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Kira: The Life and Death of a Hero

Novel By: lost love long forgotten
Young adult

Kira wasn't a normal ordinary girl; no she was different from everyone. She didn't know why and she didn't understand why anyone would hate her so much. Kira didn't much care for the order of the new world after the last one was destroyed so she started training herself to become the freedom fighter no one was allowed to be.
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"Hi." He says to me sitting on the ground and wincing at the pain he's feeling. "Hi, what do you want?" I reply a bit annoyed. "I'm sorry for whatever I did to you in the past. I just wanted to thank you for helping us." He gets up annoyed that I'm still angry at people from my past who have never taken the chance to get to know me. I get up and walk closer to the river where Alessandra is playing I want to be near in case she falls in so I can save her. I sit on a boulder a little over the river under a giant tree giving shade.

It's warm for early spring which means that we're going to have an awful hot summer. I'm staring at my reflection in the water wondering why I only see a broken little girl hiding behind this face. I'm fading out not hearing anything but getting lost deep in thought when Alessandra walks up and shyly taps my shoulder. Looking, up at her I smile she's given me hope something I haven't felt in a very long time. "Why do you get upset when any of the other villagers come near you? They're glad that you saved them but when they come over to thank you, you get very upset why?" I don't answer her right away. I'm trying to think of a good enough response that will satisfy her. "I'm upset for something they did to me a long time ago. They hurt me long before you were born and I'm still trying to find a way to forgive them it's just a long process." She offers a small smile one I return then she turns to me and says "Will you tell me what they did to hurt you?" I look at her she has short shoulder length brown hair and dark blue eyes which look serious. "It was a long time ago and something a girl your age should not worry about." I stand up and stretch the bend down and Alessandra climb up my back and I carry her back to the camp.

I can feel Xenon's eyes on my back while I walk with Alessandra. I put her down and I'm going to my bed area to lie down when I feel the danger and hear the horse hooves. I grab my weapons and I shout to the others "Take cover!" I see poor Alessandra trying to hide but I don't have time to help her I get ready for a fight one I'm sure the guards of the leaders of the new world won't see coming. I have all the weapons I need and I jump up a tree hide in the leaves and watch their every move from the tree and I follow them careful to not make a sound until I have them right where I want them. After, I see about a half army find the camp ground I jump down silently sneaking up on the closets guard and I pull him off his horse before anyone has a chance to speak to him and I take his place on his horse leaving him unconscious in the bushes.

Suddenly, I'm being attacked by all the guards when I hear a scream. I look over and see that they have Alessandra. I'm angry that they are taking her my only friend. I go blank but when I come back I'm lying on my bed with some deep blue eyes staring at her. Sitting up I start to come to and realize that I'm seeing Xenon. "Are you okay?" He aks me looking with some concern at the bruise across my face as well as all the small cuts on my face. "I'm fine. Where is Alessandra? Is she okay?" He looks at me with some pain "They took her you killed most of them but you didn't catch the man with Alessandra. She's my baby sister will you please get her back? If anything happens to her I will have let down my parents dying wish." I look at him shock creeping up my spine. "Your... Your sister?!" I'm feeling a bit dizzy again but this time I try to not black out.


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