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This Time Is Different

Novel By: Lannie
Young adult

Tuscany is a pregnant high school student who is under a lot of stress. She has to deal with a unstable classmate, who has jealousy and anger issues, and a father who doesn't like her boyfriend. To make things worst her father has a past secret, which might bare to be too much for Tuscany. View table of contents...


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I woke up to the nurse checking my vital signs.I was already feeling better, except for a throbbing headache.
"Good we have been trying to wake you up for several hours now. The doctor will be in there with you in a moment?"
"I'm fine."
"You aren't fine. And we need to make sure you aren't up and wondering around. It isn't good for you or your baby."
"I needed exercise," I lied. I really wanted to see Scott and to relax a bit but that never happened yet.
The nurse shook her head and left the room, several minutes later the doctor walked in.
"Hello, Tuscany." he said.
"Hi, how long until I can go home."
"We got back your cat scan results. You have a piece of glass lodge in the side of your head. IT requires surgery.
"When can we get started?" I said.
"When possible we need to discuss the process first,"
"I'm listening," I said
"The thing is we need to remove off all your hair. I'm sorry but your hair needs to go. We will remove the glass and fix the damage. It should take about three to four hours to complete," he said. I stood there shocked. The surgery wasn't want worried me, my hair was what was going through my mind, and losing it scared me. It was like a security blanket; it was down to my ankles. How was I supposed to cut off my hair? Then a dark feeling came to me, if I didn't give up my hair then I would die. AS much as it hurts me to have to give up my hair, I tell myself it's for the best.
"Okay, let's get it done quickly. I don't want to get ridding of my hair, but I need to," I began to cry softly.
"I will book the O. R immediately," he said and then went to leave.
"Wait! I said," The doctor stopped and turned. "When I get my hair removed I want to be awake for the procedure. I want as much hair preserved as possible so I can donate it to
some wig society. It is important,"
"Okay, if that is what you want. We will be ready in a few minutes so hold tight," he said and left. I looked back into the mirror and stared at my long black hair. I began to cry again. I couldn't believe in a few minutes I'd no longer have my hair. The thought almost made me change my mind. I had no support and I had no faith. I thought that 10 years were draining away, as if they never happened. That was how long it took me to grow my hair this length. A few minutes later, the doctor, and three nurses aids arrived in my room. I set down the mirror to look at them.
'Are you ready Miss Patuski," he said.
"As ready as I'll ever be," I said in a low voice. I lay back into the pillow and I saw myself going into the operating room. Above me was a large mirror and Doctors surrounded me. I saw a doctor pick up hair elastic and a pair of scissors. I knew it was timing.
One doctor removed the bandage from my hair. I noticed the huge bump and the swellness surrounding the wound.
"Are you ready?' he asked. I nodded yes. The doctor took my hair and put it in a ponytail. I saw him pick up the scissors and brought it to my hair. I heard the sounds of snipping. I less than five seconds ten years of growing my hair was for nothing. I stood there in shock as I saw short pieces of hair fall by the side of my face and small hairs falling to the ground. The doctor handed me the large clump of my hair.
I stared at it. I wanted to cry so loudly but I didn't since the shock was too much. The doctor picked up the shaver.
"We must remove the rest. Do you want to be put to sleep now?"
"No, I need to witness it all," I said. I needed to witness the whole thing to know it was real. I saw the doctor take the shaver to my head and me witnesses black hair falling to the ground. Soon I looked into the mirror and I had no hair left. The doctor motioned me to lie down and I soon found myself asleep.
I woke up what seemed like minutes later but was in fact three hours later.
The surgery was completed. I was in a good mood for a second when I remembered the horrid fact. I just had surgery and my hair was gone. I was alive but I felt so empty. I was still in so much shock. My mood slowly shifted to be upset. I wanted to cry, as the shock started to become reality. A couple minutes later, I smiled when I saw Scott walk into the room.
"Shouldn't you be in bed Scott?" I asked him.
"I couldn't resist you. I was worried about you. They told me you were in surgery,"
"I'm fine now. The surgery was a success," I said, I wanted to tell Scott that I had to get my hair all shaved off for this surgery. I knew it was the best things to do.
"You don't seem overly happy. What is bothering you?" he asked. I looked at him. I want to cry so badly. Scott noticed something was wrong. He couldn't tell that I had no hair, since my whole had was covered it bandages and my head was still a little swollen so it looked like my hair was beneath all those bandages.
"Something else happened," I said as I burst into tears.
'Tell me, what is wrong. It's killing me to see you like this,"
"Just before the surgery, I had to have all my hair shaved off so they could operate on my head. I have no more hair. My hair is gone.' I said and began to burst down crying. I was making mess of myself. Scott took me close and was holding on to me tightly. My dad walked in. I didn't notice right away.
"What did you do to my daughter Scott," he yelled. I looked up at him.
"How dare you come into here and accuse Scott of doing something wrong. If you haven't forgotten the damage you've coasted," I said angrily.
"I'm sorry, I was jumping to conclusion. I just heard about your surgery. It was a success. So tell me sweetheart. What is wrong? Why you crying," he asked worried. I
looked at him, with agony. A part of me wanted him to leave and another wanted him here.
Scott continued to hold me. Before I could say anything, I burst out crying again. The reality was horrible.
"Tuscany, tell me what is wrong," he wanted to know. I was crying too hard to respond to him.
