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I'm not broken... yet?

By: lacy

Chapter 13,

After they were done eating Joe thought it would be a good idea to stay in a hotel for the night just so they both could have some time to let everything sink in.  Pepper was more than happy to stay at a hotel even though this would be her first time staying at one.  She needed time to think about what she was going to do and she would take this chance of not being around any one to call Tom.  When they left the police station Pepper noticed that a car was following them and she knew very well who that car belonged too.

A little later they walked into the lobby at the Four Seasons Hotel Pepper was amazed at how stunning the lobby looked.  As they both stepped off the elevator and Joe handed her, her room key she still felt a little overwhelmed at how fancy the place was.  “Well your room is 307 and mine is 305 if you need anything throughout the night just let me know.”   “Ok sir I will” they headed to their rooms and Pepper just looked around and thought how beautiful everything is.

Ten minutes later…

She stepped out of the shower and put on the clothes that Haley gave her before they left the police station.  Pepper looked in the mirror at her pale face and long black hair that goes to her knees “I am strong and Tom is father not this man, I know what I have to do.”  She dried her hair and then sat down on the soft plush bed and grabbed the phone.

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