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Myra is a warrior who's trying to move on with her life trying to save those who are innocent. Myra doesn't know it yet but she's going to have to face every painful part of her past, she's also going to have to fight herself to stay on the path of good. View table of contents...


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"My past doesn't define who I am because if it did the girl you see here wouldn't be me." Speaking with such fierceness in her voice the girl Myra looks at herself in the beautiful pond which is reflecting the high bright glowing moon. Trying, to believe her own words Myra gets up from where she's sitting and starts walking around the pond. "It's been so long since I've had a good memory of happiness and fulfillment. I don't really know what to feel let alone how to feel it except for pain." I'm talking to myself mostly because I have no one to talk to. I'm not feeling the greatest I'm alone fighting for a better world when there really is never going to be one. I just can't give up because there are people who need me, may be things will look better in the morning.

The next morning, after having spent the night under the stars I wake up. I start my day before dawn has even risen. I'm washing my long black hair in a small river with sand. I then splash water on my face, after which I brush and braid my hair not really caring that it's a little bit messy. I go and sit under a giant tree to think a bit before I move on to my next village. I'm tyring to figure out what went wrong with my life, where I went down the wrong path. I'm at least satisfied with being able to help those who can't really help themselves or who need me to fight the big battles for them.

I'm snapped out of my thoughts when I hear someone yellling "HELP!" I jump into action running in the direction I heard the voice in. I stop when I find no signs of a struggle when from behind me Damon steps out from behind a giant oak tree. He'd been one of the first people I'd ever been in love with. "What are you doing here?" I ask anger growing inside. "I've been tracking you. I've really missed you."

His dark ebony eyes looking at me with sincereity. Looking, at me he said "I made the biggest mistake of my life." Turning a way from him I say, "You, had your chance. You gave me up when when you decided to not show up at our wedding." I walk past him fast enough that he can't grab me. I'm ready to leave this chapter of my life behind. I start walking away when I hear him say, "I'll never stop loving you." his words before I start running back to my campsite and away from my past.

I had just finished gathering my things and leaving when I'm hit full force with the painful memory of that day. "I'm all dressed up in a beautiful white gown. I'm totally ready to be married to Damon something I had waited for, for a long time, I'm finally happy he's the only one who'd stopped me from my path as a warrior. We we're going to married in front of the fates to make sure we never broke apart. Upon arrival at the temple of the fates I walk towards the heavy door when I notice the parchment with his hand writing on it. I pick it up and I see what's written on it:

Dear Myra, I love you and even though it's hard to let you go I feel like I'm in the way of your happiness. I know of no other way then to disappear. I hope that somebody who truly deserves you will make you happy. If you never marry maybe you'll give me another chance even though I know you have a hard time with trust. My family doesn't realize that we have a love that's been stronger than others or that we make each other whole. I want to shine brightly with you my star. I know that this may be hard but, the few memories we made are the only one's I'll have of you. They'll keep me happy until the day I'm killed. we must be separate until we return to each other." Goodbye forever, Damon.

I was angry at myself for believing that he could really love me. Now, in the present I have to leave behind the echoing footsteps of something that will never be.


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