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This Time Is Different

Novel By: Lannie
Young adult

Tuscany is a pregnant high school student who is under a lot of stress. She has to deal with a unstable classmate, who has jealousy and anger issues, and a father who doesn't like her boyfriend. To make things worst her father has a past secret, which might bare to be too much for Tuscany. View table of contents...


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Later that afternoon I left the hospital. Scott and I called a cab to come to get us since my car was back at the house. When the taxi came, we went over to my house. It was about 2:30pm and no one was home. We sat in the living room on the couch and turned on the television. Scott put his arm around me and told me how much he loved me and I said I love him too. On one of the commercial's got up and went to the fridge and got myself a glass of orange juice and a can pop for Scott At 4:00pm my sisters Rachel and Natalie arrived home.
"When you get home Tuscany?" Natalie asked
"I got discharged from the hospital early the afternoon,"
"That's good, and I also hearted about your hair. It must be hard,"
"I try to not to think about it, mom bought me a wig,"
"Can I see you with no hair?"
"I'm not really supposed to take these bandages off, but I guess a quick peek won't hurt. Since I think Scott is also dying to see my new look," I said, as I started to take off the bandages. When I took them off, I could see both Natalie and Rachel's surprised expression. Scott didn't smile, he looked somewhat sad.
"Looks like Rachel you have more hair then me, I never thought that was possible," I said.
"You look beautiful, no matter what your hair looks like,"
"How come you have a huge scar on your head?' Rachel asked
"I had surgery and they cut open part of my scalp to repair the damage, it's all because of stalker girl,"
"Did it hurt afterwards?"
"Not as much as I watching the doctors cut off all my hair," I said as I reached up to put the bandages back on my head. While I was, doing that Natalie noticed the ring on my finger.
"Where did you get that ring from Tuscany?"
"This," I said looking at my ring, I smiled. "This is my engagement ring, Scott gave it to me. I love him so much. Word of advice, if a guy even half as amazing as Scott dates you, enjoy every minute of it,"
"I'm sure I will," Natalie said. "Well I have to do some homework," she said and went upstairs. Rachel sat down on the floor watching the television show that Scott and I were partly watching. About 5:30pm my dad walked, home. He looked tired he looked up at me.
"Your here, when did you get out of the hospital?" he asked
"Earlier the afternoon, I had a key so I came here,"
"So you are feeling better?"
"A lot better, I feel better now that I don't have to go in public bald. Mom came by the hospital this morning and bought me a wig," I said showing it too him. He took it from me and checked it out. He gave it back to me and sat down on the couch beside me. I could tell both my dad and Scott were a little uneasy being by one another. My dad didn't start anything because he knew that I was pregnant and that my relationship with him was just starting to get back on track.
"You wouldn't look so bad bald, you'd look like your old man,"
"Dad, I don't want to look like you, because you're a man and I am a woman. I wouldn't want to look like Scott either because he is a man,"
"Anyway anything new, since you seem in a very good mood,"
"I'm in a good mood, because something happened last night,"
"Are you going to tell me what it is?" he asked
"I got engaged," I said in excitement.
"You got engaged. That's great," he said it trying to sound happy, but it was a better reaction then him freaking out. My mom arrived, home 10 minutes later. It was obvious she went shopping since she had some stuff.
"What did you buy Lace?" my dad asked her.
"I bought a bunch of stuff," She pulled out a red tank top. "I saw this and I knew Rachel would love it, and then there's this lime green skirt that Natalie would love. Oh and I got this sweatshirt in maternity size,"
"Now you are calling me fat. Gee thanks mom," I Said
"You are pregnant and you got to dress like one," she said.
"I'm going to have a shower, Wanna join me Scott," I said, and he could answer I answered for-- him. "Of course, you will," After a long shower Scott went upstairs to my bedroom and us lie on my bed, and fell into a deep sleep. At around 8:00am the next morning Scott woke up and woke me up as well.
"How do you feel? You up to go to school,"
"If you come, I'll be more than happy. Are you sure, you want to go to school. Your face is still a bit swollen and busied,"
"I don't care what people think since you don't mind,"
"You are hot so of course I don't mind," I said, I got up and went to pick up my wig. I put it on over my bandages. It looked great. I got dressed in a hot pink shirt with black sweats. I looked in my closet looking for something to wear. I came across one of Scott's shirts. He left his shirts all the time. I'd clean them then claim them as my own. It was a great system. We got dressed. I collected my school stuff and headed out the door by Scott's side. The thought of how much homework I was going to have was going through my mind.
