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Cakes, Kisses and Magic Wishes

By: l1ghtningst0rm

Chapter 4,


The doorbell rang. She swung the door open to reveal Jay offering her some purple roses, because that was her favourite colour.

"I was thinking of going to this Italian restaurant for our date. It's just ten minutes away."

Cameron smiled and took his free hand. Everything was going better than she expected when... BEEP BEEP! BEEP BEEP!

Once again, her alarm clock had ripped apart her dream. Perhaps it was a vision into the future, because she'd dreamt about the event and then it would really happen, exactly like her dreams. Right down to the colour socks someone was wearing. She had always been able to predict events, which she had always put down as her magic powers. Although, she was not so sure as Cameron had met lots of magical beings like herself, and they had never been able to predict the future. Still, it was probably nothing worry about.

Alarm bells started ringing in her head as she checked the time to feel the dread wash over her because the clocks had transferred to British Summertime last night. Instead of being seven thirty, like her clock said, it was actually eight thirty. Cameron cursed as she was half an hour late for school and she hadn't even got out of bed yet. Cameron knew deep down that she was going to get a detention after school. But wait, what about her date with Jay? She rarely got asked out by someone she really liked and what if he was the kind of guy to be uninterested if she couldn't make it? Cameron grabbed her phone to text Jay that they would have to reschedule. Drat, no credit. She couldn't bear the situation. Then, an idea hit her. Cameron whipped out her outdated wand and performed the intermediate spell of turning back the clock. Her room filled with a blue and purple mixture of sparks. When the flash was over, she looked at the clock which now read, six thirty. Cameron's nimble fingers quickly reset it to the correct time so it wouldn't happen again.


The huge creaking frame of the bus rolled down to a stop outside her house. Cameron and an annoying year seven got on. The seats groaned under their weight as they sat down. An eggy, stale smell of old stinkbombs let off years ago and people that didn't wash and generally the musty old smell of things lingered in the air.

Cameron hated travelling on the bus because all of the weirdos with parents who didn't have a car travelled with her. Her mother would have driven her, had it not been for the curse. Walking was out of the question as she lived too far away. None of her friends or public bus routes were nearby and if only she didn't have to wear a skirt in the summer because then she would have taken her bike. So, the cruddy school bus it was. Cameron sighed heavily. Any other day, she would have preferred to have been late and daydreamed in detention, however, today, she had an important arrangement that she couldn't afford to miss.

"Hey, darling." Someone sat down next to her, a greasy arm sliding over her shoulders. Cameron turned round to see a slimy, sleazy, grinning year ten boy gawping at her. Cameron had a window seat, not that there was much to see, because the windows were all dusty and streaky. Like they hadn't been cleaned in years. She was cornered.

Thankfully, the bus screeched to a halt outside the school, the brake's screaming still ringing in her ears. Cameron got up to leave. The boy didn't budge.

"Going so soon?" he leered at her, making her feel more than uncomfortable. "I thought that maybe that we could do something later... Or now." he leaned even closer so that Cameron could smell the stale body odour that the cheap deodorant was masking.

"No, I don't think so. I've got a date." Cameron told the year ten firmly and proudly, sounding more confident than she felt.

"That's ok, we could have a bit of group activity."

Was this guy for real? She'd said no, and yet, he was still trying like she hadn't spoken. It seemed the school had made a mistake by letting him in when he had the brain of a infant.

"Listen, move, or I'll make you move."

Since he stayed perfectly still and blinking at her, he was just asking to be punched in the stomach. He certainly moved when she hit him. He warily followed her down the steps of the bus and into the school grounds.

Cameron trudged to her locker to where she had left here timetable last night. She racked her brain for the combination, as her memory was like a sieve. After numerous attempts, she finally prised open the door.

The first lesson she had scheduled was... Ugghh! PE! That was probably the worst. There was no way she could zone out into her fantasy whilst she was being slammed into and wrestled whilst playing a 'friendly' game of rugby.

Cameron took a deep breath so she could pluck up the courage to get it over with. Grabbing her worn out and sweaty, but comfortable trainers, she made her way to the PE block. The only good thing about PE for Cameron was getting her feet out of the black demons that rubbed blisters which frequently popped and bled, making the school day as painful as possible, especially on shot day, when some idiot had punched her on the arm. Cameron had tried to wear her trainers around school, however, the school simply wouldn't allow it. From the lost property box, they tried to find a pair of size six shoes that she could wear until further notice. There was only one problem to that plan; there weren't any size sixes. That meant that she had to lump it with the leathery fiends until her mother was well enough to go shoe shopping.


The sameness of the lessons was to much to stand all day. Cameron kept herself sane by thinking about Jay. Even through Zoe talking thirty syllables a second, spitting small pieces of semi-digested jacket potato at her at lunch, Jay never left her thoughts. Only when the end of the day bell rang did she stop for a nanosecond of thinking of him.

Instead of rushing straight outside to where he was waiting, she rushed to the girl's toilets. Normally, Cameron hated going into the toilets at school because it wasn't very well ventilated and the toughest bullies hung around in there, shoving anyone's head who looked at them funny down the toilet.

This was an absolute emergency. Slipping into the end cubicle before the unruly girls could see her, she frantically scrambled for her make-up bag that she kept in the bottom of her bag. A compact mirror was the first thing she got out. Within about five minutes, her lashes were coated in mascara, her lids coloured a subtle shade of blue, her cheeks highlighted with rouge and her lips glossed with a clear, blue-tinged gloss. A little eyeliner did her some good too. Cameron changed back into her trainers, unbuttoned her blouse to show more cleavage and hitched up her skirt before going to meet Jay.

As she was walking, well, it was more of a swaggering strut, she loosened her hair and tossed it about, for what she hoped would seem sexy.

"Hey, Cam. You look incredible."


"So, let's go."

Alexis, one of the most popular and meanest girls in the school, came up to them. Her blonde curls bounced as she sauntered over and her eyelashes were batted in Jay's direction.

Alexis had once been Cameron's friend. But as soon as she got the chance, she left Cameron for her new boyfriend, because he told her Cameron wasn't worth her trouble. Alexis was so shallow and stupid she believed him and couldn't bear to be seen with someone unpopular. Cameron had confronted her about ditching her, and a fight and then a hatred evolved.

Nowadays, Alexis pretended Cameron didn't exist, and Cameron did her best to do likewise. So, why was Alexis coming over to them? This had to be good.

"Hey, Cameron, how much did you pay for this fit guy?"

Yep, nothing but spite in her voice. Cameron despaired privately. She was sure that Alexis was trying to wreck her first decent chance at love. Cameron had never been a quick thinker, so it's hardly surprising that Jay beat her to a cutting retort.

"She didn't need to pay me. You, on the other hand would need to win the lottery." We just left Alexis standing there, in shock of the hurtful truth.


After running for a short time, they ended up at a small magical bakery. Jay led her inside. "This the place."

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