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What's a Marine brat supposed to do !!! (TESS'S STORY PT 1)

Novel By: Kirkyb
Young adult

This follows on from Amber's stories, this one is 17 years later with Tess the main character as a Junior in high school don't worry all your favorites are still in this one. View table of contents...

Submitted:May 5, 2009    Reads: 5,513    Comments: 29    Likes: 22   

……………….. I sat looking at the clock on the wall, why is it time always goes so slowly when you have things to look forward to, and why is it when it's a perfect early summer afternoon we get stuck inside with the worst substitute teacher ever her voice I think has sent most of the class to sleep. A ball of paper landed in front of me on my desk I stopped taping my pen against my leg and looked up to see Ben grinning at me,his dark brown eyes twinkling, I opened thenote to read the message.

So what are we doing after the game?

B x

I put my pen in my mouth and look back at him, He was one of my best friends and even though I'd never tell him this he's 6 ft of total hotness his dirty blond hair shaved ready for the summer like he normally does.
I'd met Ben my first day on Base in Japan when I was 7 he lived a few houses away and we just became friends for the next 5 years that Dad was stationed out there but then Dad got moved to Germany and we lost touch, so when we moved back here to Lejeune 3 years ago and I walked in for first day of freshman year at school I was stoked to see that Ben was now living here, His Dad is one of the top Doctors at the hospital here on the base.

I took the pen from my mouth and started to write a reply.

I have no idea, ask your girlfriend


I balled up the piece of paper throwing it back at him as the teacher droned on, I leaned back in my seat and looked out of the window, watching the white puffy clouds floating slowly by, I sighed and opened the front of my planner to cross of another day on the countdown I had marked in the front of the book. I was now down to 3 days, not bad considering it started at 100. I smiled to myself 3 more days till Dad gets back from deployment. The bell rang I got up from the seat before the teacher had said anything and was out the door heading for my locker, I waved when I saw Skye waiting for me her cleats hanging round her neck.

"Hey Tess wait" I looked round to se Ben pushing his way through the hallway now filled with noisy chattering kids I stopped and waited for him to catch up.
"What was the note supposed to mean" He asked as I handed him my books to carry.
"Oh come on" I smirked as we carried on walking to my locker "You can't do anything without Lilly's permission, she has you on such a tight leash I can see your face turning blue" I opened my locker and turned my attention away from Ben to Skye. "How did you get here so fast".
"I ditched last class" she smiled, we were best friends Skye was 5ft6 of fire she would take on anyone that pissed her off last year I actually watched her floor one of the line backers for saying she was a Navy brat, his bad she's a Marine brat like me he still walks the opposite way when he sees her. "I take it we're talking about Ben's trainer" She said winking at him he flicked her the finger. 'What I heard the words tight leash so we must be talking about Lilly" I put my head in my locker laughing.
"Oh you two are so funny, she's not that bad" he moaned Both Me and Skye looked at him, he rolled his eyes "Hey you never answered my question about after the game" Ben said butting in and pushing my books in my locker over my head.
"We're going out for Pizza with Noah and Justin" Skye said as I closed my locker door, I looked at her.
"We are".
"Yep I spoke to them after lunch" she smiled "Come on you've seen how Noah hangs off your every move".
"The skinny skater kid" Ben said smirking.
'There's nothing wrong with him just because he's not into playing sports like you meathead" Skye said poking Ben in the chest.
"Ow I didn't say there was" he said rubbing where her finger had just been "I just didn't think he was your type Tess".
"And what is my type" I smiled he shrugged "Exactly I don't have one" I grabbed Skye by the hand "We need to go get changed".
'Good luck for the game" Ben smiled walking across the hall to his locker and opening it "and I'm coming for pizza with you after the game with Lilly just to piss you both off" he laughed.

"God when is he going to come to his senses about her" Skye moaned as we walked in the locker room.

"I don't know he seems too really like her" I shrugged as I started to get changed.
"He could have his pick of girls and he chooses the biggest bitch" I started to laugh.
"Can we change the subject it's going to be bad enough having to have dinner with her".
"Sure, so how many days to go" Skye smiled as she tied her laces.
"Just three" I nodded getting a warm feeling in my stomach "Aunt Dannie and Mom are driving us all insane they're getting nervous so they can't sit still" Skye smiled.
"You think your Dad is going to be at the game next week" she fanned herself with her hand.
"You can knock that off" I grinned.
"What your Dad is hot I have to say it" she laughed as we walked out on to the field. "You have the hottest parents on the base".
"Hey what about mine" we looked round as Cole walked over and handed me the captains arm band.
"Yeah what about His" I laughed "we are from the same gene pool" I put my arm round my cousins shoulder, Cole was almost 12 months younger than me but already a good 2 inches taller he was one of the managers of the soccer team, you could see we were related we both had the same blue eyes that My Dad and his Mom have but he's now looking more like Uncle Toby. If it sounds a little complicated then welcome to my world. I have 5 cousins and 2 brothers and I'm the oldest and the only girl, My Mom and Uncle Toby are brother and sister just like my Dad and Aunt Dannie.
"Okay you have cute parents as well" Skye groaned "But your Dad is still hot for an old guy"

"He's not that old" I smiled "And we need to stop this conversation it's just icky" I shuddered.

Skye did have a point Dad was still a good looking guys at 6ft 1 his body was still in better shape than most guys half his age he still had a six pack and big arms which I used to love been cuddled in when I was little. I shook my head snapping back to reality I looked round the field Mom waved at me from the bleachers where she was sitting with Aunt Dannie I waved back. She could still pass for a college kid and after having me and then my twin brothers she could still rock a bikini making heads turn on the beach, but she is one tough cookie even Dad knew when to back away from her I think it's true what they say the toughest job in the Marine Corps is being a wife and mother holding it together while the guys are deployed, I think the thing that made our family so strong was the fact she never let us forget that even though Dad was away he still loved us we all get extra hugs and kisses that she says he left behind for us, even Ollie and Nick might complain and say they are too old for stuff like that at 15 but if you ask them they'll tellyou that Dad loves them without hesitation.

