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Trapped in a hell called wonderland

Novel By: mburt0n222
Young adult

Alice is trapped in wonderland, no longer being able to leave she encounters many stranger characters and goes through horrible times while in wonderland...perhaps even love View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 24, 2011    Reads: 245    Comments: 8    Likes: 2   

Just in my moments of death I recall my days in wonderland,none of them all to happy.These flashes of memory starting with when I was caught and trapped in the hellcalled wonderland. "Little Alice,where are you?" a sadistic voice called to her.It was the Cheshire cat,he had always been the scary one to her. "Come out and play!" he said angerily."I'm so scared," I thought to myself,"mommy,daddy,somebody please save me." but there would be no one to save her from the cheshire cats hands,no one.I stepped out from behind my hiding place,a Thick tree that concealed me well.I knew he would find me anyways,but he was nowhere in sight.Picking up the ends of the long dress I wore I started to run.He was around and I knew it.He was watching me from some unseen place,most likely chuckling to himself,content with my fear.I tripped over an undected bramble and fell to the dirt.As I listened to the chuckling about me I cried,and dressed in purple and black clothing he stepped up to where I was huddled on the ground,it was the damned cat himself.But there was one thing that made himself clear that he was a cat,a pair of black cat ears on his silky black hair bright green eyes with cat slits for pupils.He reached down for me and didn't react when I flinched from his touch,for he didn't even need to hide the desire in his eyes.He had plans for me,whether I liked it or not. I stop the memory's for a moment to sputter up blood and laugh and realized howSick and possibly mad I was for enjoying watching my own demise.I hated myself and what I had become,and hoped I would die soon just to put me out of this sick,twisted relm,but still I let the memory play on.... He grabbed me roughly and threw me over his shoulder,his claws digging into my legs. "let me go,let me go," I cried.but he only gave me a twisted smile.He starts to walk back in the direction we came in. "Let me go,where are you taking me!" I yelled angrily.He looks back at me from over his shoulder. "Were going to my place to play a game" He replied,that grin never leaving his face. "I dont want to play a game with you,I wanna go home!" I said firmly. "Will you shut the fuck up!," he yelled,"I swear if you don't stop whining and kicking,I will beat the shit out of you." I stop moving imieditly.Not just because I would get beaten if I didn't,but because I was tired from fighting him.I only watched as he took me to his home.


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