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When life gives you lemons...

Novel By: Lia Valantine
Young adult

A year after the death of Lily's dad, she finds out that he ha arranged her marriage. She's forced to honour his wishes, but it doesn't seem as hard as she might have thought...
This is a re-write of my previous novel 'Is love real?' and I think it's better than before. Please leave a comment and advice so I know if I should finish writing it.
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Submitted:Jul 16, 2011    Reads: 1,044    Comments: 10    Likes: 2   

A/N: This is my first semi-complete novel, the rests are more like ideas in my head, so I would be grateful for any comments. The story gets better later on, I promise.

"Wake up" my mother was so annoying "Lillian, get up. Be up and dressed in 15 minutes."

I heard the door bang. God, what does she want now? I lay in bed for five minutes trying to wake myself up and thinking of what to wear. It was the start of summer holidays (Monday, I don't consider the holidays a start till the week-end has past) so I decided to wear my short shorts to show off my long legs and a white oversized top.

I stood up, went to the bathroom and I did usual morning stuff. When I got back to my room, I threw on my clothes with five minutes to spare, so I put on a little eyeliner as I was going out to a friend's later. A little lip balm was put on my full lips to stop them from chapping. I left my hair down, the light curls landing in the middle of my back, the side parting covering a bit of my left eye.

As I walked down the stairs, I heard voices.We have visitors?I thought to myself. I walked into the living room and saw the hottest guy I had ever seen in my life. It made me glad that I had put on eyeliner, but made me wish I had put on a sexier top. There was a couple that I guessed were his parents, they were both mixed race (black and I guess English) and I could see why there son was so good looking. The woman looked young for her age, but her green eyes held a lot of wisdom, but also a lot of love, something I had never seen in my mother's eyes. The man's eyes, although a handsome brown, had the same love that I hadn't seen since my father had died.

All this thinking happened in less than a second and as I walked in, my mum stood up to introduce us.

"Mr and Mrs Ryder, you remember my daughter Lillian." I shook their hands. "And this is their son James."

"Good morning sir, ma'am." I know I sounded formal, but these were people I didn't know. James looked older than me at least by five or six years, (I was 17).

He just nodded his head once. God he was fit. And those eyes, a hazel colour framed with thick black eyelashes, with a curly mass of dark brown hair not quite falling into them. He looked built but not body builder like and even though he was sitting down, I could tell that he would tower over my 5ft 9. He was so freaking bangabubble.

"Lillian," my mother drew me out of my haze, "James is your fiancé, and you two are going to get married."

What?My mind shut down for like a minute and I couldn't even process what my mother said. I would have laughed but no one looked like it was a joke.

"Mum, what are you talking about? I can't get married to someone I don't even know. I swear people don't do arranged marriages anymore. It like the 21st Century, not the 18th!"

"Lillian, you will not raise your voice in front of our future family!"

OK Lily, breathe, just breathe. "May I be excused please?"

"No, stay right her-"

"Of course dear, this must be a shock. Besides, we have to go; we'll see you at the end of the week at the wedding." Mrs Ryder cut my mum off.

Slowly I made my way to my room, crawled under the blankets and cried.

When I came up from underneath my blankets I noticed it was dark, I must've slept the whole day. I was about to stand up when I remembered the morning. In a few days I was going to get married to a guy I didn't even know. Sure before I found out, I was all over him (in my head). Ha, be careful what you wish for.

I know what you're thinking, don't marry the guy, but it would totally look bad on my family, where I'm from (Nigeria, West Africa), you just don't dishonour your family. Plus after my father died, about a year ago, my mother's been on edge, any little thing can make her cry for hours or get her so mad that I have to leave the house for a while. She stopped going to work and I've seen the bills piling up. The money that was saved like my university fund was spent on God knows what.

