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Chasing Juliet

Novel By: Kirsten Rain
Young adult

Brian is in love with Juliet, a girl who never gives him the time of day. When she is cast as Juliet in the school's play Romeo and Juliet he will do everything in his power to win the role of Romeo and her heart. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 21, 2008    Reads: 215    Comments: 9    Likes: 1   

I couldn't concentrate on my math test. All I could focus on was the brunette in the first seat of the front row. Her name is Juliet. She is at the top of our eighth grade class and ever guy wants her. She never notices any of them though because she is too busy focusing on her studies. I sighed out loud and my best friend Garrett raised his eyebrow at me then looked at Juliet and silently laughed. His expression said it all. I was never going to date Juliet. "This is the year Garrett that she is finally going to notice me," Garrett snorted.
"Next you're going to tell me that Jasmine Black likes me," I silently laughed at him.
"Focus on your test Garrett," he rolled his eyes and bent over his paper to show he was working on it. Pre-Algebra why did we have to be working on Pre-Algebra? I
I groaned as I walked up to Mrs. Stewart's desk to hand in my test. She looked at me and I saw the pity on her face. "Didn't you study Brian?"
"No Mrs. Stewart. I was distracted," she nodded sympathetically. I walked back to my desk. We had the remaining ten minutes of class to talk. I looked at Juliet. She was laughing while talking to Jasmine Black. Jasmine was an Asian that transferred to our school from China. She spoke English and Chinese fluently. Her long black hair and jade eyes were very pretty but she wasn't my type. She was more of an athlete like Garrett not a studier like Juliet and I. Garrett nudged me.
"Are you thinking about her again?" By "her" he obviously meant Juliet.
"A little bit," Garrett rolled his eyes at me.
"Just go up to her and talk. Okay? You said yourself that it is a new year so go," Garrett shooed me out of my seat. I walked toward the front where Juliet was sitting. Boom! Boom! Boom! I wondered if anyone else could hear my heart pound so fast and so loudly. I reached Jasmine's desk. She was right beside Juliet. They were giggling about some new boy band. I cleared my throat.
"Um…Hello…how are you two doing?" Jasmine looked over at me and smiled. She was always polite.
"Hi I'm alright," I smiled back as Juliet turned around.
"Hey Jasmine isn't that Garrett's best friend?" Jasmine studied me and nodded.
"Yeah, Brian how about introducing Juliet to your handsome friend Garrett," I felt my heart crack as I inhaled Juliet's intoxicating scent of jasmine and peppermint.
"She likes Garrett?" I asked. Juliet nodded.
"Yeah everyone knows that. That's why I don't talk to guys. I want him to know I am available," Juliet smiled at me.
"Oh…okay well I'll go ask him to meet you later," Juliet nodded as I sulked back to my desk.
"So how'd it go Romeo?" Garrett flashed me a full smile. I frowned.
"She likes you," I mumbled. Garrett gave me a look of horror.
"If she likes me…Jasmine will never like me," he squeaked. I never heard Garrett squeak before so I laughed. He gave me a look that said "this isn't funny".
"I know but what can we do?" The bell rang to go to second period. I picked up my books while Garrett picked up his.
"Skip gym next period and meet me in the second floor boy's bathroom. We have some planning to do," Garrett left me standing there as he walked out the door to his next class, chemistry.
I walked into the boy's bathroom and saw Garrett sitting on the green tile. "So what is your brilliant plan Garrett?" I sat down beside him.
"You could try to find out what she likes about me. Then make that part disappear," I smiled it was brilliant.
"You are brilliant Garrett!" I exclaimed.
"I know I know," he grinned.
"Did I mention how modest you are?" Garrett slapped the back of my head.
"At least I don't have the hots for a girl who likes my best friend," I frowned. He got me where it hurt.
"You win," I sighed. I stood up. I wasn't in a hurry of course. My next teacher was Ms. Delmar. I was never in a big hurry for her class but it was a plus that Juliet and Garrett were in the class too. Garrett raised an eyebrow.
"Do you have the hots for Ms. Delmar too? If I'm not mistake you are always late for her class," I scowled at him.
"You're coming too Garrett. She said something about an exciting announcement so come on let's go," We walked out of the bathroom just in time to hear the ending bell ring. We walked down the steps with the other students then turned a corner. We were standing in front of a torcher chamber for men. I am referring to the drama and theater room. I looked at Garrett and he nodded. We opened the blue door covered in names. I memorized them all because most of them came from plays we had preformed. Lysander, Romeo, Macbeth, those and many more were painted in black ink on the door. I looked at the door and glanced back again when something caught my eye. The name Juliet Capulet was circled in bright red ink.


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