I was right, when I reached my first class, which was calculus. I was a chapter and a half behind, and my mark was 62%, which wasn't too good. I talked to my teacher and she said if I did two assignments a night, in a four-day period I have everything done and up to date. I'd take the test and quiz next week. So I felt better. I went to my next class, which was English, which Scott was in as well. I missed a completely new unit, a novel. I had 2 days to finish 75 pages. I was outraged, but I had no choice but finish it. The rest of the day was all right. I went home at the end of the day and Scott said he's called me and see me tomorrow since he had homework to do.
I sat in my room trying hard to concentrate. It took me 2 hours to do math and another 1 hours to read 40 pages, and I had a bit of German and Biology to complete. It was 8:00 when I finally finished. I looked in the mirror and I looked tired. I decided to go to sleep while my parents were out.
Meanwhile my parents are arguing about me.
"How can she be engaged to that boy," my father snapped
"She just can, you'll have to get over this hatred for Scott, or you'll lose Tuscany forever," my mother replied.
"Lacey, our daughter has been slacking off, getting into mischief, lying, and doing bad in school all thanks to that boy,"
"Kevin, there's more to it than that. I'm still trying to figure it out myself. What is the real reason that you hate Scott so much?"
"There is no other reason. I just don't like him,"
"Go figure honey, you assaulted the guy and your daughter,"
"I didn't mean to attack my daughter, as for Scott he got my daughter pregnant,"
"It was partly Tuscany's fault. She had to be willful participant in the deed,"
"I blame it all on him; I'll never accept that Scott is engaged to my daughter. I'll kill him before I let him marry my daughter,"
"Be prepared to lose your daughter and your freedom if you pull such a stunt, because she'll do anything for Scott. I might be able to help honey, if you tell me what makes you hate Scott so much. You hated him from the first time Tuscany mentioned his full name those couple years ago,"
"Ever since that fight Tuscany had with Salice. I finally learned what his full name. I always knew him as Scott,"
"Tell me now," Lacey demanded
"It's nothing Lacey, just drop it before I get mad," Kevin yelled.
"Whatever, I got to go. You know me don't like secrets and once again you are hiding one. Call me when you're ready to talk.' Lacey said and left.
At 8:00am the next morning, my alarm went off. I got ready and once again went to school where I met Scott. We walked around until the warning bell went. We kissed and went our separate ways to our classes. I knew I had my second day of catching up to do on schoolwork. The day dreaded on, I never had a day like this one. I was having serious morning sickness. I was puking every 10 minutes. I took a bunch of homework home. I spent another 3 hours on math, and a few hours on everything else. At 9:30pm, I called Scott. He answered the phone.
"Hi Scott," I replied
"Oh hi Love heart," his voice was happy
"What you doing right now?" I asked
"Doing a report on the history of Basketball; this is the only way, I can make up the classes I missed in Physed,"
"How is it going with that?"
"Pretty good, it's fairly easy. You did all your homework honey,"
"Yes, it was deadly. I'm thinking about doing an extra assignment in Calculus so I don't have to do it tomorrow,"
"If you're in a good mood then yes," he said. "I love you; I have to go to finish this report and help my mom put up some shelving. I much rather stay here and chat,"
"I love you too. You need to go to help your mother. Your hotness must not go to waste. Make sure you save some for me since I need it. Talk to you tomorrow, bye," I said and hanged up. I headed down stairs to the living room. Sitting on the couch was my dad. He looked like he was in a bad mood. I sat down on the couch beside him. I took a pillow, laid it on my lap, and leaned against it. My mom came into the living room, she didn't say hi to my dad, which was unusual. She had a bag in her hand, which she handed to me. She sat down on the other end of the couch beside me. I opened the bag. I pulled out a pink stuffed rabbit, which was holding assign saying. "Mother to be," My dad looked at me.
"What do you have there Tusk?" he asked. I showed him the bunny.
"Isn't it sweet? Mom is so thoughtful," I said
"That's nice dear, so how was your day?" he asked me
"It was pretty bad. I was having horrible morning sickness,"
"Do you feel better now?"
"I took some prescribed medication, so I feel a little better,"
"That's good,"
"Well, I'm going to go get something to drink," I said; ready to get up when my dad stopped me.
"I'll get it for you, what do you want?"
"I want some orange juice,"
"Tuscany, I bought you some organic orange juice, so I put it on the fridge," my mom said as my dad got up to get me a glass. He came back with a large glass full with a few ice cubes. I drank it and went up stairs.
The next morning, I went to school. I spent the rest of the week catching up. I had no problems with Salice Maroo, since she wasn't at school all week. It felt nice and so did being engaged to Scott officially one week.


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