I went down to the kitchen to get some food, I was starving, and I saw my mum standing there, looking at nothing. When she noticed me she told me she was sorry, that it was what my dad wanted. Of course I didn't believe that, my dad never made me do anything I didn't absolutely want to. But mum said the decision was made when I was very little and if dad didn't agree to it anymore she couldn't find out, because he was dead. She left the kitchen then went to her room.

I found left over pasta and put it in the microwave, got a drink and when I heard the beep took my food and went into the living room. I sat there watching TV, not that I saw anything my mind wandered and I started thinking about my 'new family'. If the Ryders where loaded and I figured they where, then my mother was just marrying me off so she could leach off of them. I wouldn't put it past her. Even before my dad past away, mum and I were never close. I don't know why but I remember wishing, as a little child, that my mum and I could bake cookies together like other people. Or that she would help me with boys or with shopping or even homework. Instead, Hannah's mum was there. She taught me about so many things, boys, puberty and all that. But my dad, he was always there for me. Even when mother would whine about how he never spent any time with her.

By 2am nothing good was showing, so I went back up stairs and went on my laptop. As usual, my best friend Hannah was still on facebook.

Hannah: Hey, what you doing up so late, you're usually reading, or sleeping by now.

Me: Slept all day. There's something I need to tell u, but keep an open mind. It's going to be long.

Hannah: Okkk?

Me: Well this morning, I found out that I had to marry this guy and he was so fit but I don't do arranged marriages. The wedding is at the end of the week and my mum isn't helpful. So I have to do married stuff with him I bet and what if he's a prick. And if we do have sex (or he rapes me, whichever) I can't get pregnant. What if I enjoy whatever he does with me? *I briefly wondered if I would ever shout out James's name in pleasure*I have to finish school and uni and I'm scared. And 'cause I cried myself to sleep I didn't get to tell Izzy gd bye before her vacation.

Hannah: wow. How fit is fit?


Hannah: sorry. Well knowing you, you'll probably marry the dude. So tomorrow, let's go out and we'll get you the 'pill' and that's one thing sorted and if you like him in that way, gd for u. We'll call Izzy, she'll understand, you'll see her at the end of holidays. I kno ur mum's a bitch but she still loves you, probably, and wouldn't make you marry a jerk. At least ur dad would never have done that to u.

Me: tru. Fine I'll come over to urs at 'bout 2pm. Getting tired

Hannah: u always tired. Gd nite

I woke up to hear the doorbell ringing. God you'd think a girl deserved a lie-in with all she's been through.

You will not believe what was at the door. When I got to the door a big bag, which could only contain a dress or something was delivered and after I looked inside (it was addressed to me) I saw I was right. A cream coloured wedding dress was staring back at me. I made sure that my mum wasn't home, and then I took the dress to my room and tried it on. It was amazing, a princess strapless dress that took my breath away. In the bag was a note from Mrs. Ryder, it said *I know you're having a hard time but I hope you like the dress. You can invite as many friends as you like; it's your special day. Also the honeymoon will be in our villa in Spain by the sea.

I thought that was really nice of her, but still it wasn't my choice. I took a shower, got dressed; I was wearing shorts again but with a black tank top. I put on my usual eyeliner on, went down stairs ate breakfast and left the house with my bag with all my necessities.

The day passed in a flash, I got enough pills for a few weeks, got more summer clothes and bikinis -hey summer at the beach with a fit guy, if I could forget about the marriage thing, it sounded like fun. I invited Hannah to the wedding but no one else; I didn't want to explain to anyone else. I started taking the pill that day.

The next day was uneventful and on Thursday I was packing my clothes and stuff for the honeymoon (ugh). By 11am, the limo would be here to pick me up. We weren't going to have a wedding reception because the Ryders felt it best for Jamie and me to get to know each other before we started celebrating. I brought my bags downstairs, took a shower and as I had waxed my legs as well as other places earlier that day, I felt fresh. I didn't think I would be able to sleep that night and I was right. I don't think I even slept that night 'til 8 in the morning.


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