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Nightmare begins

Novel By: lacy
Young adult

Thorn's nightmare started when her parents sold her to vampires at age eight. Thorn will be a fine prize to be bided on at the sell when she turns sixteen. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1- The party

"Thorn wake up, wake up dear we have to get you ready." I woke up to my momma lightly shaking me and in a sleepy voice I asked "what momma... the sun isn't even up yet why do I have to get up?" "Thorn we are going to a party so we have to get you ready. Come on dear I have a bath all ready so let's get a move on." Before I knew it I was out of bed and out of my warm pajamas and was sitting in a filled up bath tub. My mom quickly washed my hair and body and in a matter of minutes I was out and she drying me off.

"Momma who's party are we going to and why does it have to be when it's still dark?" "It's a party for you and some of the other kids and we have to go while it's still dark because when the sun comes up the party will be over. Now no more question's." I keep my mouth closed as she hands me my favorite pink dress with the lace bottom. After I get the dress on my mom curles my hair and gives me my white shoes and then she rushes me to the car where my daddy is waiting for us.

Sitting in the car as we headed to the party I could feel my eyes wanting to close, finally when they closed the car stopped and my mom opened the door to the back seat. "Thorn where here" she tells me as she picks me up we walk inside a scary looking building. My mom sets me down on the floor, as I look around I see some other kids boy's and girl's. I see other momma's and daddy's and I also see other people who are wearing dark clothing.

"Welcome, welcome and who is this beauty?" A women with dark red hair who's black dress went down to the floor said to me. When she smiled at me I saw pointy teen in her mouth and hid behind my daddy's leg. "Sorry this is Thorn she's shy" "oh that's alright" she looks down at me and smiles again. "Thorn my name is Scarlet wouldn't you like to meet some of the other kids while your mom and dad fill out some paper work?" I look up at my dad and he gives me a push towards Scarlet she takes hold of my hand and we we walk to where the other children are at.

"Now you wait here with the other kids and we will start shortly." She say's to me then walks away as I'm standing there a girl with blond pig tales walks into me. She's wearing a pretty green dress and has black shiny shoes on. "Sorry I'm just so sleepy I can't keep my eyes open" "that's ok because I'm sleepy too. My momma told me this was a party but it doesn't look like any party I've ever been too." "I know me either where the cake and gifts? I'm Sandy" "I'm Thorn" just then the lady named Scarlet walks back over to where we're all at.

"Ok Children now I want all of you to line up and when your name is called you will walk on stage. Does everyone understand what they must do?" We all reply "yes" we all get in a line and Scarlet walks on stage and in a loud voice she start's talking. "Thank you all for coming I know it's late so let's get started. There are three different houses, first is the red house that house is for the higher priced kids. The black house is for the lower priced and the gray house is for the leftovers." I didn't understand what she was saying but she started calling out kids names and numbers.

One by one a kid from the line went on stage and then out of the people in the crowed who were wearing darker clothing would call out a number and Scarlet would say sold. That girl or boy would go to the person who Scarlet said sold too. I didn't understand what was going on. This wasn't like any party I've ever been too and I just wanted to go home and get back in my bed so that I could go to sleep.


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