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An Acidental Miracle

Novel By: KristenLOVEStoWRIGHT
Young adult

Marina, a young teen age girl goes to her best friends party. Soon after she finds out some horrid news. Will she keep trying? View table of contents...



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I woke up. I looked around. Only to see someone next to me. I jumped in surprise. I woke the other person up. " What happnend?!" I yelled.
The person next to me sat up and looked at me with a cute smile. " Last night was fun." I stared and thought to myself, what did I do? " Wait, what?!" I said in confustion. " There was a party last night and we slept together. " the guy said while taking my hand. I looked at him. Than I looking at my hand. Than said " Wait, who am I?" Than the rest was a blur.
I woke up the next day in the hospital. I had a very bad head ache. I looked around to see a woman crying and a young girl, aruond the age of 8. I sat up and the woman ran over to me wiping her tears. " Who are you? Who am I? What am I doing here?" I questioned. " I`m your mother. Marina, do you not remember?" she cried. " no.."
The doctor came in with the guy I remember waking up next to. " Miss. Do you remember what you did with this boy?" he said, pointing tothe guy I woke up next to. " Um, I remember waking up next to him in my bed. Than I felt weird. Than everything was a blur." I said puzzled. " Miss I took many samples of blood and I`m afraid your pregnant.. This would mean you have slept with the boy before last night." The doctor said while looking overhis paper work.
I looked at the guy I woke up next to and said " I did? wait.. I couldnt have! Oh my gosh!" I cried.
" But you did.." the Doctor said.
Everything was quite. Than everyone left but the boy I woke up next to.
" I forget everything.. How old am I? Where is my father? Do I have a father? Was that little girl my sister? Are you my boyfriend? Whats your name?" I asked.
" Well. You are 14 years old. Your father passed away when your little sister was born, so yes that is your little sister and her name is Emma. My name is Eric and we have been dating for almost 3 years." He smiled.
" Oh. So how many times have we slept together exactly?"
"That was our seccond time."
" Wow.." I said while everyone came back into the room.
" Your going to need lots of rest my dear." The doctor smiled.
" What do I do? What can I do? Do I have to have an abortion?" I asked quietly.
" You lay in bed and get rest and you dont have to have an abortion." The doctor said.
Eric started to leave the room, scratching his head.
" Eric, where are you going?" I asked.
" I need to think about all this.. I`m going for a walk." he frowned.
" Dont leave me.." I cried.
" Could everyone leave the room again?" He asked.
Everyone left the room and Eric sat in a chair next to the bed and took my hand looking into my eyes.
" I`m not sure if I want all this to happen. I`m only 15 and your 14. We are way to young to have a child." His beautiful brownish green eyes sparkled in the light.
" I agree with you. But its our child. A part of you and me. I cant give that up. If I have an abortion thats killing a living thing and if I give it up for adoption thats letting a part of you and me go. But we are so young.. This is horrible." I cried.
" I know baby. But this kinda thing happends all the time."
" I want to have this baby, thats for sure. Abortion is out of the question."
" Are you nuts? You could die. I dont want to lose the best thing that came into my life."
"I know.." I looked deep into his eyes while tears ran down my beautful complection. His eyes are the most beautiful eyes a person could have. They may only be brown with green but the green shows brightly so they stand out.
" Marina. I love you and I will suport you no matter what you deside. " He kissed my forhead.
" Something from deep inside is telling me that I love you too."
He stood up and leaned over and kissed my lips pasionatly.
My mom walked in and said " Times up!" loudly to end it.
" Mom, should I have the baby?" I asked while Eric sat back down.
" Sweety. I think you should give it up for adoption. I do not want to lose my little girl."
" Mom. You wont lose me."
The doctor walked in the room. " An 11 year old just gave birth yesterday. Shes perfectly fine right now." He smiled.
" See. I can do it."
" A baby is not like a puppy. It needs attention 24/7 and they are alot more work..." She went on and on.
" I know mom. But with Eric, I have everything I need and he is here for me."
" I suport her. I love her." Eric stepped in.
" So mom, I`m having this baby."
" Are you sure?"
" Yes. " I smiled as Eric took my hand.
" Alright." My mom walked out of the room as the doctor fallowed.
" You should call Emithyst and tell her." Eric smiled and took the phone off the wall.
" Who is Emithyst?" I asked.
" Shes your best friend! We went to her party the other night."
" Right! I remember."
I called Emithyst.
" Hello. Is Emithyst there?"
" Yeah. One seccond."
" Hello?"
"Emithyst!!" I yelled with exitment.
" Woah.. Calm down girl. Whats up?"
" Well. Eric kinda, well. I`m Pregnant.."
There was silence and all the sudden a big THUD sound.
" She fainted." I told Eric and he laughed lightly.
Eric and I sat there waiting for about 2 minutes and she answerd.
" You.. Your.. You.. Eric?!" She stumbled in her words.
" Eric and I are having a baby."
" But you said you would have do that, till your engaged!" She cried.
" I know. Things happen. I don`t even remember." I sighed.
" Are you putting it up for adoption?"
" No. I could never do that. I`m not doing abortion either."
" Woah. Tough girl now eh?" She laughed.
" I guess. I gotta go. The doctor is coming in. Bye."
" Bye sista. Love you. "
I hung up.
" Miss. Have you ever done any drugs?"
" I don`t think I have. Eric, have I?"
" I`m with her 24/7. So, no."
"Thank you. Thats all I needed."
Eric crawld into the bed with me and we cuddled for a couple hours.
" You mean the world to me." he whisperd.
" You are my universe." I whisperd back.
We kissed. Than everything was quite for the rest of our cuddling time.
Soon enough my mother and sister came into the room with some food.
After we ate the gross hospital food, the doctor came in and told us we could go home.
Eric picked me up after the nurce took out my IV and carried me outside.
On the way out the door my mom winked at the doctor. Not a normal wink, a flirtaous wink. Wow.
We got back to my house and Eric carried me up to my room and dropped me on my bed.
"Careful. I`m with child." I laughed as Eric sat next to me and kissed me.
"Call Emithyst." he smiled. " I bet you two have alot to talk about."
" I will. When you leave." I smiled and kissed him again lightly, my hand on his cheak and my other hand holding me up on my bed.
We made out for half an hour. Till my little sister came up to my room with the phone saying " eww!" when she saw us.
We laughed and stood up. He put his arms around me and held me close. We kissed again and he left.
" Hello?" I answerd the phone.
" Hey my love."
" Whats up sister?"
" Oh the usual."
" True enough."
Emithyst and I talked about Eric and I till it was almost midnight. Well and random stuff about boys and making fun of people. But thats what normal teenagers do.


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