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Now matter the struggles we face in life one thing is certain. We are all born and we all die. Only now Kaye is forced to live her life with the seven archangels and with a girl named Dawn who turns out to be a blessing in disguise. While Kaye manages to get through the shock of her new life she builds feelings along the way that she can't wrap her mind around. With the war going on and Kaye's safety threatened the angels are forced to make a decision that goes against all orders from the man upstairs and doing so just may cost Kaye her life. Will Kaye fall in love and live a happy ever after or will she be thrown to the demons to be burned alive? View table of contents...


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The basics of life are that we are all born and we all die. We all have a birth mother and a birth father; but it's up to them whether they stay in their child's life. Throughout my life I have lived without my birth parents and because of that I have been kept from the truth.

The fire I now found myself in engulfed around me, it consumed all of my belongings that were in its path. Pushing myself further back in the corner of the closet I could feel the smoke choking me to death. My heart racing and pounding in my ear added to the fear I felt in the pit of my stomach.

The heat of the fire pulsed through the door; it was as if my skin was baking in an oven. With blurry eyes I wiped away the tears that spilled from my eyes. Coughing I let out a scream for help in hope that someone would hear me.

My arms and legs grew numb as I continued to be choked by the smoke that found its way under my closet door. Looking around for something to help me I began to force my arms to move. Just as I had begun to reach for a small shoe box; the ceiling of my closet fell in.

My head hit hard against wall, the impact making me lose what little balance I had. A large piece of the closet roof held me down, with no hope left of getting out of the small enclosed closet I closed my eyes and found myself drifting in and out of consciousness.

The heat became a hum in all the pain I felt. Between the tears, cries for help and thoughts I had going on in my head the only thing I knew was the burnt smell of my surroundings. My breathing slowed due to the weight of the piece of ceiling that had fallen on me.

My time was coming; I felt it and I accepted my death. Only in that moment of acceptance the closet door swung open and two pairs of black shit kickers stood in front of me. I had no energy or care as to who stood before me, but whoever it was removed the fallen ceiling that was across me. Then as if I weighed nothing the man picked me up with big arms and removed from the closet to face the fire that had already burnt down the majority of my home.

Without getting the chance to look up at the man's face he covered my face with a leather jacket and pulled me close to his chest. In seconds his body moved; I could feel the twists and turns of the house by how he moved. He was fast and didn't stop once. The falling pieces of the ceiling made loud roars as we passed the different parts of the house.

A hard push of fresh air consumed my body in seconds, my lungs taking all the fresh air possible began to go into shock. Tears swelled up in my eyes from the pain in my chest, and then the coughing started up and I felt as if the fresh air alone could kill me.

The man's heavy hand removed the jacket as I was laid down in a field of grass. The man I saw in front of me was about six eight and wore a dark pair of jeans with I white tee. His hair was a shaggy black that fanned out in front of his dark eyes. His scars are what held my eyes; the skin on his face was marked with his past that made it so you could barely make out his right eyebrow.

Still coughing I clutched at my chest; the man leaned down close to my ear and whispered for me to close my eyes. Doing so I felt his hands just barely hover above my chest which felt as if it would explode just from the pain in seconds. I felt the heat in my chest expand into my throat, but right before I coughed the pain was lifted away. There was no ache, no temptation to scream from the pain, there was nothing.

"Is the pain gone?" The man's voice was rough but had a sense of urgency. Opening my eyes to see him I attempted to sit up, and I felt nothing.

"Thank you" those two words seemed like the most appropriate to me. Not, oh I'm okay or yepp good as knew. Truth was I had no idea how the pain disappeared. Looking down I realized that I was still in my pajamas which consisted of no bra or pants; just an over large tee and underwear.

Pulling the shirt down over my knees; the man before me stood up and held out his hand. My eyes scanned him like he was foreign, and that's because in my gut I knew this guy could kill me. His body alone was amazing; he looked as if he could overpower anyone who stood in his way. Yet the man had also saved my life when I was as good as dead.

Slowly stretching out my arm I took his hand, he nodded his head and lifted me off of the ground. "Your name?" his voice still held that urgency and roughness.

"Kayelee, but most people call me Kaye" I said in a whisper as he took a step back.

"My name is Michael, I am sure you have a lot of questions. All of which we will have to answer later."

"We?" My voice cracked out and lingered in the air.

"There are others yes, I was sent to come get you and bring you back" Michael cleared his throat and began to walk away. I watched Michael carefully as he began to go into the woods. Turning around before entering them myself I saw the metal pieces of my house burning to the ground.

Taking a deep breath I followed into the unknown. The trees alone towered above the earth and acted as protection from the sun that was slowly coming out from behind the earth. Michael kept his pace slow that way I would not lose him in the trees. We walked for hours with no word to each other. It was when we could hear male voices when Michael turned and looked at me.

