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A True and Unforgettable Friend!

By: Leafeon10

Chapter 1, Tyson remembers back when he was in high school and met a girl that became an amazing friend like no other but he did something in the past he will never forgive himself for!

I look to my past back in high school were I had been so foolish and stupid as I did something that I will never forgive myself for. She was a friend like no other she was like my gardian angel.

I regret many bad things I have done in the past but this one is an unbelivable thing I have done! Lets get to the story it all started in a boring social studies class.

"Now class pay attention or I'll give you all a detention,"yelled Ms.Agatha. Like if anyone really cares about social studies,they are all technically dead anyway!

Anyways my name is Tyson and I'm forced to be in this boring class with a lot of brats."Now Lights or is it Valerie,"asked Ms.Agatha. Everyone starred at the girl how looked sort of sad as she said" It's Lights don't call me Valerie," said the teen girl with watery eyes.

"Okay Lights,"said the teacher with a confused expresion. After the class ended it was 6th period which was lunch I saw Lights sitting alone. Ordinarally I would of made fun of her but she looks really hurt I never even noticed her only when the teacher called her name.

"Hey Lights what are you doing,"I said can't help but warm up to her as I sat next to her.

"Hi Tyson,"she said with a smile.

"H-how... did you know m-my name,"I asked

"It's simple a lot of people talk about you also don't worry I'm fine, you can go back to your friends so you don't waste time being with... me,"Lights said sadly.

"I'm not leaving you need a friend and I'm here for you Lights!,"I said

"Y-you really wa-ant to be my friend!"said Lights

"Yes!"I said,it was something about her that made me take a liking to her

As time passed we became really great friends who stood up for one another. Every day our bond grew stronger but one day something I will always regret for what I had done to poor Lights.

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