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'Deondre's Promise'

Novel By: lexiswright
Young adult

Deondre Willis's life is falling apart. He and his father got into a car cash, resulting his dad dieing. After the tragic scene, Deondre's mom becomes a drug addict. One night while out getting groceries, his mom gets jumped, and nearly left dead in the alley. She needs money to get the surgery, but Deondre doesn't have it; but promises to get it. Will he keep his promise? Or will his mom die waiting for the surgery? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 27, 2011    Reads: 38    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Little Note : Me And My Cousin Isaiah is Writing This , So There Will Be Two Fonts To Let You Know Who Wrote What. ((: Please Enjoy ; And Sorry It's Short . :P

Lexi Font ! ((:

Isaiah Font ! ((:


I check my watch for the third time.4:45. Only 15 minutes late. What is taking him so long? After waiting a few more minutes, my patience ran out. Just as I was about to start walking the 4 mile walk home, he pulled up.

"Hey Dad," I immediately said as I got into the car. The aroma of his Calvin Klein scent lingering throughout my nose. "Hey sport. How was your first day of school?" , Yes . He calls me 'sport'. Deondre Willis, 16 years old, and I still get my seven year old nickname.

I let out a sign. "Same old, same old."

"That's good," exclaims my father. He shifts the gear to "Drive", and we smoothly shift away from the sidewalk onto the oncoming blacktop. A few moments later there was a dead silence floating in the air around us. Looking down at my blinking screen, I see I have messages.

"How can you start texting when you just left school?" My father said with a chuckle. "The wonders of socializing Dad. Oh, and mom texted. Here, it's for you." I casually slip my dad the cracked cellular device. As he skims through the message, an unexpected semi-truck swerves and smashed into the side of our black mustang. My dad's reaction was to hug me and promise me his protection. The stunning event causes me to put my head in his arms speechless.

Although my eyes were shut, I saw the flashing colors of red, blue, and white. "There are two, both alive, but one is hurt severely bad." A tear makes its way down my cheek, because I know that help is here.

• • •

When I finally emerged my eyes open, bright lights made me shut them closed. I try to sit up, but a sharp pain rushes throughout my whole body. Groaning, I turn my head to a muffled voice. It's a doctor, and he's scribbling on his check board. Noticing my stare, he looks over at me. "Glad you're up." I say thanks and ask him about my dad. As soon as I let the words slip out my mouth, I wished they stayed in there. I had a feeling what he was going to say wouldn't be what I want to hear.

He stops what he does, and I know exactly know what's to come next. He looks at me with grief and remorse in his eyes, and says the word that'll haunt me for the rest of my life.

"I'm. I'm sorry, but your dad died while on the ride to the hospital. He died of loss of to much blood. Come to think of it, if it wasn't for him, you would've been dead to. Not saying that..."

But I wasn't worried about the last part of what he had to say. My dad was dead. Gone; away front his life. And it's my entire fault.

My entire fault he's dead.

Once more I try to sit up, but the pain seeps through the course of my whole body; making it feel as if I'm burning inside out.

"W-why does it feel like I-I-I'm on fire from the i-i-inside?"

"It's the treatment we gave you when we were done with your surgery. You are a lucky boy. You had broken ribs, your right shoulder was popped out of place, and you had a deep cut going down your left arm. We found a few pieces of glass in it, but we managed to get them all out."

I nod telling him that I was listening. I didn't think I could speak by how sealed my throat felt.

"You better get some more sleep, because tomorrow you'll be going home with your mom."

I close my eyes, trying to get the thought of the car crash out my head. But it's glued there. Haunting me. I think of the good times we shared. The love we had for each other; father and son.

( Dreaming Seven Years Back )

"Dad? Dad, where are you?" I say, taking a peek under the bed. But he wasn't there. "Ok, I give up, you can come out now."


"Where are you old man? I'm going to beat you up when I find you." I jokingly said.

Complete silence.

I looked around for what seemed like hours before I finally gave up. Thinking my dad left me; I went to the living room couch and cried. Cried for I thought that I wouldn't see him anymore.

Footsteps creped down the oak wood floor, which frightened me. "Dad? Are you there?"

I walk with caution to the door. Stood four feet away was a great big man; my dad.

"Hahaha. Couldn't find me?"

"I thought you left me dad, I was getting scared. I didn't know what to think." I slid my hand across my eyes, wiping off the tears.

He closed the gap between us and grabbed me up and sat me on the couch. It felt good to actually sit down, with the protection my dad beside me.

"Look at me sport."

I looked up into his dark brown eyes. So sincere. So caring. I could see my own reflection as I saw tears well up.

"Never, will I ever leave you. No matter what. You are the world to me; you're the meaning of my life. The first time I laid eyes on you when you were born; I promised to never let you go. To hold you forever. You are my son, and I won't ever in my life leave you. I promise to stay with you at all times."

"You promise dad?" I ask, wiping of the tears that drizzled down your cheek.

"I promise the world."

But dad, you broke that promise.

And you left me.

Never would I think that you would, but you did.

And I'm missing you already. Even in my sleep.


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