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You walked your way right out of my heart while he walked in 2

Novel By: MadyBabe
Young adult

This si number 2 because the original one was a book wich I messed up on and on the novel the one the chapters ont show up so this is my second on...but dont worry its still the same book. The real summary: Liz Mallroy is a 14 year old girl, but when her best friend Ashley dies from a horrible school fight Liz decides to move school's to move on with her life, but when she moves she meets a cute stranger. Will the stranger heal Liz's hurt? Or will he just make it worse? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 29, 2010    Reads: 299    Comments: 7    Likes: 2   

Everything changed in one day,my best friend Ashley got into a fight one day andI would never see her again.I heard rumors about it in schoolI heard people whispering round me because they knew she was my best feriend but they all knewI could still hear them.
"I heard it was like six on one...."
"She just fell to the ground after the first punch..."
This is whatI heard all day.It happened yesterday but of courseI wasn't there......I wasn't there to stop it,I wasnt there to help her...I wasn't there to do anything.I wishI could just see her face one more time just one last time. Ashley was my bff we told each other everything we have been friends since Kindergarten and now she was gone.Just like yesterday news. From the whisperingI gathered someone had lured her off school grounds and that was when the 'popular' girls popped out of nowhere. I could just see Ashleys face, her jaw dropping and her helpless scream when she got knocked down and getting so many blows to the head...I was at the dentist that day whenI got home my mom got a phone call from the school the principal said something bad happened. In my vocabulary bad didn't even describe it, i had no words for what hadhappened that day.
That dayI found out that my best friend had died from a gang fight by high school girls. I just couldn't handle it so when my mom told meI ran up to my room. After two hours of cryingI looked in the mirror.There was a girl staring back at me with messy blonde hair that went to her shoulders and sad,puffy brown eyes. My name was Liz and that monday afternoon was when my life had ended and when my best friend had died a horrible death.
"Liz, are you ok?" That was my momI could tell she was worried about me,I mean why wouldn't she be after all, my bestfriend had just died.
"No I'm not ok! My best friend just died a horrible death! Do you think I'm ok?" I snarled at her.I knew laterI would feel bad about yelling to her but right now it just felt like my heart had been ripped out. A couple of months earlier my dad had been killed in a car accident. Ashley and my mom were the only onesI could turn to to talk about it. After a while my mom told meI should go to a therapist and talk about my feelings. I simply said 'No way in hell". After that she didn't dare bring up a therapist.
"Look Liz i know your upset but theres no reason to yell-------"
I cut my mom off before she could even finish the sentence. "No reason to yell!! My best friend died from these girls beating her up at school!!" I just wishI had been there to help her.It felt likeI was the one guilty instead of those girls.
"Liz it's ok we will get through this" I slowly let my mom into my room and comfort me.
"Why would they do that to Ashley, mom? What did she ever do to them?"
That night we watched the news. We never did that since dad died, he was all over the news when he died in that car accident. TonightI felt like we had to watch the news to see what happened to Ashley,I wanted to know what was going to happen to the murdere's.
"A terrrible incident happened at cornview high today. A 16 year old girl was killed in a gang fight that happened outside of school grounds in a farm field. The principal said it was a unfortunate accident and said nothing couldve happenedto stop it. Citzens are saying otherwise though. They are saying someone with authority should've stopped this before it as too late. The girls who killed her are going to go to juvy and have a crimina record for therest of their lives.In other news......." Mymompushed the mute button before the news guycould go on.
"Are you okay honey?" My mom asked quietly.
"Why didn't someone see this? Why didn't someone stop this?" I sobbed into my moms shoulder. Before she could replyI ran into my room and cryed for what seemed like hours into my pillow.I didnt go to school for a week,in factI hardly got out of my room in that time. I couldnt go to school or even go outside and risk seeing those girls faces. In that weekI kept asking, myself why wasntI there to help my sister?
After a week of hiding out in my room my mom asked me
"do you want to switch school's?" I nodded my head. I couldn't stand to go to the school where me and Ashley did everything and had every class, and so much memories,I just couldn't. We decided to move schools right away evendespiteit being the middle of the schoolyear. We started to look on the internet. Cornview was a small town so we decided for me to go to one of the schools in the nex town over, Lydenway. It was a weird name for a townI know but we looked at the school and it didn't seem half bad.
Next week i started at Lydenway High. I got on the bus at eight sharp it was only a ten minute ride to the town and we only had to stop for one kid on the way to school so it was a really quiet bus. The kid that we had to stop for was Lindsey Houghton. She wasn't half bad actually, soon me and her becam good friends she told me it was a great school.
"Me and my friends could show you around if you want"
"Sure" I said i didnt want ot be rude and she seemed like a nice girl. Lindsey had red hair, somewhat tan skin and green eyes. We soon got to the school first i had to stop at the principals office so i could get my schedule.
"I'll catch you later Lindsey"
"Okaie Dokie" Wait a minute did she just say okie dokie? I knew we weren't going to be good friend's.
I made my way into the principals office,behind the desk i saw a man about his mid-thirties with somewhat short black hair.
"oh hello you must be Liz"
"Yea so can i get my schedule?" I know lame thing to say on the first day butI was nervous, give me a break.
"Oh ya sure,so i understand that in your last school your friend Ashley died in gang fighting? Well you have no worries we are a total bully free at this school"
IfI could have a dime everytime i said that "Ummm yes you are correct and thats nice to know" I quickly grabbed my papers out of his hand and pratically ran out of the office. Right into a cute stranger.
A/N: i'm sorry if your disapointed but this is my first time writing a book and im kinda new at this,so feel free to lend me some tips on how to write a book XD. Feel free to leave comments and i will try to update regularly. If you want me to i can update or leave a comment on your page. I really hope some pepole like this book cuz im not too sure about writing this. I decided ot write this book based on what happened at my school on monday. What happened was two of my friends got into a fight but dont worry no one died but on was seriously injured. My oone friend Mckenzie (kenzie) got punched in the back of the head and fell to the ground.While she was on the ground one girl held her feet and hands while about three others punched her stomach and head while tearing out her hair. My other friend Mikayla (micky) tried to stop it but she couldnt it, so it was pretty much four aginst one while micky was trying to get to kenzie. I wasnt there i just heard about this from one of my friends who was. So total injurys where Kenzie:concussion(she couldnt remeber what day it was or who she was)few broken ribs and she lost some hair Micky:fractured wrist to see the news video the link is :
Feel welcome to comment.


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