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Kira: The Life and Death of a Hero

By: lost love long forgotten

Chapter 1, Kira wasn\'t a normal ordinary girl; no she was different from everyone. She didn\'t know why and she didn\'t understand why anyone would hate her so much. Kira didn\'t much care for the order of the new world after the last one was destroyed so she started training herself to become the freedom fighter no one was allowed to be.



         Hanging her head in shame Kira looks at the mess she’s created. There’s blood everywhere and the bodies are piled up on each other. She looks at the last ruler of the new world and sees that he’s planning to kill her. The last kill and this will all be over I will have succeeded in my efforts to let these people fell freedom. Waking her dream Kira sees her forest the one place where she’d felt free. Before the old world had been broken down Kira had enjoyed learning to fight since she’d always been picked on and teased and beat up. She’d been a loner her whole life and so this feeling of blank numbness wasn’t new to her.

      Looking around her Kira says “I know your there so either come out calmly and I won’t have to hurt you or I can well like I said hurt you.” Muffled voices then several shapes come into view. It’s a band of people who are half starved and dying. Moving quickly Kira takes in the situation then starts rushing to the nearby river to get a large pot full of water. Placing the pot full of water on the fire pit embers sizzling from drops of water Kira gets some of her blankets and starts tearing them into strips for bandages. “Sit down all of you please. I can help you all.” A tall boy about Kira’s age says to her “This is the last of my village so many of us died in the fire please help my people first then if I’m still alive you can help me.” He passes out along with the rest of the group of about six or seven. Getting a fire started Kira places the handmade bandages into the water then goes in search of food.

       With a bow and arrows Kira silently stalks a deer then aiming carefully she lets the arrow go.  It flies through the air for a few feet before landing in the heart of the deer. Walking carefully Kira notices that there are wild vegetables growing around so she grabs handfuls of them and places them in her handmade bag as well as tons of herbs that she knows will help heal the sick villagers. Heading back to the campsite Kira sees the boiling water and carefully removes the bandages. She checks a little girl of about five years for any open wounds and finds a broken leg several deep scratches and a small stab wound, taking one of the bandages she starts cleaning the wounds and adjusting the bones in the little girl’s leg. Kira shakes the little girl awake and gives her some water from one of the many bowls she carries around, the little girl takes a big drink then puts the half empty bowl down and goes back to sleep.

       After several hours of tending people’s wounds and singing to those who are afraid to close their eyes she finally reaches the young boy who she first talked too. Caressing his face she checks and finds bloody bandages wrapped around his slender waist and pulling back the bandages it reveals several stab wounds, as well as deep scratches, a dislocated shoulder, and a broken arm. Getting to work Kira saves him just barely from death, then as she did all the others she wakes him and offers him the bowl of water to which she had added several of the herbs which would help heal this poor boy from the inside. Kira, then goes and gets more water this time as she skins and cleans the guts and intestines from the deer she makes a light broth adding in the vegetables. Washing the bowls for the broth she one by one feeds all villagers letting them sleep again afterwards. Humming to herself Kira watches every one sleep and while she does she remembers seeing those faces run her out of the village and tease her and hurt her yet here she is helping them in their time of need.

          It was a night quite like this one when she had been run out of the village. It was kind of cold but she had everything she would need to sleep on the hard cold ground. Her parents had been the first to disown her for some stupid reason she didn’t at that time understand. Her parents had decided that it was time for her to leave because they didn’t want a bad seed in their family. And the same people she had just helped had been throwing rocks and teasing her saying she wasn’t good enough to stay that it was good little boys and girls who got to live with their parents.

      I have to forget the past it’s not like it matters anyway. Besides it’s not like it matters I know that I’m doing the right thing by helping them they’re the ones who are going to live in the shame of the past. Kira was arguing with herself in her head when she heard someone stir. She had moved everyone closer together so that they could share the little blankets she had left to have a bed. Sitting up and rubbing his eyes the boy looks around until his gaze lands on Kira. “Hello, there may I ask you your name?” the boy asks “Hi I’m Kira. Who are you?” Her voice holds slight anger in it. “I’m Xenon.” He replies. Looking around Xenon sees his fellow villagers sleep beside him and he sees that they are all taken care of with fresh bandages on wounds, clean faces and most importantly he sees that they aren’t dying of starvation or of thirst. “Thank you for taking care of my people. We lived happy peaceful live but then the leaders sent their guards over to us and they burned our village to the ground I barely got away with my life then I found them in the forest hiding and we started our journey and found you.” Silence in night air it surrounds them before “You must be an angel for saving our lives. We’re in your debt.” I look him in the eyes and say “You don’t remember me do you? I was the girl that your village shunned and now it seems that everywhere I go it seems that I’m shunned and hated by people who don’t even know me.”

       Over the course of the next few days I had been watching this small group of people trying to forget hate the only emotion I can feel for them except for the little girl she is the only one who is trying to be nice to me. Watching her play by herself I think of how I felt when I learned that I had do grow up in order to survive, I’m hoping that Alessandra the little girl won’t feel all the pain that I’ve felt from these people. “Hey, Kira can you teach me how to swim?” I look at her smiling happy face she’s healing quite fast it’s remarkable. “I will teach you when your leg is completely healed.” She frowns at my answer then lights up again when she sees Xenon walking up.

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