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The Agency: A Pharos and Alistair Novel

Novel By: Leah Marie P
Young adult

Andromeda Pharos doesn't know what she's doing anymore. Cathetica's most wanted criminal? Nothing new there. On the run? An every day kinda deal. Falling in love with Cathetica's most trusted and only superhero, Hero X? I think she sees where her problem lies. View table of contents...


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It was getting close to midnight. I was sitting in front of my bedroom's fireplace actually wearing a pair of black cotton shorts (that were too short in my opinion) and a dark blue tank shirt. My snow white hair was even out of its normal ponytail. Hot chocolate in hand, a bowl of popcorn next to me, door barricaded with the dining table from the dining hall, windows blocked with the dining hall chairs, the bed turned over on its side to use as a blockade in case there was any gunfire, my daggers, knives, and guns laid out behind it, ready for an attack, and some expensive beer in the mini fridge.

"Nice night for a fight," I smirked to myself lightly, leaning against the edge of the turned bed. I sipped my hot chocolate, ate the popcorn, and let the warmth of the fire just curl over me. I sighed and closed my eyes for a few minutes, just relaxing. "Should have taken a vacation earlier."

My relaxation was broken when I heard the faintest sound of metal expanding. My eyelids opened, revealing my pupils slit and in a pool of brighter than ice blue(almost white). I sniffed the air and frowned. Not recognizing the scent. I stood up slowly and crossed to the door. I put my ear to the dining table, hoping to hear through that and the already thick oak door. I focused and closed my eyes now. Heightening my sense of hearing as much as I could work best when my other senses were cut off.

"Miss me?" I hear echo out. I jumped and opened my eyes again. I ran, at my inhuman speed to my weapons and grabbed a gun and dagger. "Awe, too late," was the last thing I heard before watching the vent above me fall to the ground, showing an annoying, idiotic, hot, moronic jerk. "Hey Andy."

I rolled my eyes and shot my gun, but he moved next to me within a blink of an eye. He tisked his tongue and bent down, kicking out his foot, and sweeping me to the ground. I glared at him and moved to stab him with the dagger, but he grabbed both my wrists and held them above my head. I took a second to look him over. His idiotically attractive black and blue uniform and mask were all that covered his body. But I knew from experience that the uniform was so powerful it doubled as bullet proof and knife proof. That stupid blue and black masked covered the top half of his face, minus his forehead with holes for his gorgeous eyes. I shake my head, trying to game control of my stupid emotions.

"What kind of welcome is that?" He smirked and bent his head down, laying his head on my shoulder so his face was buried into my neck and hair. "You smell good."

I actually shivered lightly, but shook my head and tried moving underneath him. "The kind of welcome an uninvited guest gets." I snapped at him. He just wouldn't give up.

"Now Andy-"

"Stop calling me that!" I yelled and quickly shifted into a black cat beneath him. His utter shock gave me the distraction I needed. I raced into the bathroom on all fours and shifted into a gorilla and pounded at the glass window. It cracked easily and I shifted into a small raven. I flew out and landed on top of the house, right above the chimney, so I could hear if he did anything.

"Well that was interesting," I jumped and shifted into my human form quickly. Xander was right behind me. "What? I told you a long time ago. I don't underestimate people." He winked and grabbed my waist, pulling me closer to him. "Now you smell like smoke," he frowned, but kept me close anyways.

"You… but I… how…" I couldn't form a complete sentence and he took amusement in it.
"I've heard stories from cops and certain gang members about you. I've also heard it from Mr. Lent himself, but I didn't honestly believe him." I shook my head confused. My eyes widened and my body froze. "What?" He looked concerned. Not faking it either. He truly looked worried about what was going on through my head.

"What do you mean you heard about me from Abraham?" I asked slowly.

He frowned and looked at me. "He gave me information on where you lived, who you are: all the good stuff. I originally thought Alena was this mysterious white haired, white eyes woman. That's why I stayed so close to her for so long." He let his grip on me go and took a step from me. "Hell, she tricked me into proposing to her and I figured: why not? Just gets me closer to taking down the country's best assassin."

I slowly nodded, taking this all in. "That's why you broke off the engagement. You found out Alena wasn't me. That's why Abraham sent me after you. No loose ends." I crouched on the roof. Feeling dizzy and light-headed. Xander came over to me, putting a hand on my back and one on my arm to keep me steady. "Can you take me back to the bedroom?" I asked slowly before passing out and staring at darkness.


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