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The Agency: A Pharos and Alistair Novel

Novel By: Leah Marie P
Young adult

Andromeda Pharos doesn't know what she's doing anymore. Cathetica's most wanted criminal? Nothing new there. On the run? An every day kinda deal. Falling in love with Cathetica's most trusted and only superhero, Hero X? I think she sees where her problem lies. View table of contents...


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"You wanted to see me, Andromeda?" Abraham asked as I walked up to his desk. I stood a foot away from the edge and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Yeah, why exactly did you send Hero X after me?" His face blanched and I smirked. He opened his mouth, but closed it. Then he opened it again. I cut him off. "No, he's not dead. But why did you send him after me to begin with?"

I continued to glare at him, but I shifted my eyes, turning them into slits, knowing he hates them so much.

"You're a loose end." I scoffed at his nervousness. I could hear his heartbeat beating like a crazed drummer.

"I'm your best assassin. Try again." I took a step closer to the desk and he flinched.

"I'm closing up shop and moving to Telpart. Business is booming in one of my hotels and too many cops are catching wind of my exploits. I can't let it be known I have a hired assassin on my employee list so I had to get rid of you. Problem is, you're too good. I could have sworn Hero X would have put you in prison or eliminated you in the process." He frowned and pulled open his desk drawer, causing me to pull a knife out and move behind him, holding the knife to his throat, all in a split second. He sputtered and caught his breath. "I was just reaching for a cigar." He slowly moved his hand up holding a single cigar.

"Well excuse me for being careful. I know what you're capable of, remember?" He slowly nodded and I pulled the knife away. "So what now? You're obviously not going to try sending a fellow assassin after me. I'm guessing you've had them eliminating each other while I've been gone." He nodded again and shrugged, seeming to regain composure.

"You could always come with me, you know. Help with the hotel. Be a board member. Maybe a bed member." He smirked as I grimaced. "I knew you wouldn't go for that last one," he chuckled lightly and lit his cigar. "I honestly have no idea about now. Leave each other alone until one of us dies, I suppose?"

I laughed now. Knowing full well that he wouldn't let me live if he was still alive and working angles. I'm a loose end after all. He sighed again and nodded, knowing what I was thinking.

"So we part ways for now. I'm going to Telpart; you can leave for Hamspring, or Julbring, or go to another country for all I care. The more distance we put between each other the better."

"For once we agree." He stood up and walked to the windows. I followed him, but kept my distance as I looked out the windows with him. "It's going to be strange, not working for you and killing left and right." I finally admit. This is what I've been doing since my dad died. It's hard to think of a life outside of being an assassin.

"Ha! I doubt that. You'll get back into the killing no matter what. You'll just need to find a different person to write your paychecks. Speaking of which. Yours for the last four kills." He held out a check with my fake name, Angela Korovsky, on it. The same fake name and ID I use for my bank accounts.

"Thanks," I say as I pocketed the piece of paper. I look down at the busy day time street and get a glimpse of blue turning the corner. I shake my head and hold in a snarl. "I'll be going now. See ya soon Lent."

"See ya soon Pharos."

I walked briskly to the elevators and waited patiently going down. He was too calm. I have no doubt in my mind he considers me dead meat the second I leave this building.

The elevator dinged and the doors slowly opened. I took a side step to my right quickly as a small circular blade zoomed by, sticking into the wall of the elevator.

"Okay, maybe before I leave the building." I took out my gun and flicked the safety off and started shooting. "Ninjas? Really Lent?" I roll my eyes as every black coated figure raced by, trying to get an angle on me, as I picked them off, one by one. Bullets between the eyes, two each. I replaced the magazine with a fresh one from my boot and continued. I counted off ten dead and I could smell four more hiding. Thank whoever for my extra sensitive senses. Good to know when Xander's not around I can actually function correctly.

I took a step out of the elevator and flung a knife at one, hitting his heart. He fell and another raced up to me, I threw him a quick punch to the nose and leaped on his back and twisted his head, snapping his neck. "Two more. Come out. Come out, wherever you are!" I sang. One of the two jumped out and tried to get me in a choke hold, but I slipped between his legs and kneed him in the groin. "You really should wear a cup," I said as he sunk to the floor in pain. I put a foot to his chest and stabbed him in the neck once. I went to the other ninja I stabbed and took my knife from his chest.

I sniffed the air, trying to locate the final ninja. "Looking for me?" I heard him whisper in my ear before being put into a choke hold. I tried hitting him, but he managed to slide me to the floor and pin one hand under my knee with his knee pressed into the back of my leg, holding that tight. His other hand held my other arm behind my back and somehow managed to hold a blade to my throat all at the same time. "Gotcha." I panicked. I hated hand to hand combat. Why do I always freeze up?

The ninja slumped on top of me and I tried moving from under him. He slid to the floor and a hand grabbed mine pulled me up to his body. I groaned and put my forehead on his chest, closing my eyes. His familiar scent wafting through my nose, making me shiver. I heard him chuckle and I went to hit his chest, but he grabbed my hand quickly and kissed it.

"Told you you'd need my help, didn't I?" I looked up at Xander, dressed as Hero X now, and scowled. He just kept smirking. "Let's get you out of here. Rooftop," he said, while pulling me to the elevator, still smirking I'd like to add. "Ninjas. Does Lent have no class?"

I smiled finally as the elevator moved up to the rooftop with Xander, Hero X, holding my hand.


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