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Grudge - by marsh

Novel By: marshaRf
Young adult

Jenna and Reena get a text from their old high school friend, Milly, who stole Jenna's boyfriend a night before their high school prom and wants to meet up with Jenna and Reena ten years after the incident. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 11, 2013    Reads: 42    Comments: 5    Likes: 4   

The phone vibrated on Jenna's coffee table. "A text?" she thought, but from who? Who would send a text message to her at that hour? The text read "Hey Jen! How's life? I'm in town this Fri, think you can make it? Cafe Delrone 7pm. xo -Milly"

She looked up from her phone at her best friend, Reena, wide-eyed and with her hand cupped over her thin lips. "What is it?" questioned Reena, "what's wrong? Stop ignoring me!". Jenna shook her head and dumped her body on the bed Reena was sitting on, cross-legged. Jenna had gotten a text from one of her old close friends from high school, well, 'ex' close friend. You see, the day before prom, Jenna and Reena was going to surprise Milly at her house because it was her birthday, but the moment when they opened the door they saw Milly swapping saliva with Jenna's boyfriend at that time. The moment Milly saw her, she knew the friendship was over and she had realized what a huge mistake she made, but it was too late.

Milly did try to apologize, but Jenna never forgave her, and now ten years after the incident, she asks if they could meet up. Jenna, with her head bowed down, said humorlessly "Got a text from one of our old clique members, Milly." rolling her eyes, she continued "she asked me if I could meet up with her this Friday."

"I don't know!" Reena shrugged, "I think you should give her a chance. Honestly, you should meet her! I could come with you. Come on, just give her a chance. It's been ten years, Jenna, ten years!"

"I know, I know, but she stole my boyfriend from me, the guy who was my everything, right in front of my eyes tonguing some skank, who was my best friend. Well, I guess you're right. Maybe she has changed, but I won't get my hopes up and we will never be as close as we were before. Come on, let's go to sleep."

The next day, Jenna woke up feeling enthusiastic, which was very rare. It was like she had evolved into a completely different person overnight. She was always a quiet and reserved girl who wouldn't be crazy and wild, unless she was drunk of course. Reena giggled and asked "Hey, what's up with you today? Wanna go shopping for the night out? It'll be fun."

"Sure!" Jenna replied chirpily.

Reena was puzzled by her attitude, Jenna never liked shopping and always stuck to boyish like clothes. Reena also took advantage of the situation by chiming in a sweet "Let's shop for makeup too!" to which Jenna simply nodded her head.

Once Jenna and Reena came home, they were dog-tired and collapsed on the sofa. Reena, with her eyes closed, wearily asked "Hey, Jen, so when's the night out? I hope it's n-"

"Oh my god! It's today!" exclaimed Jenna as she sprang off the sofa quickly.

"Today? What?! Oh crap, it's 6 o' clock, we won't have enough time, there's gonna be a huge traffic jam!"

"Don't worry about that, just get ready quickly, we'll just make Milly wait, I don't even like her anyways so what difference will it make?"

The girls got ready as fast as they could and rushed out the door. Even though they had such a limited amount of time to pretty themselves up, they did quite a good job, and they looked fabulous as well. Jenna looked so stunning and different since she rarely wears girly dresses and makeup. You couldn't even tell if that was her! Reena looked beautiful as usual, with her blonde locks and gorgeous eyes. Both of them walked as fast as they could on their seven inch stilettos which killed their feet.

Reena tried flagging a cab for fifteen minutes, but to no avail. All of the cabs were booked, it was very common as it was a Friday night and everybody wants to go out. Jenna thought of a crazy idea and said "We could run there!"

"Don't be crazy! I ain't runnin' in these expensive shoes!"

"It's not crazy! It's 6.45, we'll make it there in time if we run. We'll also be avoiding traffic at the same time. So hurry! Take off your shoes and run!"

They removed their high heels and ran across the streets, and sometimes there would be an occasional "Watch it!" or "Watch where you're going!" from random strangers. It was a strange sight to the strangers, two grown women in beautiful dresses, holding their expensive high heels running barefoot. Now that is something you don't see everyday.

Eventually, Jenna and Reena arrived at the restaurant, sweating slightly, and sucking wind. The maitre d' looked at the duo looking cool and composed, asked "Do you have a reservation, ma'ams?"

"Y-yes we..." Reena said, trying to catch her breath.

"Yes they do!" came a voice from behind them. Jenna and Reena recognized that smooth voice and Californian accent. They turned their heads sharply and saw Milly, in a black suit that had stripes.

"Milly! Hi!" Reena said sweetly and ran up and hugged her. Jenna was standing right next to Reena with a fake smile fixed on her face. She was trying her best to show enthusiasm and happiness in meeting Milly, the girl who stole her boyfriend ten years back.

"Milly, hey! Nice to see you!" Jenna said, trying to sound as nice as possible.

"Nice to see you too Jenna! We should go inside, I'm really starved!"

"Oh, we all are. It's been a busy day." Jenna laughed nervously.



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