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This Time Is Different

Novel By: Lannie
Young adult

Tuscany is a pregnant high school student who is under a lot of stress. She has to deal with a unstable classmate, who has jealousy and anger issues, and a father who doesn't like her boyfriend. To make things worst her father has a past secret, which might bare to be too much for Tuscany. View table of contents...


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Six weeks have gone by since Ashley was born. We got a recent weight and length update and it stated she was weighed in at 4 pounds 9 oz and 16 inches in length. The
doctors said she would survive. Scott and I were thrilled at that news, since the past 2 weeks have been stressful those since Scott is now working 12 hours a day 6 days a week. He said it's so we can get ready to move out. I want to get my own place so we can have a stable home for her. I thought about us getting married as well since I'm engaged to him.
When Scott got off work at 10pm, he came to the hospital. I told him that I was going to my house to pick up a baby blanket. He told me to call if there is something wrong. I said I would. I left the room and head to my house. I made it there, so I snuck inside my window and grab the bright pink blanket that I bought for Ashley a few days ago. I hopped back into my car and drove down a back alley when something from behind creeps up. I began to scream when the figure covers my mouth with his hand. I look in my rear view mirror and notice who it was.
"There is no way I'll allow a tramp like you have any connections to my family," he said and pulled out a knife and took his hand away from my mouth.
"Simon what do you want from me," I cried.
"You are so disrespectful, you don't call your elders by their first name do you now Tuscany,"
"What are you going to do?" I asked scared.
"What you are going to do is get out of the car. If you scream or let on anything suspicious I'll slice open your pretty little neck," he snared. He grabbed my arm and forced me out of the car. I didn't scream out of fear of my life. He through my car keys in the backseat. We walked out of the back alley to a blue pickup truck. He got in the driver side and made me get in the back. I hurried for the doors but they wouldn't open.
"Sorry girlie, they're child proof," he said back. I knew then I was in big trouble. He drove away towards the edge of the city. We drove least an hour. Scott by now had to be worrying. We ended up at a farmyard, where he practically dragged me out of the truck and towards the old house that looked as if it would collapse any second. Simon led me into the house, into the basement and pushed me into the dark room. He reached into my pocket and grabbed my cell phone.
"You won't need this. Too bad this is the last time anyone will see you alive," he closed the door. "The rodents like it down there and they love visitors," he said through the door. I could hear him walk up stairs. The door creaked, open and after I
hearted no one at all.
"HELP," I screamed, a part of me knew it was no use. I screamed for help for a good, few minutes before I knew that no one could hear me. I sat down on the cold ground when something crawled on me. I noticed it was a roach. I screamed and jumped.
"Scott, come help me," I cried
Meanwhile at the hospital Scott was in a panic. Almost two hours had passed by and I haven't come back yet. He called my cell phone but it went straight to voice mail. He called Libby, my mom, and even my dad. He called my cell again and again it went to voice mail.
"Hi Love heart, call me when you get this. I'm worried,"
Simon meanwhile checked the messaged on my cell. When he heard Scott's message.
"You've got a right to be worried Scott," he shoved the cell phone back in his pocket. "Tomorrow the second phaise of my plan will be put into action," he was heading back into the city.
When three hours went by, I was really freaking out. Mice, ants, and roaches were scattering at me, I was screaming for help, and no one was coming. My watch said 3:10am. I got here about 12:00am. I was really wondering what Scott was doing while I was sitting here being attacked by rodents.
Scott was sitting with Ashley.
"Don't worry Ashley, your mommy will be here soon," he looked up from her and thought to himself. I don't know if you are okay Tuscany. Where are you? At my house, commotion was getting serious.
"Where is Tuscany?" my mom cried.
"She is pulling something, she is not answering her cell phone?" my father replied.
"My baby is in trouble," she cried. At a hotel room, Simon is smirking.
"This is just too easy,"
I looked at my watch it said 5:00am. The next thing, I know I wake up and my watch says 9:00am. A dim light shines through the cracks of the foggy window. The morning breezes is
colder then that of last night. I looked at myself to see red marks appearing. The mice and crock roaches were crawling around me and I felt slimy stuff in my hair, and I was very itchy.
Outside my house, Simon was peaking from his blue truck. He sees my mothers and two sisters leaving. He sees my dad through the window.
"I got you just where I want you Kevin.' he snickered. Simon got out of his truck and headed for the door. He knocked on the door. Kevin opened it.
