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The Agency: A Pharos and Alistair Novel

Novel By: Leah Marie P
Young adult

Andromeda Pharos doesn't know what she's doing anymore. Cathetica's most wanted criminal? Nothing new there. On the run? An every day kinda deal. Falling in love with Cathetica's most trusted and only superhero, Hero X? I think she sees where her problem lies. View table of contents...


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I took one deep and quiet breath before opening the window. I made sure it wouldn't fall as I crawled in and let it gently slide shut, not causing any noise. I held a smile to myself, glad I was the one who had done the repairs on the damn house. If my mother or sister had done them, I'd be screwed. I took a glance at my sleeping sister and went to my old side of the room. I bit my lip; surprised most of my stuff was still there.

In boxes, but still there.

I walked swiftly and started opening boxes. Making sure to look thoroughly. It had to be here. If not, I just wasted ten minutes to get all the way into this damned neighborhood. Gates at every entrance, armed guards at every gate, and nice little heat seeking bullets in every gun on a guard. Not my idea of simple, but getting in was the easy part. Out… that's going to have to wait until later for me to figure out.

I found the box I wanted and gulped lightly. I looked back at my sister. Blonde straight hair fell off the pillow as her little angelic face snoozed. I rolled my eyes. Sure, she seems beautiful and perfect and peaceful now. Wait until she wakes up, that's where the "beautiful" goes into hibernation and she decides nothing matters on the inside.

I pulled a key from my pocket and opened the little metal box inside the cardboard box. I stifled a sigh and was thankful that all the money was still there. I put the metal box on the carpeted floor and pulled the key out. I put it back in my pocket, stuffed the cash in my knee high black boot. I looked at myself, toes and up. Black tight leather boots, tight black cotton pants, black long sleeved shirt, and a tight black leather jacket covered my body. I rolled my eyes, realizing just how much of a burglar I must look like. And then I rolled my eyes realizing, I technically was burglarizing the house.

A small sound escaped my sister's lips, drawing my attention, and causing me to sink to the ground in front of her bed. I counted to ten before risking a glance. Alena was still asleep. I nodded to myself and went into the adjoining bathroom. I silently removed the top of the toilet, grabbing out a thick and large plastic bag. I looked it over and smiled, glad everything was still intact.

I decided waiting around wasn't the best idea and walked back to the window. "Andy?" I quickly turned around and stared wide eyed at Alena. "Andy!" She yelled out. "Mom! Quick, call the guards!" She tried getting untangled from her blankets, but by the time she was at the window I was already down the street. Bright lights flooded the streets and a helicopter was hovering closer.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid," I muttered as I ran faster and faster. I couldn't change while all these people were looking out windows and with the guards on my tail. "Alley, need an alley." I groaned and found a dark one. I sighed, realizing I'd have to be fast. I got in and went to the end. "Dead end, perfect." I groaned again and grabbed the cash out of my boot, took a rubber band from my wrist, and tied it to the cash. I saw people starting to come down. I stepped behind a garbage can and transformed into a small bird.

I hopped out and grabbing the money in my beak and flew off as fast as I could manage. I heard arguing and shouting as I flew away.


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