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Life Only Comes After Death

Novel By: Leah Marie P
Young adult

Life isn't easy. Death isn't easy. And both of them sure as hell aren't all that fantastic when the dead begin to live. So what happens when I have to go on the run from the government with my twin brother, Shaun? What happens when my brother, Alan, suddenly reapears and is alive. Considering he died some odd years ago. He's building an army. An army that is being formed out of the Best Zombie Slayers list. Sucks to be in the top ten. Sucks to be on that list in general. Destroying the entire zombie race? Good luck. Seems like you'll just increase it. View table of contents...


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"Shaun! Get back in the truck now!"
"Whatever happened to your manners, missy? I thought I was the rude twin," Shaun yelled back to me. He continued to poke the girl in the breasts until her left breast fell off, "Oh, gross! Well, let's go for the other one now!" He proceeded to poke the girl's breasts. She must have been cute before she died. She was blonde, average height, and looked to only be 110 pounds at the most. The girl was still in her cheerleading uniform. From the colors of the uniform she had probably gone to Bishop Gorman High School. The blue and orange colors were faded and covered in blood and dirt. Some bird had probably been feasting on her after she had passed.
"Twin! And do you have no respect for the dead, Shaun?" I turned away in discuss, I couldn't help it. No matter how many of the Infected I killed, they still haunted my dreams. I killed out of defense, not for entertainment. To anyone who ever met me, I was this collected, calm, and uncaring slayer. I don't care who insults me or why. I do not care about the 'Best Zombie Slayers' list. I have no intention of making scenes of slaying to incline my rank as third. I am third out of fifty people on that list. That list of fifty is only out of millions of people in the world anyways. It's only a popularity contest. That all, is true. Only four people know me best, however.
Shaun being the most knowing of course. My identical brother. Almost identical that is. His eyes are solid black. Iris, pupil, and sclera are all jet black. Mine, on the other hand, are white. There is not a single drop of color in my eyes. If you were looking directly into my eyes, you couldn't even locate my iris or pupil. Shaun looks exactly like me otherwise. Dark brown hair, little on the big side, and tall would describe our physical appearance perfectly. Shaun is more laid back than me though. He takes things as they come, never over-analyzing anything. Though, if you were to mess with me, he'd become this mass of over protection. He always worried about my safety over anything in the world. If I was tired, he would literally make me go to sleep, no matter how much I needed or wanted to stay up. And if I had been injured, he'd act like a body guard. No one got to me until I got medical attention. He was great that way.
Another person who I could characterize in this group of four, is Damon. He has known Shaun and I since we were adopted by the Smiths. He lives right next door. Both of our fathers worked for the government. Damon is like a giant teddy bear. Always comforting you in any way possible and always there. But don't get me wrong, Damon can kick major zombie ass. Can kick human ass as well. He's got jet black and shaggy hair. He's very tall, about six foot three. He also has the deepest color of brown eyes I have ever seen.
Delilah is another in this group. Outgoing, always happy, fun loving, and high spirited would only be a few phrases to describe her. She isn't that tall, but isn't munchkin like either. Long blonde, almost white, hair flows down to the bottom of her back. She always has multi-colored highlights dyed in her hair as well. She only changes it every other month, but I've never seen the same group of colors in her hair before.
The final fourth in this small group is Cole, my current boyfriend. He's more playful in our group. He and Delilah get along perfectly. They also get along because of their intense study of electronics. Their the techno whizzes of our pack. Cole is a big party boy. If there is a party worth the time, he is there. No matter what circumstances. I never understood why he likes them so much and when I tried asking him he went into a lengthy discussion of a party that was going on that night. He tends to drag me along, even though he knows I only go to sit in the corner. I don't like the idea of being in a place where loud music is blasting through my eardrums. It can injure your hearing and with my line of hobbies(zombie slaying), you need to be able to hear sounds that are coming at you from a great distance away.
"Can we please leave, Shaun? I'm getting a bad feeling about being here." I started to look in all directions. I knew something was watching us. We were out in the desert, in a Level 2 hazard zone, in Henderson, NV. Where a recent outbreak of Infected had been born. Not a place to bring your kid for a picnic kind of area, if you know what I mean.
"Of course you have a bad feeling, Lor! You always do when we are in any area above a Level 3 zone," Shaun yelled back. It was true. Only Level 3 areas were mildly infested. Level 4 areas were residential areas with fencing around the perimeters. "We can't leave yet, I'm sure this chick will walk any second now." He continued to poke her in the breasts as he said this.
