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Black Roses, Silver Thorns Prologue

Novel By: Kirsten Rain
Young adult

Kairi is about to be married when she finds out a secret. She runs away from her wedding. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 23, 2008    Reads: 571    Comments: 33    Likes: 9   

July 9, 2052
Wedding nights are supposed to be special. You are supposed to go up in front of God and marry the man or woman you love. For me, it wasn't that simple at first. In my family I guess you'd call it, I was like royalty. So I had to marry a man of equal status. That is where the trouble began. My parents finally found me a groom who was everything I hated and more. He was a Blood Feeder. A horrid Human sucking Blood Feeder. I didn't care for drinking Human blood but then again I was a Hemophage. I didn't need to drink Human blood to survive. I could eat regular food or suck emotions, like my father. He is an Emotion Stealer. He feeds off of the emotions of Humans and animals.
When I say that they feed off things like emotions and blood, I mean we are all parasites. Vampires are the Human's term for people like us. Most of us were born like this, hence why we are royalty. The ones that were turned into Vampires are accidents. Meaning, one of us tried to suck their blood and instead turned them into a Vampire. Whether you are an Emotion Stealer or a Blood Feeder depends on your parents just as your gender does. Not many people know that.
If you are a Human reader then I want to stress to you the importance of taking the time to read my story. It is important for you to learn how I became the way I am right now. I was always a Hemophage which made me a bit different but I wanted to be something more. I wanted to be Human. There was only one way I could become Human. If I fell in love with a Werewolf and he fell in love with me. Silly I know but that was the rule. So most Vampires took careful precaution on who they fell in love with. Others didn't care and ended up being Human. Then again none of them belonged to a royal pure blooded family like the Robinsons.
The Robinsons, I would be the last to admit they are my family. But sadly they are my blood parents. Anyone would actually want to be related to them but I didn't. My family consists of one sister, two brothers, a mom, and a dad who I don't know much about. James Adams is my 17 year old brother. He has always had a temper but only I can cool it down. Michael Edwards is my 11 year old brother. He is the only Vampire with poisonous venomous fangs. Jessica May is my 13 year old sister. She is a miniature version of my mom, with the style, grace, and attitude. My mom, Lily Marie, is 46 I think. She is an older version of my sister. Finally my dad, Noah Lewis, he is 47 years old and the only Emotion Stealer I know.
Now about the guy I was to marry. Daniel Michael Andrews was like any other Vampire. He drank Human blood and thought he was the hottest thing in the world. I guess he was with his beach blonde hair, his six pack abs, and his ash eyes. I didn't like his arrogance or his so called charms. They weren't my style. He scared me to the point of walking out of the wedding. That is when he found me but I'll tell you about that later.
My ambition was to be Human. My destiny was to meet him. My parents thought crazy for wanting to be with a Werewolf but that didn't matter to me. I kept a notebook of all of my dreams. I lost it soon before the wedding. I couldn't remember the mystery boy after that. It nearly broke my heart.
Soon my dreams were filled with wedding plans and me leaving the wedding completely. I knew how my family would take such dreams but I didn't care. Being Human was what I always thought I was born to be. I thought my parents were mad when they told me about my origins when I was old enough to understand. I couldn't believe I was a monster. When I was fourteen I started to wear black in my depression. It only lasted a year when I realized that was normal adolescent Vampire behavior. A year later I started listening to Human boy bands to clear my mind. That was the year my marriage was purposed. The following year I was to be married.
So friends enjoy this tale of my life, for I am Kairi Rosella Robinson and I wish for you to know everything.


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