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Andrew is 16 who parents are killed along with his little brother and sister. He has to go live with his uncle who lives in New York with his wife. When Andrew arrives his uncle step kids make it hard for him to fit in. View table of contents...


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"Andrew come on it time for your flight I'm sorry but you have to go." Nancy my social worker is at my house to pick me up. Why a social worker well when your parents are killed in a car accident with your little brother and sister. You have to move to New York to live with your uncle the day after the funeral.

"Fine lets go." I grab my carry on and take on last look thought the house. I can still picture my family sitting down for dinner or in the front room watching a movie. Or when I would watch Jessica and Alex when mom and dad would go and letting them stay up late. Now it all gone just like that taken away before I could say good bye.

"I know it hard but you uncle is happy to have you" Nancy tells me.

"Oh so when you were 17 your whole family died and you have to move to New York. To live with you uncle who you haven't seen in 5 years. Move away from all your friends your senior year" I yell at her

"No I'm sorry but Andrew we have to go now," she grab her bag and we walk out to the car. The drive to the airport wasn't long. We went thought security and then waited at the gate. Nancy kept asking me if I wanted anything I just said no.

Finally we boarded the plane and where off from California to New York. As soon as I could I put my Ipod on and turned to look out the window. The plane ride lasted about 6 hours. I slept for most of it only waking up when the Nancy woke me to tell me we were in New York.

"Well let's get our suitcases then well get a taxi to you uncle penthouse" Nancy tells me cheerfully like I wanted this.

"Whatever." I start to walk towards baggage claim. We get a taxi and head to my uncles the entire way I think about home. How every Tuesday we went to Alex soccer games. Or how they all come to my football games during the school year. When Jessica learned to say me name only she could say her R's so it was even cuter.

Most people are embarrassed by their family not me. I love spending time with my family. My parent where young they had me when they where 18 right after the graduated and where high school sweethearts. Then they had Alex who was 7 and Jessica who was only 3.

"Um Andrew we here" Nancy tells me and we get out of the taxi as a bellboy for the building come out to get the bags. Most of my stuff had been ship here I only had a few bag with the stuff I had to have.

We got to the front door and most people would be nervous. But I really didn't give a damn. I have no one left the only reason my uncle took me was because he was my godfather and my dad brother and they had been close. Nancy knocks and we wait for the door to be open.

"Wow Andrew it's great to see you how have you been." My uncle Nick walks over and gives me a hug a just stand their.

"I'm fine uncle Nick how are you." Not really caring about the answer.

"Good considering" wow can no one say their sad about the death it always you know good considering what happen. Really your good because I'm not I hate my life and now I have no one. No family no friends. "So come on in. Sue can't wait to see you and Amber, Megan and Bret are excited you're here too."

Sue was my uncle wife of 6 years. Her kids are all around my age and let's just say at the wedding and before that we didn't really get along. I doubt that our feeling for each other have changed much in the last 5 years.


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