "It's Graduation" Channing said as I opened the door to my room.
"And you're shouting why" I groaned flopping back on my bed.
"Did you and Cam go to the party at Justin's last night" she asked looking at her reflection in the mirror.
"Yep you missed a fun night".
"Yeah well when the grandparents fly in for Alabama for today I have to stay around" she sighed sitting on the end of the bed "Talking of tall dark and handsome where is Cam".
"He had to work this morning" I said sitting up.
"Have you heard from your Dad" I shook my head not since Christmas he was going out to China to work for 6 months or something and obviously they don't have phones or e-mail there to keep in touch with your only living child" Channing sighed knowing she'd hit a raw nerve.
"I'll get ready I said getting up you want to go on the bike" I smirked.
'No Hell no" she said raising her eye brows. "I'll take your cap and gown"
"It's in the hall closet" I smiled she nodded.
"Hey Mandy you know your Mom's passed out on the couch right" Channing said leaning on the bathroom door as I turned on the shower.
"I guessed she would be we got into a fight again last night" I sighed looking at her. "It would have been Paul's 22nd birthday today"
"I remembered: she nodded "when you saw the date of graduation you got upset"
"Yeah well when I got home last night she was sitting by the garage with Paul's leathers in her hands" I shrugged.
"How did she get in I thought you locked it when you went out"
"She broke the lock with a shovel" I said feeling tears stinging my eyes 'She took his things out of the trunk and as I pulled up the drive way she poured the vodka that was in her hand over them and threw a match on them" a tear splashed off the back of my hand I turned over my hand to show a burn on the palm of it.
"Holy crap Mandy" Channing said looking at me.
"I couldn't stop them burning" I said shaking my head she hugged me.
"Does Cam know" I nodded
"He came over right away" I sighed wiping my eyes. "I'm done after today my trust is mine and I'm out of her like I said all along"
"You sure you don't want a ride to school".
"No I'm fine" I said taking a deep breath at least I'll have the rest of the family and Cam there today "shame my own parents couldn't give a damn but".
"That's why you have Luke's family and us" Channing smiled
"I know and now Karen got herself knocked up by Tony it's the funniest thing ever" I smiled "Luke is so pissed" Canning looked at me and nodded.
"I know he was talking about it last night" she smiled "Well you did tell Tony that Karma was a bitch and it was going to bite him in the ass" she hugged me again "Okay I'll go grab your cap and gown and meet you at school"
"Okay thank you" I called after here as I closed the bathroom door. I showered got out and dressed I dried my hair and put on my makeup my phone started to ring.
Me * good morning
Ryan * hey I just got a call from Cam asking e to make sure you were okay.
ME * I'm okay did Cam tell you what happened.
Ryan * yeah You should have come here for the night you know Mom said anytime.
Me * I know but Cam came over till Mom passed out in the front yard and he put her on the couch in the living room.
Ryan * you want to give me a ride to school.
Me * sure I'll be there in 10 minutes.
Ryan * cool.
I hung up the phone and looked at the picture before the screen went blank, a heavy feeling came over me as I looked at the picture of Ryan and Greg the day they both shaved their heads ready for boot camp they were leaving in the next week the gang was going to be spilt for a while to come in a hard way where we couldn't even get to talk to 2 of them for a while. I picked up my helmet and keys and walked out of my room. Mom was in the kitchen trying to make a pot of coffee she looked at me as I walked in.
'Where are you going on a Saturday" she spat.
"Out" I said putting on the helmet and the jacket "If you don't even know where I'm going you're more screwed up than even I gave you credit for" I headed for the door.
"Schools done next week and you're out of here you trouble making bitch".
"Fine by me" I closed the door behind me nothing she said anymore bothered me as far as I was concerned last night was the end of my relationship with her. I opened the garage door and walked inside and climbed on to the bike and started it as I pulled out she came out on the porch and watched me. I pulled up at Ryan's the house decorated with a heap of graduation stuff which made me smile I got off and took off my helmet and walked up on to the porch and into the house.
"Morning Mandy" Ryan's Mom called out as she walked down the stairs Luke just left.
"I saw his truck turning down the street" I nodded "Ryan ready I did tell him 10 minutes"
"He's out back with Grandpa Sid talking about next week" I look of sadness washed over her face making me feel down. She sighed and shook her head go out to them. I walked out of the door As Ryan got up from the chair next to his grandpa.
"Mandy how is my favorite rebel" his Grandpa laughed.
"Better for seeing you gorgeous" I laughed kissing his cheek "I'm stealing your grandson".
"You should have done that before Uncle Sam got his chance" Sid smiled patting my hand I saw Ryan groan and shake his head.
"I meant I'm taking him to school" I smiled "And you'd better cheer when I get my diploma".
"Always honey" he nodded as Ryan and I walked back inside he opened the closet in the hall and pulled out his helmet.
"Sorry about him" he said as we walked out and got to the bike.
"Hey I love your grandpa he can say what he like" I smiled putting my helmet back on Ryan caught my hand.
"Is that what happened last night" he asked
"Yeah it's nothing" I shrugged.
"Doesn't look like nothing"
"Ryan I promise if I was in pain I'd go to the Emergency room but I'm fine I cleaned it up" he looked at me "Don't Cam gave me that look last night" I sighed getting on the bike Ryan climbed on behind me and held on and tapped my shoulder I glanced round.
"We only do it because we care"…………………………………….


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