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The Agency: A Pharos and Alistair Novel

Novel By: Leah Marie P
Young adult

Andromeda Pharos doesn't know what she's doing anymore. Cathetica's most wanted criminal? Nothing new there. On the run? An every day kinda deal. Falling in love with Cathetica's most trusted and only superhero, Hero X? I think she sees where her problem lies. View table of contents...


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"You did what?"

"I snuck in," I stated again. I walked over to my bed. I got on my knees and pulled out my black duffle bag. I grabbed the money I took earlier, from my back pocket, and put it in my wallet. Stuffing the wallet in a side pocket as I started folding and putting clothes into the bag was apparently annoying to my roommate. He groaned and sat on my bed as I continued packing.

"I heard you. I was just hoping you'd change your answer." I gave him a blank stare as I continued my packing. "Why?" I grabbed the wallet and held it up, it was obviously a few inches thicker. He gasped and reached out for it. I pulled it back with ease and put it back in the bag. "How much did you steal?"

"I didn't steal anything. The cash was mine. My father left it for me before he…" I shook my head. "The only crime I committed was breaking in and entering." I stood up straight and started ticking off other crimes I've committed. I stopped once I started losing track. "Actually-"

"I know you've committed crimes before. God knows how many," he muttered.

"Only breaking in and entering and resisting arrest for tonight. That's a hell of a lot less than yesterday." I let out a soft laugh and tried reaching the top shelf of my closet, failing in the process. My 5'9" height was generally helpful, but the advantages of having a tall roommate helped more. "Joel? Mind helping?" He grunted and stood up.

"Why would I want to help you pack? You're leaving me." He pouted, but smiled and reached the top shelf, grabbing a box easily. Stupid 6'4 height. "So much for you being tall." He stuck his tongue out and his eyes widened the second I pulled a knife up. His tongue darted back into his mouth and he took a step back. "You gotta stop doing that A." I laughed and took the box from him.

"I'm 5'9": an appropriate height for my profession and you're only a few inches taller than I am, Joel. Don't get cocky." He shot me a quick wink and I automatically regretted by choice of words. "Joel, you know what I mean." I walked back to my bag and dumped the contents of the box into the bag. Joel stalked over and pulled out of the lacy small thongs. He raised an eyebrow at me.

"Where exactly are you going and what do you plan to do there once you've arrived?" He asks as I try grabbing the underwear from him.

"They're comfortable and I don't have to worry about anything showing through my pants or jumpsuit. It's better than going commando." I sigh and lean back on my heels. "Although I guess I could try that route," I say in a sultry voice. His eyes droop a bit and he looks my body up and down. I take the distraction and jump on him. I quickly grab the thong and shove it into my bag. I laugh and look down as Joel's on the ground. "You're so easy." I smile and zip up the bag. I look around the apartment, glancing really, to make sure I haven't forgotten anything. I sigh and look back at Joel and see the oblivious look on his face. "Hey, numb nuts, I'm about to head out." He blinks and quickly stands up.

"Sorry, just didn't expect the seduction." I laugh as he scowls. "Seriously, I know you can get all freaky with the animals, but A…" he drifts off and my smile turns to a worried frown. "Are you sure you're not a succubus?" That just makes me laugh hard and I know he's kidding now. "Sorry, couldn't help screwing with you one last time." He smiles and comes over to me, enveloping me in a hug. "I'm gonna miss you, A."

I smile and wrap my arms around him as well, setting the duffle bag down. "I'll miss you, too." I pull back and smile more. "Don't go off getting into any trouble. I won't be here to turn away any baby daddy seekers, so try keeping it in your pants please." It's his turn to laugh hard and he pushes me away.

"Me? A baby daddy? The nerve of some women." I roll my eyes at him and grab the duffle bag. I dig into the back pocket of my black ripped skinny jeans. I sigh and hand him the apartment key. He frowns taking it.

I walk towards the door and open it. I turn back to him and give him a smile. "A succubus? Really?" I wink and close the door behind me, hearing his laughter. Me being a succubus is as likely as Joel turning gay. Not likely, never going to happen, and completely absurd. I smirk to myself and take the elevator down to the main floor.

As I step out onto the street, I quickly hail a cab. "Where to, ma'am?" The driver is old, white, and has a mustache that would make you think he just popped out from some 70s porno.

"Hailing's Airport, please," I say and lean against the seat. "I've got a flight to catch."

"Going somewhere important?" The driver asks as he pulls away from the curb. "Kind of chilly for a vacation," he points out, trying to make conversation.

"My business is my business and if you want a tip, I suggest driving to the airport without bugging the hell out of me before my blade finds your throat," I say darkly holding up the blade that had been in my boot. I hold it up just right so he can see it glint in his rear-view mirror. I can hear him gulp and he nods.

"Sorry ma'am, I'll drive quickly." I smirk and offer a dark glare at the meter. He gulps again and turns it off. "Free of charge, of course." I nod and slide the blade back into my boot along with the others. I let my body feel my weapons. I have three blades in my left boot, along with a small hand gun. My right boot is holding another two blades and a few magazines. There's my special dagger, I've had since childhood, stuck in the inside of my jeans, by my hip. And of course, my animalistic instincts, nails that swiftly elongate and turn into claws, and my overpowered senses. I think I'm protected quite a bit. I smirk to myself and focus my eyes ahead, making sure the driver doesn't take any wrong turns. He seems shaken up enough and is taking the fastest way to the airport. Good.


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