"Kaye, when you meet the others they will each treat you differently, there are things you don't know yet so just be patient and show them that you mean no harm okay?" Michael's words echoed in my head; hell if they all looked like that I wasn't any danger to them. Pushing through the brush that stood before us I heard a loud smack of what sounded like metal.

"Come-on Uriel you act like you have never held a sword before!" The men I now saw stood before each other with swords in hand. Swinging fiercely at each other Michael shook his head almost in approval at the sight.

"Uriel, Raphael!" Michael's voice echoed as we stepped out of the brush. Both men looked to be about six five or so, but the one on the right looked more deadly as he held the sword in his hand. Both men moved forward and stopped just a few feet in front of Michael and myself.

"This her?" The one on the left started as the one on the right spoke up.

"She doesn't look like a Nephillim; more or less she doesn't even look like she can swing a sword."

"Raphael, Uriel this is Kaye" Michael spoke; "she has no idea about her past or the present. She knows nothing; therefore it is our job to make sure she learns what is needed to survive." The one on the right had a sly smile on his face as he turned and walked away.

"Kaye this is Uriel, he will help answer your questions, and I am going to go talk to Raphael if you need me." Michael left with a nod of the head leaving me with Uriel. His hair was dark brown with it styled short and spikey. He wore dark blue jeans with no shirt. Holding out his arm to a tree we walked over his shit kickers pounding along with us.

"I am sure you have a lot of questions… Kaye" His voice was soft, comforting even with the slight roughness.

"What's a Nephillim?" my voice was a whisper as Raphael's words ran in my head. I could see the man in front of me take a deep breath before he answered me.

"A Nephillim is a person with angelic DNA, they drink the blood of other angels; basically they are hybrids who can be deadly if not trained to control their abilities." I stayed quiet for a moment letting everything he said sink in.

"This is ridiculous, how am I one of these Nephillim's?"

"That is something I don't know and reflects back upon your birth parents."

"My birth parents didn't stick around; I grew up in foster care until I was sixteen."

"Kaye, did Michael tell you anything about us?"

"Not really, just that you all might treat me differently." I answered as I looked over to where Raphael and Michael stood. "What are you all?"

"We are what most people refer to as Archangels."

"How many of you are there?"

"Seven, Kaye you must know Michael was right, some of us will not want anything to do with you, your dangerous to us."

"How am I dangerous? I would never hurt a fly." I demanded as Uriel removed his hand.

"Kaye, you're the one that burnt your house down." As the words left his lips my heart stopped, that was impossible. How could I start a fire when I was asleep? "You see now, your powers are expanding, if Michael didn't show up that fire would have spread into a wild fire that could have killed anyone in its path."

"Uriel" Michael called from the other side of the camp. With nothing else said Uriel and I stood up, and as I followed him over to Michael I thought of the fire. Nephillim. One word that still confused me; how is it that any of this is even real? Angels, next they are going to tell me that demons are a hundred percent real and so is heaven and hell.

"I just got a call from Gabe he ran into a Jikininki." Michael talked as he strapped a long sword onto his hip.

"Well shit, that's a mess I don't want to clean up" Uriel said as he walked away toward a tent not far away. Standing there in the chaos I finally spoke up.

"What is a Jikiniki?"

"Jikininki is a demon that feeds on corpses; here lately they have been traveling in groups, one of our men found a group of them not far away from here."

"Wait so demons really do exist?" I spoke as Uriel came out of his tent with a cross bow.

"Yes my dear sweet innocent bitch, those bastards do exist. So why don't you put those hands of yours to work and help catch these bastards on fire?" Raphael spoke in both harshness and in urgency. My heart dropped knowing that he didn't like me and knew nothing about me pissed me off alone.

"Raphael leave Kaye alone; Kaye I want you to stay with Uriel, he may use a cross bow but he is pretty damn good at putting that thing to use. Raphael no matter what happens she stays safe, got it?" Michael starred straight at Raphael as he spoke.

"Yeah whatever." Turning to leave Raphael took one look at Michael Uriel then at me. His stare seemed to burn a whole in my chest, I knew in that moment Raphael truly hated me. As Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and I left the camp I felt as if I were a child left in a stranger's hand.

Passing the trees that now provided shade from the sun I noticed that these men we always on defense and offense, never one or the other. Uriel had told me that there were seven in their group, before me were three.

"You okay?" Michael asked me as we passed another large tree.

"I guess, how do I know that you all aren't taking me to my death bed or something though? I mean I don't know you and everything you all have told me is, well fantasy mixed with religion." My words clearly startled the group of men before me; they all stared at me as Raphael began to laugh.

