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Love Lust and the Stolen Girl

Novel By: Mad Hatter Secret
Young adult

***For forbidden's seven deadly sin's challenge***


Blaire Foster doesn't have a very good reputation, mainly because her mom is the town prostitute. Then there's the fact that she always gets mixed up as her sarcastic, sassy, back-talking, twin sister; Amber.

Everybody thinks Blaire and Amber; will follow through on their mother's footsteps. Amber is already right behind her mom, but Blaire is fighting it.

But even she can't deny the sudden craving...

A/N: May contain sexually explicit scenes and some violence

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Love Lust and the Stolen Girl

Its Blaire, not Amber

Chapter 1

Blaire stood in front of her crap of a house with a frown on her beautiful face; she could hear the noises now. The groaning and moaning that was coming from her mother and her sister's room, it was something no sixteen year old should ever hear. Then again some of the noise is coming from a sixteen year old, so maybe she didn't understand anything.

"Amber!" a voice called, and Blaire didn't even look around; she just jumped and hid behind a bush. There was a laugh and somebody wrapped their arms around her waist, pulling her out from behind the bush. "Come on baby, you shouldn't be hiding from me."

"Excusez-moi?" she murmured, a frown on her face as the guy frowned at her French accent.

"No speaky French." He said, rolling his eyes at her. "Amber, stop hiding from me."

"It's Blaire, not Amber." She said, knowing that she had a hard time remembering that people here spoke English and she was used to always speaking French.

He laughed, like really laughed. It was a howl of laughter that hurt her ears. "Amber!" she yelled really loud, noting how the windows shook from the impact of her yelling. The house was old and ugly, practically falling apart so it's not like it really mattered anyway.

If the house collapsed maybe we would have to move back to France instead of staying in Seattle, Washington. She highly doubted it; her mother would just find one of her 'boyfriends' to fix the house for a free 'drink'.

"What?" Amber yelled back, she was trying to keep her voice down; well more like keep her moaning down, since obviously no one had a problem with yelling.

"Somebody is here for you!" she said, trying to make her sister get the hint that her school boyfriend was here. How nobody knew that her sister was just like her mother, was beyond her.

She stuck her head out the window, her hair was a mess from what she was just doing to some guy who was probably as old as their dad, not that they knew; their mom kept the secret of who their dad was to herself.

"Mmm…Oh…Hey David, Give me a second to finish him off." She said, smiling and slipping back through the window. Then she stuck her head back out, "I meant my hair, I like to call it a he because everybody else calls their hair a she."

Good cover, sort of.

Blaire rolled her eyes, before breaking the grip David had around her waist and walking inside the house; she walked up the stairs, feeling like she had to grab each leg and drag it to the next step. She was just so tired.

Once inside her old room, she couldn't help but feel like a kid again. Her room walls were painted a light blue that was chipping, the drapes were falling off and ripped because her sister had used it plenty of times as clothes to wrap around her body when mom walked in on her doing something with her boyfriend, why Amber did it in Blaire's room is still unknown.

She had a twin bed with black sheets that she has had since she was about seven, plain old white pillows piled with old stuffed animals that had arms falling off.

Sighing, she walked over to her bed and pulled off her school uniform; letting them drop on the floor as she stood in just her panties and her Victoria secrets bra her sister had shoplifted. It was black and lacey with a light pink bow on one shoulder strap, her panties were just black.

She pulled her hair out of the clumsily made ponytail, letting her silky black hair fall down her shoulders and back. The only thing different about her and her sister was their hair color, Amber's was a dyed black when it was naturally blonde and Blaire had naturally black hair. They each shared the same baby blue eyes, except Blaire's has gold and violet flecks in them.

Standing in front of the mirror, she couldn't help but agree with how her sister acts. Where Blaire tried to hide her beauty and her lust, her sister showed them off. She had nice curves and nice boobs, even though she didn't have an hourglass figure like Amber did, she was still somewhat not completely not pixie like.

Blaire ran her hand down her stomach, letting her fingers run over the edge of her panties. Somebody knocked on her door and she sighed, moving her hand and throwing on her robe before walking to the door.

"Blaire!" her mom yelled, pounding on the door.

"Come in." she said, grabbing her bathroom supplies and then her pajamas as her mom walked into the room with a smile on her face. Her mom was beautiful, with long red hair and bright green eyes and a perfect body; again she couldn't help, but wonder why her mom couldn't just be a model instead of what she was.

"I have good news!" she exclaimed a smile on her face. The girls must have gotten their appearance from their dad because they only had their mom's figure and nothing else in common. "He volunteered to pay you triple if you let him 'play' with you."

Her mom even put the air quotes around the word play, meaning the guy would pay double if he could have sex with Blaire.

"No!" she snapped, pulling the robe tighter around her in case he was behind her and decided to sneak a peek. "I'm going to take a shower…"

She pushed past her mother and walked into the bathroom, shutting the door and slipping off her robe, panties, and bra; the water was still cold, so she stood there in the bathroom, staring at her naked figure in the mirror.

Her hands itched down her face, then her chest, and around her breast where she caressed them gently. She went down further, past her belly button and right above her clit.

Then the steam from the water snapped her out of her thoughts of doing that to herself, she walked into the water and let the hot water calm her aching muscles. She cleaned her hair, knowing she only had a few minutes before her sister would want to come in.

Hands started cleaning her back and she felt nothing of the strong hands that touched her skin, until she realized she wasn't alone.

"What the…" she said, when he pushed her against the wall and started kissing her. He caressed her boobs and rubbed something hard against her thigh. She kneed him, before turning off the water and running out of the bathroom. She ran into her bedroom, still naked, shut the door and locked it; before realizing she left her clothes in the bathroom.

She pulled on the first thing she could find, even though it was lingerie. It had black bottoms that barely covered her butt, and then went up her front side in a light pink or cream color before a black thick fabric went over her breast. It was spaghetti straps and had little black flowers flecking around it.

Trying not to look in the mirror because she knew she would do something if she didn't, she pulled on shorts, a tank top, and then pulling a hoodie on over her wet messy hair. Her fingers got caught in her hair as she tried to comb without a brush, instead she just pulled it back with a deep sigh.

She would never admit how the hardness that was pressed against her thigh in the shower excited and turned her on more than scared her.

Shaking her head, she slipped on shoes and ran outside, hoping the outside air would cool her face and maybe keep her thoughts out of that general direction.


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