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Trying Hard, Falling Harder

Novel By: Leah Marie P
Young adult

Arabella always got along with guys. Hell, her supposed friends had called her "one of the guys" since she could walk. But when a bet takes it too far, Arabella realizes that she's just a big joke to them all. So she decides to change. For the better? Maybe. For the Worse? Probably View table of contents...


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Chapter One

"So everyone's playing poker again?"

"Nope, Bullshit tonight." I followed him into the house and took my shoes off. "Why do you insist on wearing those boots? They have no heel, not that you'd wear a heel, and they go up close to your knee."

"I like them." I walked past him and into the dining room. The long wooden table was made to fit ten people. It was a shiny black. However, at this point, it was covered in teenaged boys along with a deck of cards. "Y'all ready to get beat?" A chorus of groans was heard.

"Who invited her?" One said.

"I'm out already. I aint playing her. She always dares me into doing things with dudes." Another exclaimed.

"Oh come on guys. I won't make you do anything too bad this time. Bunch of homophobes." I shook my head smiling. These were my friends. Not the closest, but they knew me from other friends. Ethan, the guy I walked in with was my height. Brownish hair that "had to be spiked to get the ladies." I didn't really pay much attention to his eyes, but they were a lighter color. Maybe green. Maybe blue. Kellen, Ethan's brother, I noticed more. I had had a slight crush on him in middle school so I did have his appearances pinned. Black hair, light blue eyes. Way taller than me. And built to the point that if he stopped going to the gym for the rest of his life, I couldn't imagine him ever gaining a single pound.

The rest of the "gang" consisted of Alec and Greg. The twins. Seventeen, blonde hair, blue eyed, and geeky and small as possible. Don, the rebel(ish) of the group. Black hair, brown eyes, never wearing anything but black. Henry was tall, but real slim. He rocked his buzz cut and at the length of it, you couldn't tell what color his hair was. The other two boys I didn't know.

"I'm not a homophobe! I'm just gay!" Alec said sticking his tongue out at me. His brother laughed and pushed him away from him.

"Okay, anyone want to try and explain how Alec is gay, and Greg sleeps with a different girl every other night?" Ethan snorted his water as Don made the crack.

"Why bother? We've already gone of that question more than enough times." Alec smiled gratefully at me. He knew his brother wasn't the most relaxed about this topic, and Alec was the best person as to not be totally open about his sexuality. Alec loved his brother and Greg loved him back. He just wasn't used to it yet.

Alec responding with, "Can we just start the game? Arab, go get the sodas please." I nodded while groaning and left the room. Him calling me Arab was getting really annoying. I went directly to the kitchen and grabbed a few different kinds of soda out of the refrigerator.

"Hey," I turned around to see Ethan. I showed a small smile and continued what I had been doing. "Can we talk?"

"Yeah, sure. What's up?" I said as I handed him sodas to put on the counter.

"When you said no to me, was it because we just weren't all that similar or was it for a different reason?" I looked at him with a confused expression.

"Ethan, I told you no because I know how different we are. And besides we don't even hang that much as it is. And you know how my past relationships have turned out. I'm no exactly ready to date a guy right now." He nodded.

"Okay. We still cool, right bro?" He held his fist out and I bumped it.

"We're cool. Now help me with this." I let him grab a few sodas, while I carried the rest.

Did he just call me bro?

Kellen came in and stopped me. "I need to ask you something." I nodded for him to continue. "Did Ethan ask you out?" I nodded again. He grinned. "Seriously? Shit, I owe him thirty bucks. Son of a bitch!" He walked out of the kitchen and I heard him yell at the guys. "Hey! Ethan asked her out! We owe him thirty each." There were a lot of curses and groans. I walked into the dining room looking at the guys confused. I looked to Ethan, to see him counting money.

"I'm sorry. Someone want to tell me what just happened?" The guys looked up and grinned.

"They played Bullshit last night and Ethan lost first hand. So Don dared him to ask you out as a joke. We figured Ethan would be too disgusted to ask out one of his guy friends."

I looked at all of them. They were all smiling a proud smile. As if it was the funniest thing to happen. I looked around the room and pulled my shirt completely off. Their mouths dropped. I still had my bra on, so it covered my breasts.

"If y'all haven't noticed… I'M NOT A FUCKING GUY!" I put the shirt back on and looked at them all. If it was even possible, their mouths dropped even more. A short silence followed.

Ethan was the one to break the silence. "Yeah, but you're one of us guys. You're not exactly a girl. Well besides the tits. And even then, you kind of are a bit chubby, so they could pass as overly grown man boobs." He went back to counting his money as the guys looked at him now, with their mouths open, maybe even unhinged. My own mouth dropped at that. I hadn't noticed a few traitorous tears had overflown and a small sniffle escaped me.

All of their heads snapped in my direction.

Kellen took a step closer and I took one back. "Arabella, are you crying?" I shook my head and went to the front door and got my shoes. None of the guys followed me as I made my way out the door and back to my own house.


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