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You, Me and Baby Makes Three

Novel By: maybe1day
Young adult

Olivia is 17 and in her Junior year. She lives with her dad and older brothers. Her and Hunter have been dating since freshmen year. One night changes their lives big time. Will they be able to handle what happens View table of contents...


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I was holding the stick in my hand waiting for the timer to go off and tell me if I was pregnant or not. The timer rang and I look down at the stick. Pregnant. I feel the tears falling down my cheeks. I remember back to the night at the party. It was after the baseball game and Hunter hit the winning ball. We went to his moms house who was out and.
"Olivia get out of he bathroom I need to take a shower." Matt my twin brother yells through the door.
"One second." I grab all the stuff and shove it in to a bag and rush to my room. I lay down on my bed to think. How am I going to tell Hunter we are only 17 not even seniors yet. What is my dad going to say. I put my hand on my stomach and think that before I'm 18 I'll be a mom. I fall asleep and decided to talk to Hunter in the morning.
"Olivia get up or you can walk to school." Matt and Chris my other brother who is a senior shake me awake. I sit up and before I can say anything I fell sick and take off running towards the bathroom and throw up. I sit their for a minute to make sure I'm ok. I brush my teeth and look in the mirror then down at my stomach. I still can believe a baby is in there.
I would never have an abortion. I couldn't even think about killing my baby. I walk out of the bathroom and get dressed in a pair of jeans and one of Hunters sweatshirts. I grab my bag and books and go down stairs Dad, Chris and Matt are sitting their and look at me as I walk in.
"Morning Liv Matt told me you aren't feeling well do you want to stay home." Dad ask as he puts some juice in front of me with some fruit.
"No dad I'm fine." I take a few small sips of the juice but decide to not eat anything. Dad leaves for work and Andrew and Matt talk about stuff I'm staring off in to space waiting for them so we can go.
"Liv did you hear me." I snap out of it and look over to Chris.
"No sorry."

"Are you sure your ok."
"Yea just thinking."
"Ok come on lets go to school." I get up and walk out to Chris's car and drive to school. Luckily due to the music we don't talk. If it was anyone Matt would be able to tell something is wrong. We get to
school and I get out of the car and rush in to school and went to my locker.
"Hey Olivia."
"Hey Bella"
"So your going to the party this weekend at Andrew's" Andrew is Hunter best friend and always throw the best parties.

"Um I think so." We talk for a little bit till Isabella boyfriend Nick comes over and take her away. I put my English book in my locker when I feel two arms wrap around my waist and the hands stop on my stomach. I already know that its Hunter. I look down at his hands and wonder if he knows.
"Morning Liv." He say as he kisses my neck. Hunter probably the best boyfriend ever. We started dating the beginning of freshmen year and have been together ever since. Matt and I had just moved in with are dad from living with are mom and didn't know anyone beside our brother. I have 4 brothers, Matt, Chris Adam and Trent. Adam and Trent are twins and 4 years older then me.
"Morning." I turn around and lean up to kiss him. When I feel sick I drop my book and take off towards the girls bathroom with Hunter yelling after me. I push myself up and am grateful no one was in the bathroom. I rinse my mouth out and walk out of the bathroom. Hunter is standing their with my bag and book.
"Liv what happened, are you ok."
"Yeah just stomach problems. I'm fine now." He look at me for a minute. I know I need to tell him but not during school I'll tell him after school.
"Ok." He takes my hand and the bell rings and we start to first period. Which we had together. "So want to come over after school."
"Sure." We take our seat and wait for the teacher and I lay my head on Hunter shoulder as he talks to some guy on the football team about practices for the coming year. The teacher came in and called the class to order. History pass and Hunter was walking me to my next class which was math ugh.
I walk in and sit down next to Matt and start to copy the work. Mr. B our teacher started to talk. I was taking notes when I felt sick. I raised my hand.
"Yes Olivia." Mr. B ask
"My please go to the bathroom."

"Yes." I got up and ran out of the room to the bathroom and just made it. I stood up and rinsed my mouth out again. God this was getting old. I leaned against the wall and just breath before heading
back to class. I walk in and we were doing book work. I sat down and Matt look up a me.
"Are you ok."
"Yeah just had to go to the bathroom."
"Why." Crap. I can't lie to him. He knows when I do.
"Why do you care." With that I look down and started my work. Class ended and now was lunch. Ugh how could I eat all that would happen is I would throw it up later. Hunter finds me in the hall and
snakes his arm around my waist.
"Hey felling better."
"Yep." No. I fell like dying. We walk in and get in line for food Hunter grabs a sandwich and stuff. I just get a water and a weird look from Hunter.
"Baby are you sure your ok."
"Yeah. I'm just not hungry." He nodded and we went and sat with some friends at a table I was sitting on Hunter lap with my head on his chest while he ate. Just listening to his heart. Hunter kept giving me kisses on my forehead. I could tell he was worried. The bell rang on one more class and then I would have to tell Hunter. Great.
Art went and Hunter met me at my locker.
"So I told Chris that your coming with me." Hunter tells me as he takes out his car keys.
"Oh thanks." We went and got in his truck and headed to his house. His parent were out of town for the night and his older brother Andy was in College just like Trent and Adam. So we would have the house to our selves. I kind of wish I had my car in case things didn't go so well. We get out and go inside his house is beautiful. His mom decorated every room differently.
"So do you want something to eat or drink." Hunter ask.
"No. But I need to tell you something."
"Ok what is it."
"Before I tell you promise you won't get mad." We were now in his room and laying on his bed.
"I won't." I look up at his face and sigh.


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