"Simon," he said in shock then his expression turned cold. "What the fuck are you doing here?" he demanded to know.
"You haven't forgotten about what happen, have you?" he snickered.
"You murdered that girl, because you hit your wife and she found out," he said.
"Who told you about that?" he barked. "If that swanky whore of a daughter of yours found that out she is a dead woman,"
"You will never get your hands on any of my daughters," he yelled.
"It's a little too late for that," Simon laughed.
"So you are responsible for my daughter disappearing.' he grabbed Simon and pushed him against the wall putting his hands around his neck," I'll kill you.'
"Go ahead Kevin kill me, if you do your daughter will not be found alive since only I know where she is,"
"Where is she?" Kevin demanded.
"So I hit a weak spot. I'll just go after your children. Seem like I got one of them. How many more do I have to go?'
"If you lay a finger on any of them I will make you pay," he let him go. Simon looked at him with a smirk. "My daughter will call the police soon; she had a cell phone,"
"I know she does, but what good is it if she doesn't have it," Simon said handing the cell phone to Kevin. "Good luck locating your daughter," Simon left the house. He got up and drove away.
Scott got Libby to stay with Ashley for a while. He headed to his house where his mother was doing the dishes.
"Why aren't you at work?" Molly asked.
"Tuscany is missing. No one including her parents knows where she is," he said frantically.
"Don't worry honey; I'm sure she is fine. I remember when I was 16 years old I didn't return for 5 days because I wanted to go on a shopping spree,"
"Let's hope she just wanted to be alone, because I'm really freaking out.' he looked at the time. " It's almost noon, she hasn't been seen in almost 14 hours,"
The rodents were beginning to bite a little bit of flesh from me. I was feeling very nausea and thirsty. I was losing the strength to even scream. I have been in here over half a day and I'm at the point where I'm starting to lose hope. More and more creatures seem to be itching at me, biting, scratching, and plainly covering all over me. The ground is making me feel sick as the weather continues to drop and the little clothing I do have is not enough.
The hours keep dragging on and on, I keep feeling sicker and sicker, and my thirst is rising. I keep wandering what Scott is doing and what my family thinks. I even tried to break down the door, but being made of steel doesn't help ether. I even stopped looking at my watch as often in hopes of time to go by faster. I looked at my clock and it read 5:00pm. My body continued to shut down. The hours continue to pass by and it soon approached midnight. I've been locked in here for 24 hours. I suddenly broke down crying.
"God, help me.' I cried, 'I want Scott, and Ashley to know I love them very much. I don't want to die now. I want to see Ashley go to school, graduate from high school, get married, and give Scott and I many grandchildren,"
I lay down on the ground, my face pale, and I felt that I must have got some kind of infection from these dirty rodents. I was feeling dehydrated and beginning to feel woozy. I started to not have the strength to brush away the mice and roaches from my face. What seemed like forever I finally built up enough strength to check the time? It read 9:00 a.m. It has been over one day and I finally accepted that I might never get out of here. I
was at my breaking point and I gave up.
Earlier that day my car was found in the back alley, and reported. There was a watch out and I was officially classified as missing. My dad was telling the police it was Simon. He admitted it and if he told the police if they made this news public, he would kill his daughter. Scott called in sick from work and stayed with Ashley in the hospital. He was beside himself. He hasn't had much sleep, or anything to eat. He didn't want to talk to any one.
My mom was at home, worried out of her mind with Kevin.
"What if we never see her again Kev," she cried.
"We will find her,"
"I need to be alone, excuse me Kev,"
My mom went upstairs to her bedroom. My mom knew a thing or two about getting a man's attention. She secretly shoved a red wig and a green strapless dress in her purse and left. She drove to the hotel Simon was staying at posed as a slut. When she noticed Simon coming out she got out of her car and approached him, purposely bumping into him.
"Oh I'm sorry handsome," Lacey said.
"It's no problem," Simon said. "I have somewhere I need to be,"
"First can you help me," she asked in a sexy voice.
"Sure, what can I do for you?"
"Do you know where the strip club is?"
"I can drive you to the closet one if you like,"
"You will, that is so sweet of you," My mom replied. Simon led her to the truck and got in and my mother did as well. She slipped a tracking device between the seats. Simon dropped her off at the strip club.
