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baby dont cut

By: lol im a seal

Chapter 1, based on the song baby dont cut mike b.... A young girl is struggling with bullying her only release is self harm..her boyfriend finds out and he makes her promise never to cut....and very sad twist at the end.

my girlfriend is beautiful, shes 17. no one is more perfect than her. her brown hair falls perfectly. her green eyes shine brightly i can never stop looking at them. her skin clear and soft. we have the best relationship ever. see each other most days. her personality was shy and sweet. inocent as hell.
she also has the most perfect name...Aurora. Aurora had a massive secret and she never told mee...i found out for myself. this is the story of how my soul took from me.

waking up i smiled. aurora lay next to me. her head on my chest and a grin in her sleep. i heard her softly breathing. gently i shook her waking her up with a hug and a kiss. "morning beautiful..."

"why wake me up..i was dreaming about you!" sitting up and pulling her knees to her chest.

" school baby...i will drop you of before i go collage" (im a year older and i go collage)

"no..please not school..." her expression changed, she looked scared her hand pulled up to her face and she pulled her long sleeves over her knuckles.

"hey" i tried to put my hand on her face but she pulled away. then i tried to hug her but she resised. it finally clicked in me.

"let me see your arms Aurora." i said it as softly as possible but my voice shook.

she crossed her legs and let her arms fall to her thighs...i pulled up her sleeves and saw the scars burried deep withen her wrist. i begged and pleaded. asked her why she said i do it to stop feeling numb. she told me about the bulling at her school and i was truley shocked. i wanted to help her but then she told me about her overdose.

i burst into tears. my girlfriend going threw so much by herself. i wish i had helped her i wish she didnt feel like this. I watched her carefuly as the tears rolled down my cheeks. i fell to my knees and kissed her scars then screamed "BABY DONT CUT."                                                                                                             chapter 2 coming soon.                                                                                                                                                                 


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