"3 days Tess" Cole smiled rubbing his hands together.

"I know" I smiled he was as excited as I was,

We ran out on to the field, it felt so good to be outside running off some energy, I managed to score just before the Referee blew for ½ time we walked off the field happy and headed for the bench.

"Did you see Noah and Justin are watching" Skye smiled handing e a bottle of water.
'Yep Lilly and Ben are there as well and she looks pissy" I laughed "I think the last thing she wanted was to be here watching us"
'Oooo dinner's going to be fun" Skye smirked her voice dripping in sarcasm.
"Nice Goal Gunny Bear" I spun round
"Adam" I launched myself at him he picked me up off the ground and hugged me "Mom didn't say you were coming".
"You know what she's like for keeping surprises" he laughed setting my feet back on the ground "You need to stop growing you'll be as tall as me soon".
"That wouldn't be hard would it" I smirked.
"Oh very nice all the way from San Diego to see my Gunny bear and this is the welcome I get" I groaned "Have a good second half okay" he walked away I saw Mom get off the bleachers and hug him.
"I know that's not your Dad" Megan said from the bench "Your Mom got a new hobby while your Dad's away"
"Excuse me" I turned on her.
"You know while the Marines away" she shrugged.
"Not all Moms' are like yours" Skye Jumped in "We all know the minute your Dad leaves she's on her back with ever thing that walks" Megan got off the bench and squared up to Skye.
"You really want to go there" Megan snapped turning red because she knew it was true.
"Oh I'll go there and knock you on your ass in the process".
"Girls enough" Coach yelled, I pull Skye out of the way before turning back to Megan.

"He's my godfather" we ran back out onto the field I saw Adam throwing a football for my brothers and Coles 2 brothers Max and Dylan, Skye played off her anger scoring twice we ended the game at 0-3 we went over to the opposition and shook hands with them before we left the field.

"Ha that's what you get for taking on Marine Kids" Ollie yelled.
'Yeah My sister kicked ass" Nick laughed hugging me "Nice job Skye" he shouted to her turning red he had a crush on her Mom walked over.
"Good game honey" she kissed me "Just think who will be sitting here next week" I had to laugh she sound like an excited school kid with her first crush, her and Dad were in love as much now as when the got married.
"I know I can't wait" I smiled "its okay if I go for dinner with friends" I nodded to where Skye was talking to Justin and Noah.
"Sure Honey" Mom smirked "Is Ben going to".
"Yeah we were being mean about his girlfriend so he's bringing her just to spite us" I sighed
"Oooo Aunt Dannie" Ollie yelled "Tess is going on a date" I glared at him.
"Ollie "Mom said sternly he looked down.
"Sorry Tess" he sighed before looking Mom in the eye as giving her the same lopsided smile that dad does when she yells at him, Mom smiled putting her hand on Ollie's arm.
"Your two are getting too much like your Dad" she said Nick gave a big grin they were both as tall as She was already at only 15 Like every guy in my family the were planning on being Marines they'd already started to work out every day and were both becoming big built.
"So Gunny Bear" Adam said loud enough for the others to hear "Which one do I need to go and talk to since your Dad's not back yet" I groaned.
"Mom tell him"
"Adam leave her alone" Mom smiled.
"Hey I'm only doing what Logan would expect" he smiled putting his arm round me "I can pull the drill instructor on him like your Grandpa jack did on me"
"Mom". She beat me to it smacking him round the back of the head.
'Ow Amber" he said pulling a face. "Have a good time Gunny bear" he shouted after me as I walked back to the others I started to laugh.
"Nice game" Ben smiled. "Now can we go I'm hungry" Lilly was looking from me to Skye.
"We need to shower and change" I said "Why don't you guys go on and we'll meet you there"
'Sounds good" Justin nodded pulling Skye to him and kissing her I turned to walk away "Gunny Bear" I turned round laughing at him Noah walked over to me.
"I was wondering if you'd like to go to the movies or something tomorrow night" he said fidgeting from one foot to the other I tried not to smirk I wasn't used to guys that were so shy. I saw Ben nudge Justin.
"He'll pick her up on his skate board" Ben sniggered, I glared at him.
"Sure Noah I'll pick you up at 6" Ben and Justin both shut up laughing. "Skye come on" we walked away from them.
"I can't believe he actually got up enough courage to ask you out" Skye smiled.
"That's why I said yes" I shrugged "He's sweet quiet but sweet"
"I think you'll be his first date" she smiled opening the locker room door.
"Oh like I've had a ton" I sighed sitting down and undoing my laces "all I've done is kissed a guy not like someone I could mention" Skye looked at me.
"Shhhh" she looked round.
"What you slept with Justin don't try and hide the fact" I giggled.
"I'm not but I don't want it broadcasting" she sighed sitting down "Not like Ben". I looked at her "Oh yeah I overheard him in class this morning talking to some of the guys he and the ring master have taken it all the way" I raised my eye browns "To be honest I'm surprised he didn't snap the twig in half" we both burst out laughing we walked into the showers "or maybe he's not that big".
"Okay" I laughed with tears streaming down my face "the last thing I want to think about is Ben and Lilly together". We got read and went out to the parking lot and to my car and drove to meet the others…………………………………………….

after much debate this is what we've all decide on is BEN



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