"Raphael, this is not a laughing matter" Michael spoke with determination as he looked back at me. "Kaye, If we were going to kill you I would have done it with my bare hands."

There was nothing else said as Michael turned around and walked away. I finally lost myself in my surroundings, the large willow trees continued to canopy over top of us while the land itself continued to grow underneath us. Wild flowers bloomed around us and it seemed as if I was the only one seeing the beauty in the earth.

Being with these guys made me nervous but I also felt safe around them. I felt as if I could trust Michael and Uriel, but Raphael still seemed sketchy to me. He was rude and seemed to be hard headed. I knew that making assumptions of people were wrong but Raphael was letting me know clearly how he felt about me.

Lost in my own thoughts my head smacked into a large back that stood still in front of me. Looking up I saw Uriel who nodded and showed a small smile before turning around and looking back at Michael who was reaching at his waist. Taking a gulp I stood next to Uriel who began to put an arrow in his bow.

Michael turned around to see Raphael holding his long sword and Uriel with his bow in hand. Michael looked at me and in one swift movement was standing in front of me. Reaching inside of the leather jacket he had put over my face back when he saved me from the fire, he pulled out a gun.

"It's a nine millimeter, if something happens and you need to protect yourself, shoot." Michael's voice was stern as he spoke, and my chest was tight as I took the gun from him keeping it pointed at the ground. "Don't worry about hurting us, we heal fast."

Michael walked away as I looked up at Uriel who looked back at me with confidence. It was weird; it was like Uriel understood me. Once again we were walking only this time as we hit a clearing I felt as if I swallowed my heart. Three large beasts were hunched over two dead bodies' one female and one young boy.

The beast looked human, but their muscles were overly built and had red eyes. Their stomachs were extremely sunk in their skin and they had claws like fingers. All three of them glanced over at us but seemed to be glaring directly at me; great.

In one split second Uriel had taken a shot from his bow and hit one of the beasts. Michael and Raphael took off in a run at the other two as Uriel took my hand and pushed me back in the brush. His eyes scanned our surroundings almost as he was looking for someone in particular.

Then it hit me, one of their men had called them and told them to come here; but where was he? The sounds from behind Uriel kept me on edge; something in me wanted to help them but didn't know how.

"Trust me, they don't need your help Kaye" Uriel's voice was soft as he spoke but held onto the strength in his voice.

"How did you know I was worried, can you read minds or something?"

"No, I can't but I can see it in your eyes. You want to help, at least you Nephillim side want's too, and one day Kaye your body will act on the Nephillim blood and you're going to have to know how to control it." F

Footsteps made Uriel stop what he was saying and pause as if to see where the noise came from. Uriel loaded his bow with another arrow as I watched with hesitation. A man stepped out of the brush in front of us, I watched Uriel lower his bow as he let out a breath of air.

"Damn it Gabe, I could have killed you."

"Nah, just slightly stop my heart from beating for a good minute or so before." The man in front of us let out a laugh, "Is this the girl?"

"Yeah, Kaye this is Gabrielle."

"Nice to meet" a loud crash made me look quickly away at the fight going on not far away from where we stood.

"Selaphiel?" Uriel asked as took a step forward.

"Yepp" Gabrielle answered as he placed a hand on Uriel's shoulders "Let's go see the damage shall we?" we walked toward the fight which was now a giant hole in the earth.

"Selaphiel you dumb ass, you could have killed us all!" Raphael exclaimed as he took a few steps toward a man about six feet with a pretty face. He wore shit kickers leather black pants, with a black tee.

"You got out of my way, so no I couldn't have killed you, ah Gabe I see you found Uriel and the Nephillim" Selaphiel said as he began to walk over. His light brown shaggy hair fell in his face as he stood before me.

"Hello beautiful" He spoke in a tone that automatically pissed me off, with nothing more than those two words he spoke I turned and walked away. "Hey wait!"

"Way to go Selaphiel you pissed her off" Michael spoke as I heard his heavy shit kickers coming up behind me. "Kaye!" one moment I was walking away and in the next I was seeing red. It was like the fire all over again, only this time the fire was literally in the palm of my hand.

"Leave me alone" The words that came out of my own mouth didn't even sound like my own. It was like I was watching myself through someone else's eyes. Michael starred at me, almost as if he was debating on how to handle the situation.

"Selaphiel, come here" Michaels words were full of demand. Selaphiel walked over and stood in front of me, "Kaye, have fun." With that Michael stepped back and watched me in front of Selaphiel

"You can't be serious Michael?" Selaphiel questioned as a part of me seemed satisfied. Without warning my body flew forward and everything that happened next was a total black out.


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