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Does Fate Have Other Plans For Me?

Novel By: LiveEverdayWithNoRegrets
Young adult

When Taylor's mom get s new job it send them to the other side of the country. When she arrives strange things start to happen. Including Braxton who acts like he just doesn't like people, or does he just have something to hide? View table of contents...



Submitted:Jul 5, 2012    Reads: 184    Comments: 7    Likes: 1   

"Do you have all your stuff packed yet?" I vaguely heard my mom yell to me from downstairs. She had already packed up the kitchen, the bathroom, and even her room, but the only thing that was left to pack up was my room, which I had started, but I just hadn't finished till this morning. After I had finally packed up everything, and I made sure that my iPod was charged, I decided that I was ready to go.

"Yes mom! I'm packed!" I could tell my mom would be furious with me for even delaying my answers but I just didn't feel like putting up with her today. But unfortunately I had to, I had to sit on a plane with her for five hours while we fly to Maine. To myself I have come to the conclusion that after you live in California for your whole life and halfway through your high school you don't want to move literally all the way across the country to a completely new life and a completely new school. But I had no say, I never had any say.

"Let's Go!" I hear my mom yell, and I pick up my three suit cases full of stuff off of the floor and take them downstairs, take and put them in our piece of crap's car, get in the front passenger seat, pull on my seat belt, put my ipod in my ears and tune out my mother while she slides in and drives us to the Los Angeles airport.

The way there I wonder about how I will fit in at the new school, if I even do, I hope it doesn't turn out like the other schools I've been to. But knowing my luck it will turn end out that way. We reached the airport at six in the evening, but by the time we got to Maine it wouldve been eleven in california, but it was eight o'clock there. We quickly grabbed our stuff from the larger airplane transit and went outside to wave down a cab to take us to the nearest car rental service. When we got there we got the cheapest car my mom could possibly find and followed the directions on the paper we had printed out to the house that my mom had bought on the internet, and I was actually surprised by what I found.

The house was a two story, modern looking, with a wrap-around porch and even a porch swing, I grabbed the house key from my mom's hand and jumped out of the car. The first time I had been excited all day.

"I'm choosing first!" I run up to the door and unlock it immediately finding the stairs and racing up them, the first bedroom on the left is the one I see first and as soon as I walk in, it's the window seat with a tree right outside of the window that makes my decision up for me. "This one is mine!" I yell through the house, not caring if mom hears me or not, because this room is mine and I don't care what she says about it. I run over and jump on the bed, thinking of how nice it was for her company she now works for to furnish our house with the small necessities. I lay there for a few more minutes and when I hear my mom struggling to get all the bags through the door, I decide to get up and help her, and that's when I notice a small chain poking out from underneath the bed skirt. I reach down a pick it up and gasp at what I'm holding.

The chain is silver, almost antique looking and there is a small purple rock with a freshly picked looking dark purple flower in the middle, almost as if the rock formed around the herb, taking in its color. I don't think about it anymore and just put it on but as I twist it around my neck the rock cuts my finger and it stings a little bit, but I don't think much more of it as I travel down the steps, go outside grab my luggage and bring them up to my room.

"Honey? You might want to go and shower." I hear my mom yell to me from downstairs. I sigh "And what for?"

"School doesn't start in September over here, they start tomorrow." I sit in silence for a few seconds letting the news sink in, I have to go to that hell hole tomorrow, with all those new people. And I wasn't even ready, I wasn't even close to being ready, but I knew that I had to do it and that there was no other way around it.

I get in the shower and wash myself, wash my hair, and stand there letting the water run over me thinking and dreading over tomorrow, and when the water starts to run cold, I turn it off and walk into my room and I'm surprised to find that my mom has already put the clothes away for me. I climb into bed, turn off the lights, and im still naked, but I fall asleep quickly

"Wake up Taylor!! School starts in an hour!" I don't really hear her very well, but I somehow manage to drag myself out of bed, and walk over to the closet and look through my clothes that I have with me. I pick out simple black skinnys, rainbow DC's, and my YOLO shirt, put on some makeup, grab my cell iPhone and walk downstairs.

"Im leaving for school." I yell to my mom. "Do you need any directions?" My mom asks and her heads pops out from behind the kitchen door. "No" "Well fine then you can leave." My mom says and goes back to what ever she was doing, leaving me standing there, but I just shrug it off and walk outside to get into the car. I turn on the car with the key in the ignition and drive down the driveway, I have the radio on, just minding my own business and chilling, when the engine suddenly dies.

"Really?!" I smack the steering wheel hard and lay my head back against the headrest, closing my eyes. I inhale and exhale a few times calming myself down and when I open them there is a wolf standing in the middle of the road, just staring at me. The only thing that sparks me as strange are the wolf's eyes, they are so green that they remind me of the mint color of ice cream. We stare at each for five or so minutes and when he finally runs off the road I get the engine to run and I continue on my way to school.

I walk in the doors and it looks the same as all the other high schools in america. Clich├ęs in the corners, and hot guys walking down the hallways. I have just enough time to glance a time or two before the bell rings to go to first period. I walk around the corner and find the office, since im new to this school, I have no idea where any of the classrooms are, or where each teacher is located. But I find the secretary sitting in her desk and ask her to help me out. She hands me a map, and the classnames, then she sends me back out of her office into the hallway, and im on my own.

I follow the twists and turns of the high school, and finally come to the door of where I am supposed to be. When I walk in, im surprised to find a class of only about twenty five people. They are all staring at me and it creeps me out, but one of the boys, the one in the back that holds my most interest, his eyes are so rich and blue, and his eyes are only planted in one place.

My necklace.


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