"She had to have her hair all removed to have the surgery. It's killing her to face reality," Scott finally said. I felt better that I didn't have to say it. That is one of the many reason that I love him so much. He is always saying and doing things to make things easier, "Honey, I don't know what to say," he said, I looked at him. He seems indifferent about it, but Scott looked upset. I began to have anger build up that I didn't have before. After a few minutes, I calmed down.
"You don't have to say anything dad," I firmly stated.
"Are you going to be okay?" my dad asked. "You had a tragic accident," he said. I looked at him and I thought you don't know that some crazy lunatic girl went after your daughter
with a bottle. I could see Scott waiting for me to reply.
"This was no accident," I replied
"What is it then?" he asked.
'I'm not telling you dad or you'll go off a high horse,"
"If someone hurts you I need to know. Whoever did this will get what's coming to them,"
"Don't worry," I smiled. "Salice Maroo hasn't seen my bad side yet. She will regret the day she messed with me,"
"That Salice Maroo girl is responsible. I'll," he began.
"You'll stay out of it. I know what you were going to say. Salice will have what's coming to her,"
"What are you thinking Tuscany?" I looked at my dad and then at Scott. I wasn't 100% sure what I was going to do, but I knew my plan was going to involve Scott.
"All I want to do is make Salice angry,"
"You remember what just happened. You ended in the hospital thanks to that girl. I forbid you for doing that," my dad said.
"I agree with him Tuscany. I don't want to see you get hurt again," Scott added in
"You two listen to me. I'll do what I want when I want. Scott if you won't help me I'll do it myself,"
"Now you want me to help you honey,"
"Let's go Scott!' I said getting up and pulling on Scots arm to come.
"Where are we going?"
"Back to your hospital room,"
"Why do you want to go there? My mom might still be there,"
"I don't care about your mom right now. As much as I dislike her I have other things to be worry about like Salice," I barked. We were soon in Scott's room, where I was rampaging through his clothes. Molly was looking at me and she wanted to say something but Scott motioned her no. I grabbed a pair of sweat pants and a jacket. I handed them to Scott who reluctantly accepted.
"Put those on quickly," I said in rushed voice. Scott without questioning me he put on the sweat pants on and the jacket over top of the hospital gown. I picked up his house robe and put it on.
"Let's go for a walk,"
Scott and I went into the main hallway. We walked on, Scott still confused and all. He knows better than to doubt my ideas even if he doesn't know. I know he'd do anything for me. We turned the corner and I saw Salice and Libby arguing. I thought this was perfect that Scott was worried.
"Scott, here is what we do. We act out were about to make out. I kiss you then you return it with more piazza. Do you understand?" I asked him
"I really understand I love your ideas,"
"Oh and call my name when you're doing it so we can get Salice's attention,"
"Okay, let's do it before she notices us standing here," Scott said as I pulled him into a kiss. I noticed from the corner of my eye Salice turning this way along with Libby. Libby was smiling, but Salice's looked on in shock and disappointment. I wasn't sure who she was concerned about the fact that I was awake and active or the fact that I'm about to be making out with Scott. I stopped for a second and then Scott pulled me back into a kiss.
"Give me more Tuscany," he said while kissing my neck. I put my arms around Scott's waist. Meanwhile I saw my dad walk into see our little parade. He didn't look pleased but
I think he knew we were doing this to make Salice angry.
"I love you so much Scott," I said as I began to go kiss crazy on him. Our lips touched and I could feel Scott's warm hand rubbing up my back. Salice was standing with hatred
on her face. I could see Libby going up to her and whispering something
"Looks like Scott really want you Salice. Since when is kissing another woman a sign of affection for one," Libby snickered.
"That little whore. He is mine, she never learns. Next time, I'll kill her. No one takes my man," Salice yelled.
"Why don't you say that a little louder? Say it loud enough that her father can hear. He will go after you with an axe. Not literally but he will hunt you down. I'm not surprised he
hasn't strangled you yet,"
"She thinks she won. She is sadly mistaken," Salice said then stormed past Libby and headed toward the door almost hitting my father. My father looked at her as she passed.
He really wanted to strangle her but didn't since he's know, I would stop talking to him all together because I'd be very mad plus he would be in jail. I noticed Salice leaving, and I tapped Scott on the shoulder, so he stopped.
"The plan was a total success," I said happily
"You're a total success, you know that," Scott said and then kissed me on the lips. I looked at him smiling. He noticed my happiness and then we kissed again.
"I think we need to relax a little, since we both have an injury,"
"Does relax means in the same room as you?"
"I think we can pull that off. You are the best medicine there is," I smiled, and Scott put his arm around me while we headed for my room. When we arrived, we laid on the bed. I
put my hand on his chest. He smiled at put his hand on my chest.
"I love you Tuscany,"
"I love you too,"
We just laid there our arms wrapped around one another. At this moment, I forgot all my problems. The fact that I had to shave off my hair, getting revenge on Salice Maroo, my
dad assaulting Scott and other small issues. All I could think about was how much I love Scott and how we are going to be a family as soon as the baby is born. A few minutes later.
Reality came crashing back to me. I could no longer let Salice Maroo affect me; she would have to give up eventually right.
"Scott, I love you," I said in a whisper.
"I love you too Love heart," he said, I always feel so good when he calls me that. He looks at me and gives me an "only one for me" smile. I smile back, but mine is a thank you
for getting rid of Crazy woman a.k.a anomalies possession. I was referring to Salice Maroo.


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