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The Agency: A Pharos and Alistair Novel

Novel By: Leah Marie P
Young adult

Andromeda Pharos doesn't know what she's doing anymore. Cathetica's most wanted criminal? Nothing new there. On the run? An every day kinda deal. Falling in love with Cathetica's most trusted and only superhero, Hero X? I think she sees where her problem lies. View table of contents...


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I leaned back in the cocoon and sighed. "Why was he there?" I asked myself aloud and rolled my eyes at the idiotic question. "Looking for me, that's what."

Xander A. Doesn't let anyone know his last name. Hell, he probably told my sister though. I mean, they were about to be married. Well, at least until he called it off a day before the wedding. That stung Alena and my mother, Miranda. They were so happy and excited that Alena would be marrying into a rich family. Or what's left of a family. Xander never talked about his parents, said they died in a fire. But back to Xander.

Handsome, obviously, otherwise my sister wouldn't have paid any attention to him in the first place. He had a squared off face, but it worked for him. Sexy stubble. Well sexy to me. I always considered a man with facial hair looked moreā€¦ well sexy. Older and mature would probably be better adjectives, but I'm being honest here. Jet black spiked up hair that never fell out of place, unless doused in water. He was lightly tanned. He's only ever told me that he was Greek. Never got any information on where he's originally from. Dark grey eyes pulled you in easily. They were almost as black as his pupil. And tall. Not as tall as Joel's 6'4", but he definitely comes close. Maybe 6'1" or 6'2". He's much more intimidating than Joel, that's for sure. But I suppose one has to be to be deemed a 'superhero.'

Yes, Xander is Hero X. Lousy name, I've told him so a few dozen times. We crossed paths before he met my sister. I was on a mission, freeing one of our agents and it got a bit messy. I suppose breaking into the Cathetica's government head-quarters to retrieve a known felon and taking out numerous officers along the way was a big no-no. I had just gotten the agent untied from a chair as Hero X ran up. His super speed would have helped if I didn't have it as well.

Seeing him, in his all grey and blue uniform, the grey mask over his face. It was intimidating. I'd heard stories from other agents about them meeting him and barely escaping with their lives. Those agents were in wheelchairs or critically injured when they returned to Agency's hospital wing. And I was standing in front of the man who put them there.

We had fought. Clearly. Both overpowering the other at points, but never enough to win. The agent I had freed had run away like a little girl. Protecting himself. Hero X was a damned good fighter. Super strength, speed, and empathy helped him along the way. He did nothing to cover any power he had. He laid his cards on the table. Well I didn't. I showed him my claws and my eyes. Those were the only two things he knew of my power.

I got a few good scratches in, but he soon pinned me to the ground. "Had enough?" He had asked, looking me straight in the eyes, not even flinching from the color or that my pupils had turned to slim slits. I shook my head and tried scratching him again, but he quickly grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head.

"I wouldn't underestimate me," I had whispered. I was tired and tried catching a few breaths. He put both my wrists in one of his hands and punched me in the stomach. I yelled out and tried breathing. "Well I take it you're having fun breaking my ribs," I had managed to get out, between the pain. I blinked back tears of pain and realized I was probably dying tonight unless I could think of an animal to change into quickly. I was horrible under pressure.

You put a train speeding at me and only having a split second to think, I'd change into a bird with time to spare. You put a gun to my head; I'd think of something and find a way to harm you before getting away. But hand to hand combat. That was different. A knife to my throat, a gun put to my heart, or in this case, someone on top of me, pinning me to the cement floor and punching me; yeah, I get a bit ditzy and hesitant.

"I'm not underestimating anyone. Humans have a tendency to hide things." I remember rolling my eyes at him and extending my claws and looking at him with a smirk.

"Do I look human to you?" I asked and brought my claws back in. He had smirked back at me. That idiotic smirk had been one of two things that drew me in. I looked up at him as he spoke to me.

"Human? No. Special?" He smiled at me and his eyes seemed to lighten a shade. Those grey eyes. That was the second thing that pulled me into him. I didn't understand it at the time. I had been so confused. Here I was, minutes from dying, and I was thinking of his eyes and smirk. Me! Agency's top assassin. Agency's top agent. The most likely person to shove a knife into someone's back if they even looked at me wrong. And I was being worse than my giggly, flirty, childish older sister. "I think I'll see you soon." I looked at him with confusion, but he stood up and ran off. All within a few seconds. I had stayed on the floor for a few minutes. Dazed, confused, and not sure why I had been spared. I took it as luck and vowed to never land myself in a situation where I'd act that way again.

Little did I know that Hero X would show up on my doorstep with flowers and staring at my sister as if she was the greatest gift to the world. As if. I didn't know it was him at first. We had dinner. My mother, Alena, 'Xander,' Alena's friends, and twenty relatives. I pretended to be friendly. Not really a people person to begin with. I was Agency's top agent still. Had been since I was 17. Xander caught my attention and we hit it off. I never made eye contact. People frowned upon my eyes, being the bright blue, almost white, that they are, so I wore dark brown contacts. My white hair was covered with a brown wig, making sure no one could recognize me.

Xander had. I had noticed him staring at me for quite some time, so I glanced at him. We were across from each other at the table. The other people were talking to each other still, but I tuned them out quickly enough. I raised an eyebrow at Xander, as if asking what the problem was. He didn't respond, his eyes stayed on mine. I finally looked him in the eyes and dropped my glass. It shattered as it hit the tiled flooring. My mother yelled at me, but I was so focused on those grey eyes, I couldn't hear her.

I had gulped and shook my head. Standing up and tossing my napkin on the table I quickly escaped to the roof. I took deep breaths once I was seated, hoping no one knew where I had gone. I heard a door slam and looked down to see Xander and Alena talking animatedly.

"I'm so sorry about my sister. She's always been jealous of me and I have no idea why she acted that way." I scoffed and drew back into the dark as Xander's head snapped my way. "I'm sorry if she upset you, Xan-Xan." I snorted lightly, hearing her nickname for Xander. He looked annoyed and that made me laugh harder. I sighed, realizing Xander must have good ears or super hearing if he could hear me all the way up here.

"Your sister was fine. She seems really familiar though." I bit my lip, hoping he didn't tell my sister about my involvement with Agency.

"My sister? How could you possibly know her? She's only nineteen. You're twenty-four. Big enough age gap."

I saw him shake his head. "Doesn't matter. I should go. Love you." He had kissed her cheek and stalked off before Alena could say anything.

"Ma'am, the plane is landing. I'm going to need you to buckle your seat belt." I looked up at the flight attendant and nodded. I had been so busy visiting old memories, I hadn't noticed how much time had passed.


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