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I'm not broken... yet?

Novel By: lacy
Young adult

Pepper was three years old when her mother and father split up, her father gained custody of her but her mother wasn’t about to let her go. View table of contents...


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"Hello Mr. Landen" "Haley say's as she sits down and pulls out a sheet of paper. "Hello so… how is Pepper?" "Well she's doing well um… from what I can tell she's very confident and strong willed, she didn't say much too me though only that she's 15 and has been living in Chicago since she can remember, she's never gone to school but has been home schooled and I don't think knows much of the world today. Mr. Landen I don't know her ordeal for the past 11 years and she seams untrusting of everyone, I've looked over the case file and her mother was an alcoholic and addicted to drugs?" "Yes that's what ruined are marriage" "there is no telling what your ex-wife said about you to Pepper and it's going to take time for her to warm up to you. You need to get know her and she needs to get to know you."

"Can I see her now?" "Yes" Joe and Haley walk out of the detective's office and to another room. Haley opens the door and walks in behind her Joe slowly enters the room only feeling joy. "Hello Pepper it's Haley again, I've brought someone I'd like you to meet." Pepper say's nothing and just looks at the man with no emotion on her face "this is Joe Landen….your father." Still Pepper say's nothing almost like she didn't even hear what Haley said "hi…. um….you look beautiful." Pepper rolls her eyes "um…. thanks sir" she says in an irritated voice.

"Pepper because Joe is your father you will be leaving here with him." "Meaning what exactly?" "Well you will live with him he's going to take care of you" "what if I don't want to live with him?" "Then you will be put in foster care but I strongly suggest you go with Joe." Pepper looks at the man and then takes a deep breath of air "fine when do we leave?" "Right now you are free go" Sam say's as he walks in "but Pepper we will be in touch" "ok sir." Joe and Pepper walk out of the police station and all Joe can think is my daughter is finally home but all Pepper can think is when can I leave and go back to my home, the home I've known for so many years.


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