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Alayne, a 15 year old girl. Struggles to find her one and only true love. Once she thinks she has it, it slips away. Soon enough she finds a guy that is just her style and makes her feel good about herself. Find out who, read the novel. View table of contents...


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It was the first day of school in Brighton, Ontario, Canada at the E.N.S.S. Brighton is a small town with lots of interesting people. Everyone is open and friendly. Brighton is a wonderfull, beautiful, sunny, friendly, happy little town.

I`ve lived here sence I was born. I`m 15 and my name is Alayne. I have 1 brother, Tylor and 1 sister, Ashley. Ashley is 13 and Tylor is 17. I love having an older brother. I only have a father, no mother. My mother Died in a Tragic Car accident back when I was 10.

My best friends name is Kylie. She is blond, tall, beautiful, smart and all the guys like her. We have been best friends since kindergarden. My other best friends name is Eitan. We have all been best friends since kindergarden. Eitan went emo on us and Kylie went popular. Inever changed. I like Eitans style though. Even though we have our diferent styles or cluques, we still paraide around the school together.
When we Met in Kindergarden, it was all because of me. I was swinning happily on the Swings when Eitan walked over and asked if he could go on it. I quickly jumped off and let him on. We started to talk and Kylie came over. Thats when it all started.

Anyway, like I said, it was the first day of school. I couldnt wait to start 11th grade. I hope I find a boyfriend this year. Someone I will truly love and not someone who will break my heart over and over again like Billy Ashton from last year.

Incase you didnt know, Billy Ashton was my on and off boyfriend last year. He kept breaking up with me and getting back together and it tore my heart in 2. He was a jock. Popular too. It was all Kylie`s idiea. But hopefully this year, I wont find a guy like him. I want someone who is not popular. Someone like Eitan. Not saying I like him but Someone like him. Layed back, cool, funny, smart, cute. Wait.. I just called Eitan cute... NO THIS CANT BE HAPPENING!! ok ok ok get over yourself. Anyway, I want someone like him.

I walked into the door way and walked over to my new locker. I took a deep breth, Put in the Lock Combination and I opend the locker slowly and it made a high pitched, squeaking noise. I laughed and I saw Kylie walking down the hall way and she stopped next to my locker. " Hey girl!" She smiled and hugged me. " Hey look there is Eitan!" I pointed out. " OH MY GOD! HEY!" Kylie screamed to Eitan running down the hall way giving him a hug. " Hey Eitan." I smiled and than hugged him. " I just realized something.." Eitan smiled. "whats that?" I asked. " We all have lockers together YAY!" He yelled and squeezed me tight. " cant breath." I struggled. " Sorry, want me to kiss your neck better?" he laughed. " No thank you." I smiled and put my stuff in my locker. " So do we have the same classes together?" Kylie asked. " um.. I have the same classes as Alayne." Eitan explained as we pulled our planners out and looked over them. " Yes! We all have the same classes!" Eitan said happily and hugged me again. " why me?" I whispered. " sorry." Eitan blushed and stopped hugging me. " Nice one." Kylie laughed. " Do you guys know something I dont?" I asked. " No." Eitan and Kylie said at the same time. " okay..." I said not sure if it was the truth. " Hey, what do we have first pieriod?" I asked. " um. Math I believe, but we have an assembly first of all to welcome everyone back and the fresh bait." Eitan explained. " oh I see. Wanna sit together?" I asked. " Sure thing! Sit in the middle of us!" Eitan smiled. " ok." I laughed. "Eitan... are you sure you should have yelled that?" Kylie asked giving him some weird look. " oh ya right." He blushed. " okay something is going on. What is it?" I said with disapointment and eager. " Nothing at all." Kylie smiled and shut her locker door. " Eitan." I said. " uh.. nothing." He said as he shut his locker door to. " okay, but sooner or later I will find out." I laughed. " haha funny." Eitan chuckled.

I wonder what they are talking about. Do you think Eitan might like me? No he cant! He might. But it doesnt matter, I`m sure if he did he would have told me.
I shut my locker door and started to walk for the Gym, the 11th grade is going to be pretty interesting.


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