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A Lone Wolf

Novel By: Mary Jo
Young adult

this goes with the poem i wrote called an angel keeps. this story is about that girl that he keeps.... please read this chapter and leave a comment! i need to know weather or not to continue it... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 10, 2011    Reads: 57    Comments: 17    Likes: 6   


Chapter 1


Alice walks in the woods, letting her instinct lead her. Alice's parents died when she was only 8. Now she lives with her great aunt Leta, and she barley realizes that Alice is there.

But Alice is no regular 17 year old, she had the ability to change into a wolf. She is a Lone Wolf. Wolves are pack animals. Alice's pack died along with her parents. Lone wolves usually die a couple of months after there first season if they don't find their mate, true mate. Tomorrow is the beginning of Alice's first season. 3 things can happen to her.

1, she will find her true mate and marry

2, she will die

3, she will become a Nine (darkness)

Alice looks around when she hears leaves moving. She steps back a couple of steps and leaps forward. As she's in the air she changes into a wolf.

Alice fur is rare, for a wolf, it's blood red. Just like her hair. But her fur gave her an advantage, it allowed her to become a part of any pack. Red fur is the sign of royalty of the highest kind. In the beginning of her kind they were all together, and the queens fur was red, she was the only one with red fur. It has been said that she still is the only one with red fur. That is until Alice Elizibeth Josephine Risska was born. It's a sign to all that she has direct blood to The Queen.

Before Alice parents died they told her a prophecy that all werewolves would come together and a great new leader will be crowned, and this new leader will defeat the Nine. Alice hoped to find this wolf, and to help her or him defeat the darkness. For some odd reason she felt like she has to defeat the darkness.

Alice mind was to far away into the past that she didn't hear that some one was approaching. That some one attacked her. When she got out from underneath of her attacker she looked at him. He is a pitch black wolf, and by his stance probably the Alpha. Alice growled before she transferred back into her human form.

"What the hell!" she exclaimed as soon as she caught her breath

"What are you doing here in these parts, you are not of my pack.'' the stranger said that had his back from her

" I'm trying to find a pack, tomorrow is my first season." she looked to her hands that laid in her lap.

" Where or what happened to your pack" he breathed out.

" I'm not exactly sure, I was 8 at the time, but i do know that they died along side my parents" her voice started to croak as she finished saying that sentence.

He turned around and looked her, said a light curse dropped to his knees next to her and put her in his arms.

" You are welcomed in our land as you should already know, I will talk to my father, the alpha of this pack, and see what we can do to help you on your journey if this is not the pack your heart searches for.

He picked her up. "For now Alice, you should sleep. It's about an hour till we reach my home." Alice closed her eyes and drifted asleep as he carried her, not even realizing he knew her name before she told him. And that she didn't know his name.

Alice awoke to find herself laying in a strangers bed, he was sitting in the chair next to the bed. She tapped his arm that laid on the bed. He awoke with a startle and ameditly adked her "Are you alright?" Alice looked at his eyes, they are blue with a hint of green. They sparkeled when the light hit them directly. She took this time to look him over. He was meadium built, his hair was pitch black ,like his fur, it hung right underneth his ears. Alice sighed, "Yes i am alright"

Alice got out of the bed and walked twords the door and opened it " I'm hungry can you take me to lunch?'' she asked as she walked out of the room. he caught up with her and took her by the hand.

"First we must talk to my father, then we may hve supper and I''ll introduce you to the pack.

Alice let him lead her, they walked hand in hand to the alpha office.


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