"That's what I'm afraid of," I whispered. I titled my head back and closed my eyes, trying to focus. Almost as soon as I had closed my eyes, Shaun was running to the truck. I turned the ignition and slammed on the gas pedal. "How many, Shaun?"
"Oh, I don't know. Maybe sixty or seventy at the most." He said as he got out his gun and katana.
"Meaning about one or two hundred," I grabbed my revolver from under the seat and my long sword from my belt holster. "I told you to stop screwing with her, Shaun."
"Well, no duh you told me so. You're always the voice of reason, Lor. That's how we role!" He said as he pretended to act gangster. He wasn't very good at it.
"Well at least you're a better slayer than you are an actor. Otherwise we'd be dead by now." I snickered and continued to pick up speed.
"No, otherwise we'd have died and been reborn again." He lightly slapped the back of my head and laughed. I wasn't laughing though. We had been driven into a trap. Thousands of zombies surrounded us. They were closing in. Shaun and I looked at each other and we both jumped out and started picking off zombies one by one. "You want to call them or should I?"
"I'm in the middle of slicing you're ex playmate's head at the moment, Shaun!" I sliced the girl's head off. I knocked out three more in one swipe. "Call! Now!" I took eight more out and made my way toward Shaun so he could make the call.
"I'm calling, I'm calling!" There was a long pause from Shaun until someone had picked up the phone, "Hey? Damon? Cool, look my sister and I have gotten ourselves into a bit of a situation at the moment. You better bring Cole and Delilah as well. What? Cole did what?" He looked over at me while I looked him in the eyes, all the while taking another ten or eleven zombies down. "Yeah, I'll tell her. No, don't hurt him….okay hurt him, but don't kill him. Just get over here….no don't bring him now that I know that." He turned away from me and told Damon where we were, then hung up. He continued to fight.
"Shaun?" No answer, he took his katana and started killing the zombies more vigorusly then ever now. Cole had done something extremely horrible since Shaun was taking his anger out on zombies now. He never did that. Zombie slaying was only Shaun's hobby, never a way to relieve stress. "Shaun? What did Cole do?" More silence. Just then Damon pulled up, knocking at least a hundred zombies out of the way. We made our way to him and got in the SUV. We pulled out and headed towards home.
We were in the car for ten minutes, nothing but silence. "Are you guys going to tell me what Cole did or not?" Anger started bubbling up inside me.
"No," was all that came out of Shaun's body. Damon just sat there, eyes on the road.
"Damon? Did you bring my motorbike?" I asked, trying to change the subject.
He looked at me, then the road, then slightly smiled and said, "Yes, it's in the trunk. Before I forget," he dug into his pockets and pulled out two tests. Nowadays, the only test people could buy were these. No name brands, government issued. You could order them online and they would be sent to your house the next day. They looked like older pregnant tests except instead of peeing on the stick, there was a needle you had to put into your vein. It checked your blood and blood count. When you became Infected, your blood count would decrease rapidly. As soon as the process had began, it would only be an hour before you were one of the Infected yourself.
Shaun took his and stuck it into his arm. His dinged right away, letting him know he was clear. I hesitated. I had given Shaun the last breath pill this morning. What the pill did was immunize you from zombie breath. Meaning you could be around a zombie and wouldn't become Infected unless you had open wounds. I just stared at the test in my hands. Shaun had his IPod playing and was watching an older movie on it. Damon looked over to me, then at Shaun, then back to the road.
"Did you take a pill this morning?" I didn't answer, one tear escaped my eye. I had been in contact with zombies for over three hours today without the pill. "Loralie? Did you?" He sounded more worried now. He stopped the car and got to my side. Shaun still oblivious to everything. Damon pulled me out and took the test from my hands. He pulled me into a hug. He always knew how to comfort people in certain times. I wasn't big on skin contact with anyone, but Shaun and Damon. Not even me and Josh were ever this close. We were only the 'celebrity couple' anyways. Two of the top five from the 'Best Zombie Slayers' list. I was the only girl in the top ten. Everyone just thought it was 'meant to be.'
"Ouch!" I yelled as I could feel the needle going into my vein. Damon had stuck it into me as I had been thinking. I tried to pull away from the hug, but he was much stronger and pulled me closer. His hugs were only used to help with pain. Somehow, this felt different. It was as if he was trying to kiss me though. I thought this since I had my head turned up to him and his turned down to me. I thought he had been leaning closer.
I managed to pull away. I ran to the trunk of the SUV.
"Loralie? What are you doing?" Damon said while walking over to me. I got on my bike and pushed away.
"Lor!" Shaun had just realized what was going on and jumped out of the SUV. They screamed my name more, though I didn't hear them. I was already putting much distance from them. The test hadn't made it's melodious 'ding' noise. Meaning I was Infected……or it had been a defective test. But it didn't matter, I had no intentions of infecting my brother or best friend. So I drove on. Into the desert which was now getting dark.


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