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New York Minute

Novel By: mes1213

When Brandon Langston lands an internship with Wexford Enterprises, the number one corporation in Manhattan, he's determined not to let anything get in his way.

But when he runs into the CEO's daughter, Charlotte, his entire world turns upside down.

And his biggest dreams become something entirely different.

"Everything can change in a New York minute."

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Submitted:Jan 9, 2013    Reads: 85    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

{Brandon's POV}

I took a long, deep breath as I stared at the tall skyscraper towering above me.

Come on, Langston. You can do this. Just walk through the door, and get to work. You got this. You already got the internship. Nothing can get in your way now.

I took another deep breath as I pushed opened the heavy glass door, stepping into the air-conditioned building and making my way across the white marble floor to the reception desk.

The receptionist looked up from her computer when I stepped in front of the desk. She smiled politely. "Welcome to Wexford Enterprises. May I help you?"

"Uh, yeah." I cleared my throat. "I'm Brandon Langston. I'm the new intern for Mr. Thomas Wexford."

She nodded, typing something into her computer. "Right. Of course. If you'd follow me, please, Mr. Langston."

She stood up and began walking somewhere else in the large building, with me tagging along right behind her. We arrived to another set of large glass doors, and she pushed right through them, only to be met with another receptionist's desk.

She walked to the desk as I stayed behind. She exchanged a few quick words with the second receptionist before they both walked back towards me. The first girl shot me a quick smile and left to go back to the foyer, leaving me alone with the second receptionist.

She smiled at me, pointing straight ahead of us. "Right this way, Mr. Langston."

Geez, this place is freaking ridiculous. I so don't fit in here.

I followed the second receptionist over to another door, where she paused and gestured for me to stay where I was. She opened the door slightly, poking her head inside. A few seconds later, she came back out to face me.

"Mr. Wexford will see you now." She smiled and walked back to her desk.

I hesitantly opened the door, suddenly terrified at the thought of working here.

I spotted Wexford sitting at his desk, waiting for me.

"Ah, Brandon Langston. I'm so glad you've decided to come on board here! You all ready to get to work?" He stood up, walking over to me to shake my hand.

I grasped it firmly, giving it a good, professional shake. "Yes, sir. That's what I'm here for." I smiled.

He reached around my shoulder to pat my back. "Good. Now let's get you started."

* * *

Spending my life making copies and running errands for the boss. I'm an intern, what else would I be doing?

So far, this internship is actually perfect. I'm finally learning how to get exactly where I want to be in life, how to make my dreams come true. I honestly don't think my life could get any better right now.

I meandered around the building slowly, taking in my surroundings. This place was amazing. I don't even understand how I'm in a tall, narrow skyscraper right now - it's fucking huge in here.

I was on my way to the production room to pick up some copies for Mr. Wexford, taking my sweet time. Nobody seems too strict here, everything is so laid back.

I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going. I kept my eyes on the high ceilings above me and all the people sitting at their cubicles and in their offices. Did I mention how insane this place is?

I suddenly felt myself collide with something. I quickly stepped back, regaining my composure. I looked down at the floor to see that I had bumped into a girl, and completely knocked her down to the ground. And she was staring -- no, glaring up at me.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" I blurted. I held my hand out to help her up, but she ignored it.

She stood, brushing herself off. "Yeah, you should be. God, watch where you're going."

As she spoke, I took a good look at her. Damn. She was absolutely flawless. She was a few inches shorter than me, with a body to kill for. Long, dirty blonde hair, green eyes, tan skin. She seemed to be my age. And she's fucking perfect.

"Did you hear me?" Her voice pulled me out of my trance.

"Sorry, what?"

She made an annoyed sound. "I said, can I help you?"

"Oh, no. I was just... I'm Brandon," I said, holding out my hand for her to shake.

She stared at me as if I hadn't even spoken. She looked down at my hand, almost as if she was absolutely disgusted. When she looked back up at me, she scoffed.

"What makes you think I want to know who you are?" she asked, raising her eyebrows in disbelief.

My hand awkwardly dropped to my side in embarrassment. "Um. I thought... I was trying to be nice. Introduce myself, you know?"

She laughed loudly, throwing her head back. "Oh, because I care who a nobody like you is? Ha, alright." She rolled her eyes and shook her head. "How did you even get into the building?"

"Uh... I got an internship here. I'm working for Mr. Wexford."

Her amused expression completely fell. "Well, shit. That sucks."

Huh? Why does that suck? "What?" I furrowed my eyebrows.

She crossed her arms, sighing exasperatedly. "I guess I'll have to figure out a way to get rid of you, then." An eyebrow cocked up on her forehead, and she turned to walk away.

"Wait! Get rid of me? What are you talking about?!" I yelled after her. But she just kept walking, acting as if I hadn't just yelled across the building and everyone was now staring at me. Who the hell is this bitch?

And why am I so interested in figuring out who she is?


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