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The Agency: A Pharos and Alistair Novel

Novel By: Leah Marie P
Young adult

Andromeda Pharos doesn't know what she's doing anymore. Cathetica's most wanted criminal? Nothing new there. On the run? An every day kinda deal. Falling in love with Cathetica's most trusted and only superhero, Hero X? I think she sees where her problem lies. View table of contents...


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I waited patiently as he walked through the office door and sat in his huge chair. He spun around and gasped. I smirked a little.

"Losing your touch, Abraham. Didn't see me?" I raised my fedora so he could see my eyes. He cringed and I smirked more. I pushed off the wall I had been leaning on and took a seat in the client chairs, leaning back and putting my feet on his desk. "We need to talk."

"I gathered that," he breathed and opened a drawer. I immediately drew my claws and leant forward slightly. "Calm down," he demands as he takes out a bottle of pills. Anxiety most likely. For the nation's most brilliant crime villain, he's quite the coward. I scoff at his elegant British accent and leaned back again, pulling in my claws. "Now," he paused and focused on my face for the first time since entering, "what's the matter?"

I scoffed again and looked at him, raising my fedora once more. "Really? You just sent me on a suicide mission and want to know "what's the matter?" I stood up and went to the window. "I'm actually quite curious. Did you know who I was dealing with just now or are you as idiotic as the employee bathroom says?" It's his turn to scoff now and I heard him come up to me. He placed a hand on my arm and moved in front of me.

"It had to be done." I narrow my eyes at him and he grimaced a bit, trying to keep eye contact. He looked away again and I rolled my eyes. "Why can't you just wear the contacts? I spent a lot of money on those." I pulled my arm away.

"I didn't require them. I don't need them and I'm actually insulted you thought I was going to wear them." He sighed and leaned against the wall by the floor to ceiling window.

"I had hoped you would. I never assumed you would. We are getting off topic though. Look," he looked back at me. I looked back out the window. "You are the toughest person and the most experienced. I knew he would have set a trap, and I couldn't risk losing an agent because my top agent has a history with him." I bit my tongue and continued to stare out the window. I had seen a quick flash of light blue ducking around a corner. I narrowed my eyes and walked away from the window and returned to the chair.

"There is no history between me and that piece of scum."

"Says the woman with claws and freaky eyes."

"Says the crime villain." He actually laughed.

"Why must you insist on calling me that? It sounds so…" He paused, looking for a word. "Comic book like." Or three words.

"You know why." I got up and started walking to the door. "I'm taking a month off." He moved faster than I thought possible for him and grabbed my wrist, pulling my body close to his. "Let go," I growled and was shocked to see the amused smile on his face. I narrowed my eyes at him and bared my canines. "Get your hand off my ass."

"Have you thought any more about my proposal?" I tried moving, but he quickly formed earth around my feet up to my knees, locking me in place.

"I told you then and I'm telling you again. I'm only twenty-two. I have no desire to move in with you." I fell back a little as he released me.

"Go. Take two months and be ready for hard work when you return." He walked back to his chair, never taking a second glance at me and I took the opportunity to leave before he changed his mind.

I closed his door behind me and took a glance at myself in the mirror. My oddly bright blue eyes were glowing again. I walked to the elevator and put my sunglasses on. I frowned a little, realizing I never did get an answer of why I was sent to deliver money to the target. "But the target was Xander," I whispered to myself. Why would my sister's ex-fiance (slash "superhero") be screwing around with Agency?


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