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12 kids from the city of Red Springs become ORAs {Orphan Run Aways} they are the most wanted ORAS in there country
the goverment is after them to bring them in for there crimes of murder and theft. this is there only way of survival. the goverment is now a threat to them and they will not back down from a fight View table of contents...



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"Keep running, dont look back!" they were gaining on us and i knew if we didnt get rid of them theyed catch us for sure. "keep moving!"

I let Eli pass me, i threw him a knief and he catched it swifly i slowed down to a jog searching for the perfect tree to climb. i climbed a medium sized tree to my left and perched on the second lowest branch, i took out my pocket knife and watched the others run by.

Giancarlos had the same idea as me he climbed the tree to his right and perched on the lowest branch and took out his knife. He spotted me and i showed him my knife, he nodded then looked down. Steven and Vanessa where the last to run by. i crouched into a pounce and when the first 3 agents ran by we both leaped from our trees.

i just finished sliceing 2 in the throat when an agent pulled out his gun. I leaped to my feet kicking it out of his hand then kicking him in the stomache nocking him down. Giancarlos was having more difficulty 4 agents had him surrounded with guns pointed at his head. I couldnt help him i was having my own troubles 2 agents had guns trained on me. I threw my knife and it found a home in one of the agents heads i ducked down just as the second began to shoot. I hid behind a tree and then i heard 2 more gun shots and saw Eli and May shooting at the agents who had cornered Giancarlos. i took out my second knife and without looking threw it at the second agent who was shooting at my tree it lodged into his throat and he drowned in his own blood.

"thats all of them" i heard eli say "lets go or ther'll be more by morning"

"weve been running for 3 days none stop" May complained

"And if we do stop well get caught so i suggest we get moving" i shot back

we ran back to where the others had stoped. there are twelve of us. the oldest are Irvin, Steven, Giancarlos and Eli. all 14. next to follow are Javier, Justin, Vanessa, Elisabeth, Maureen and Me. All 13. after that comes May. 12. and last but not least Angelica. 8.

Where a family although none of us are related by blood. We all came from the same city, The city of Red Springs once a beautiful city, now a reched place full of bad memories. Our parents where all killed on August 28th during a terrorist attack against our country it was stopped but not before it killed 549 people. including both my parents. I was 9 at the time i escaped our flaming house with a few cuts and burns but i survived.

The goverment offord its help they sent in a crew to build a "orphange" to help kids left without family. Many went to it thinking theyed get help and a place to call home instead they found a horribale wicked place. 2 meals a day of who knows what. A dress code and over crouded rooms. Its more like a prison really. No background checks are done on the people who adopt the kids there so you could really end up with anyone. A drug dealler. A prostitute. The rumors spread and children stopped going to the orphange

No one belived it was a promblem at first. kids would wander the streets homeless starving children. most people left them alone. some would die on the side of the road others just got tired of living. Then the reports started coming in about how children would go into shops and steal what they could. Items disapering from homes. Our goverment ordered every orphan to be hunted down and brought to the orphange. When the news spread children disappered from the streets they all hid or ran away seeking places to hide. These where called ORAs. Orphaned Run Aways, and i was the most wanted. A few agents from the goverment came to what was left of my house it was where is was staying. they spotted me and asked me to come with them. When i refused they took out handcuffs and cornered me in what use to be my kitchen. i closed my eyes and grabbed the closest thing to me and threw it at one of the agents. Apperently i had grabbed a knife because when i opened my eyes there was a knife lodged into one of the agents arms. the other agents tryed to tackle me but i slipped by them grabbing to more knives and killing them both.

Seeing the agents on the floor i knew that someone would come looking for them. i grabbed my old black northface bookbag and stuffed it with 6 knives and my fathers gun. I left my house and never looked back. Along the way i stopped at my old elementry school i knew there had to be some homeless people hiding out there. I went in and found old bags of food. sleeping bags. matches and even a knife. I began looking around remebering all the good memorys i had in that school. When i finished touring the shcool i had found 10 of my old friends. We teamed up knowing that was our best chance of survival. We gathered what was left of food and weapons and head out. I told them that i was capable of killing and if they wanted to stay safe and alive then theyed better be capable as well.

i stopped by my friend jasmines, house i hadent seen her after the attack and had no idea if she was alive. i found the house empty ecept for Angelica she was jasmines niece. i knew her for a long time and i always treated her like a little sister. (her parents cared nothing for her) and apperently she always saw me as a mother figure. i took her in and the twelve of us set off into the woods traveling.

Its been 4 years now and we are now the 12 most wanted ORAs of our country. weve killed over 50 agents i know other ORAs have also been fighting there way through. Us ORAs are now considered dangerous figures. Our goverment wont stop till were all captured and killed.

but we wont stop they can keep fighting and so will we they cant take us in. My names Chris short for Crystal and this is the story of us ORAs.

Im the leader of our team and so i know they count on me. im not affraid of a fight and i never stop fighting. Eli is my second in command hes the second strongest. its dark and weve walked about 5 miles from where we left the agents. my teams strong they have to be 4 years living only on your instincts its hard.

"Heres far enough" i say breaking the silence

i here them sigh in relief and they slide to the ground the forest were in will cover us if it rains. i sit down and lay against a tree across from Eli. Angelica comes to sit next to me laying her head on my sholder. i watch her slowly fall asleep and then look around the others are all leaned up against trees of laying on the ground fast asleep. only Elis awake hes sharpening a stick with his knife then looks up and catchs me stareing at him. ive only once ever had feelings for Eli. back when we were in elementry school. Hes was funny, smart, had good looks and loved by all. those feelings stopped when i had more important things to worry about like how to stay alive. with one exception on the day i found him laying across the floor in our old elementry school. i felt so happy seeing him. knowing he was alive and well. well not well he had acouple of injurys easyly fixable with some duck tape.

i just stare back. hes always been my friend. he was my best guy friend in elementry school. and jasmine was my best girl friend. he dosent look back down instead we end up staring at each other. niether of us talking.

"what are you thinking?" he fianlly says

i stay quiet for a minute what am i thinking? im thinking of him that for sure but what spisifclly. then it clicks

"im thinking of our memorys...back in elementry school" i whisper

"are they good memorys?" he says raising an eyebrow

"yes... what are you thinking?" i ask him

"im thinking of the same thing well close. im thinking where would we be if the terrorist attack never happened. what would we be doing. who would we be with."

we stay silent for alittle while then i break the silence "we would be in 8th grade. i would be planing on studying crimminal justice. and i would be with noone"

ive always found the world of law interesting. i wanted to join the army and work as an fbi agent chatching crimminals and bring justice to the people. its strange how it turned instead im the crimminal running from the law. and i would be with noone i never had a boyfriend i had gotten offors but turned them all down. i didnt want a relationship. i hated all the romancy shit.

Eli stared at me for a while taking in my answer then spoke "i dought you would be with noone" what was he saying that he was going to ask me out? or that i would probally have a boyfriend? nah niether.

"go to sleep" i say throwing a peple in his direction he catches in before it hits the ground i lay my head on top of Angelicas and fall asleep.


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