'Thank you handsome," Lacey said when she walked into the bar connected to a strip club. When Simon was out of sight Lacey left, took off her disguise, and walked the eight blocks back to the hotel and drove home. Kevin was sitting on the couch. I rushed in a pulled out the laptop.
'What are you doing and playing with a laptop during a time like this," Kevin snapped.
"This is what is going to lead us to Tuscany," Lacey said.
"How?" Kevin wanted to know.
"I disguised my self as a stripper, got Simon to pick me up. I put the tracking device in his truck seat, he dropped me off at the strip club, and I walked back to my car and drove back,"
"WHAT were you thinking?" he yelled. 'He is dangerous. How did you know what he looked like?"
"I remember seeing a photo of him in Molly's house," she said. "That's where he's been staying the last couple nights,"
'Promise me you'll never pull a stunt like that without telling me first," Kevin said.
"I promise, now lets see what Simon is up too," Lacey signed up with the tracking program. "He is leaving north of the city.' Lacey said. After an hour of viewing. "He stopped,"
"Somewhere north, the tracking device will lead us to him. We need to go now," Kevin and Lacey got up and left.
Simon meanwhile showed up at the old house. I was awake weak. He looked at me.
"I lied to you girl," he laughed. "About no one knowing you were kidnapped. Your dad knows, but he won't kill me knowing his precious little daughter is missing and possibly
dying," he laughed and approached me and grabbed me.
"I don't think your suffering enough Tuscany. You will never see anyone you love including Scott ever again," he said and pulled out his knife. He ran it close to my neck then pulled away and then swiped in across my left arm. My arm began to bleed.
"Sweet dream girlie," he said and left. I laid there in pain. I could here him laughing and chanting. "Die bitch," repeatedly. I tried to stop the bleeding and after ten minutes, Simon finally left.
My dad was speeding fast on the gravel road. I heard him drive away and I continued to lay there alone and scared. My dad was driving like a maniac, my mother reading out. My dad said that he would kill Simon. My mothers said, 'Kevin turn into here, this is where she should be. My dad turned into the driveway speeding. He got to the front door of the house. He noticed it was locked. He managed to break it open. It was around 11:00am, I lost so much blood, and I was not function normally. Kevin screamed,
"Tuscany is you in here?" he shouted. When I heard him, I got the strength to scream
"Down here," I shouted as loud as I could, my voice was rough, but I felt a sigh of relief.
"Did you hear that Kevin," Lacey said. "It's coming from the cellar," My dad rushed down the stairs to the cellar. He saw me laying there. He ran to me and noticed me bleeding thorough my shirt. He took my shirt and ripped the sleeve signoff of it. He noticed that there was a big gash. He put his hand on the gash to stop the bleeding.
"Hold on sweetheart," he said in a calm voice. I was losing of all awareness if what was happening. I felt weak and dead, and hungry. After what seemed like another, six hours I
attempted to get up. My dad stopped me by putting pressure on by back and I fell forward. I had very little strength. I soon fell asleep. I didn't know how long exactly it was but I woke up awake in the hospital. No one was around and I felt a lot more alert. I got up quietly and walked out in the hall. I saw my mom standing there, dip I quietly sneaked down the other hallway running right into Libby.
"You finally woke up," she cried. "Scott and I were worried.' she said. She was telling me to come with here. I went into the room and I noticed Scott sleeping in the chair. I
looked at Libby, smiled, and then looked at Scott. I went over to Scott and poked him. He groaned at me.
"Don't you groan at me," I said, that woke Scott up. "It's not polite to groan at a woman,"
"Tuscany, oh my god you are safe," he said grabbing me towards his chest. His arms were tightly around my waist. "I didn't know if I would ever see you again,"
"I was scared too Scott, it was horrible," I said, He let go of my waist and held my hand for a few minutes.
"What happen, who did this to you," he yelled. 'I won't be able to get past what happen to you unless I know who to hate.'
"I was heading out of my parents house and drove down a back alley because it was a short cut," I said. "He was hiding in my back sheet. He took me to the barnyard. The cellar and
the rodent they were eating, me. The knife hurt me," I said chocking on words.
"Who is he?" Scott demanded to know
"It was your, father. He said that I needed to die. He'll be back to get me,"
"He will never touch you again. I'll kill the bastard first,"
I could tell Scott was hostile. I didn't lead on that I wanted him to calm down since he would get mad I knew, I'd just have to let it be. I knew revenge wasn't far-off his mind


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