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NYC Prep Book One: Crash and Burn

Novel By: lilamarie
Young adult

Jane Newman was on top of the world as a supermodel. Now, her mother Lulu has sent her to Gotham Prep in New York City. Jane is thrown into a whole new world, but there is still plenty of drama. Relationships, cheating, and lots of other teen issues are discussed as Jane and her friends have to overcome more and more obscales that are being faced by real teens, but most teens aren't super rich in prep school. :D View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 30, 2010    Reads: 53    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

Prologue: Carling
In order to truly understand these stories, you need to know the secrets of all of Gotham Prep's students. My secret is not that I was seduced, but who seduced me. It was Steve, a friend of mine that everyone thought went to jail for illegal drug possession. He did possess illegal drugs, I knew that, but that's not why he went to jail. He went to jail for the seduction of me, Carling Henderson, a young blogger from Gotham Preparatory School on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. My story was not the truth, I really could not at the time bring myself to realize what had happened, I guess that's why I lied. Here was my story: After the Guy's Choice Dance, I told my boyfriend Richie he didn't need to drive me home, that I would walk. So he let me and I began a walk to my apartment as I was mugged by some middle-aged man with a bandana around his mouth. He grabbed me, shoved me into an alley, and seduced me. It was true I told Richie not to drop me off after the Guy's Choice Dance, and I did indeed walk towards home. As I turned onto Steve's street, I saw him standing outside his apartment building with an unlit cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He was balancing a bottle of beer, empty, on his hand.
"Hey, it's my babe Carling." he said when I walked down the block. To my surprise, he didn't sound drunk or high on drugs. He sounded normal.
I sound there under the light of the street lamp, just five feet away from my friend Steve. His face was shady and dark in the shadows of the late night. The top three buttons of his navy shirt were undone. My blonde curls flowed past my shoulders. My blue eyes twinkled in the light of the lamp. I was dressed in an aqua dress and a teal military jacket.
"What are you doing hear?" I asked Steve.
"Nothing, having a cigarette, drinking some beer. Want some?" He held the lighter out to me.
"No cigarettes, thank you."
"No thanks."
Steve ripped his purple tie from around his neck. "Carling, I really like you." He took his shirt off.
"No way Steve!" I said firmly. "I'm a virgin."
"But you love me, don't you?" He reached over to take my jacket off. "It's so hot, isn't it?"
"No, it's cold. I think I'll keep my jacket on." I tried to squirm away. You know what happened after that.
Steve tied his tie around my mouth to keep me from screaming. He held me down in the back of an alley and did the deed. It was a shock. He left me there, and then the police found me the next morning. I lied, I didn't tell anyone but the cops my seducer. Not Richie, not even my parents, were told anything. And it haunted me.


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