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Another year at school as far as the Omega girls are concerned, but the year becomes more interesting with new arrivals, secrets found out and hard decisions having to be made. View table of contents...



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Rylie and Tia were sat in a couple of armchairs in the study hall, looking over their class schedules, to see which classes they had together this year. Both girls' looked up as the door opened, and their Form Mistress entered with four new students. "Ah, just the girls' I was looking for," the grey-haired, Mrs Dune, smiled brightly, she looked around obviously looking for the rest of her year twelve omega form.
"Ella said she was going to the office, and Eve was on a snack run, Mrs Dune," Rylie informed the tutor. Tia was eyeing up the new students; she had to admit they were good-looking for males which in her experience would mean they would be pompous and annoying.
"What about Add-?" the tutor began before recalling, "oh yes she is visiting her cousin Zachariah. Well boys, suffice to say Rylie and Tia will sort you boys out." With that Mrs Dune left the room, entirely forgetting to make introductions.
The two girls grinned, "You'll soon realise the Dune is a little away with the fairies at times," Tia sighed, "this is Rylie Cascada, and my name is Tia Franchise - we are cousins," she introduced.
Rylie had tom-boy short hair which was cocoa brown with red dyed tips; the girl was build was lean though a little muscular; Tia, on the other hand, was five foot five to her cousins' five foot one, her hair was a deep-dark, red and she was quite well formed.
The shortest of the males was a naturally bright blond-haired boy with pale blue eyes, "my name is Casey Waite and thank you for such a kind welcome". Tia looked at her cousin, neither of them had anticipated such manners from any in the group. The next male to speak was an inch or two taller than his companion and held a more sporty air, "Hey the names' Ryo Rivers, and I like to be on the go as much as possible," he grinned, winking at the two girls, who grinned in return.
The third male was easily the tallest with chocolate brown hair, "my name is Triston Idastorm," he stated simply, then indicated to the last male who by all accounts looked on the scene unattached, "this is Michio Harte". The other male merely nodded a greeting and did not even try to say anything.
"Right-," Rylie said glancing at her cousin with a look which spelt out her inner thoughts - 'awkward'; the red-head had to look down trying not to giggle, "so what do you chaps want to do first?" the tom-boy enquired amicably.
"I could do with some chow," Ryo volunteered cheerfully.
The blond smiled, "you always could be doing with food," he quipped, making four about of the six chuckle.
"No worried the food hall is just down the corridor," Tia smiled, "once we've eaten we better take you to the dorm to unpack, at least then there will be a chance of you meeting the others". The four males agreed to the plan and followed their escorts to the food hall, which smelt delicious.

The two girls and four boys had just 'paid' for their males and were looking for somewhere to sit, the tables were littered with groups of two or three students, meaning most of the tables were taken. "Hey, Quat isn't that Randy?" Ryo exclaimed suddenly, spotting a dark haired boy sitting alone, the other students were giving him a wide berth.
"What you know him?" Tia asked incredulously, "most people avoid him here, because of the way he is, our group don't mind him but he prefers to be alone really," she shrugged.
Rylie just made a bee-line for the guy; she loved to wind him up, "Yo, Wolf-ski," she called from three tables away, the four boys could see the male' shoulders tense and his head bow slightly, "got some guys here who think they know you".
The raven haired Randy swung round about to give Rylie a lecture when his eyes fell onto the four males she was talking about. "What are you four doing here?" he demanded, eyes narrow. He ignored Rylie' charming comment.
"Goodrem was one of the schools that closed last year," Casey replied, unoffended by his friend' abrupt manner, "Ryo joined us there a couple of terms ago". Randy nodded in response.
"Uh, Randy," Tia rejoined, "would it be ok to sit with you - all the other tables are pretty much taken," she asked; the male regarded her for a second. Unlike her cousin Tia always spoke to him with respect and kindness, which he liked and appreciated.
He nodded and indicated invitingly to the eleven empty chairs at the table, "where are the rest of your group?" he inquired with a frown.
"About," Rylie retorted tauntingly, "don't worry Wolfie, you've not scared them off!" she finished with a grin which was mirrored by Ryo; he appreciated the way Rylie was a wind-up merchant - much like he, himself was; he loved how quickly Randy lost his temper and was intrigued to find the boy was keeping pretty calm despite Rylie' efforts.
"I hear you have been reassigned forms," Tia countered, distracted the males attention from her cousin for a moment. "Which form are you in now?" she enquired; Randy saw the glint in her eye; she already knew.
Rylie almost choked when Randy replied; both Tia and Randy smiled amused but the tomboys reaction. "Why didn't you tell me?" she accused Tia demandingly. The red-head just shrugged.
"So you are in with us then," Casey responded; the other male nodded. Randy was not feeling anywhere near so dubious about this change now he knew he had friends who knew him well, and he knew just, as well.
They were just finishing their meals when another girl approached their table, "Hey girls," the dark blond haired girl smiled, she acknowledged Randy with a nod which was returned, "so these are the new guys huh?" the girl queried eyeing them up.
"Yep," Rylie responded, "and to be fair to them they are actually pretty decent so far."
The four males frowned at the comment, and the new girl laughed, "in our groups experience good looking guys are up themselves and can cause ten ton of trouble," she explained.
"This is Arabella Franklin, by the way," Tia introduced, "she is in our form as well".
The girl grimaced at her full name being used, "Please call me Ella," she insisted, "so where you off to next? I think your trunks were delivered to the dorm - well from what Dune said to me twenty minutes ago".
"Better go settle in then," Ryo smiled and the group got up, excepting Randy.
"Your stuff too Randy," Ella coaxed; the raven male got up and joined the others.

The three girls took the lead; the five males shadowed close behind them. The three girls joked about and chatted as they walked along; Casey quite liked them so far, and he could tell Ryo was in his element - none of these three seemed to mind his chatting them up. Tia struck the blond male as a girl who would chat with anyone but also appreciated time to herself, for she would faze in and out of a conversation, and when she wasn't chatting or listening her features became a reclusive mask.
"Aw - no way," a short curly blond haired girl exclaimed looking directly at Mich, "I can't believe it! Alison is going to be so stoked," she girl squealed before darting off leaving the three girls staring after the year ten perplexed.
"Okaay," Tia stated, "that was weird - even for Amy."
The other two girls nodded; Rylie glanced at the males, "want to explain?" she nudged expectantly.
"We are not a hundred percent sure ourselves," Casey admitted, "but if the girl was talking about the same Alison we are thinking of, we may want to get to the dorm A S A P".

The girls took the hint and sped up. It was not long before they were safely in the year twelve omega dorm room; they had moved the furniture so they could all face each other chatting. "There are only two more of our form you have left to meet," Ella informed them, "Evelyn should be about soon and Addiena should be back from some family thing sometime this week too."
"What are they like?" Casey asked conversationally.
"Evelyn can be a little; uh - rough mannered should we say" Rylie grinned, "she is even worse at the think before you speak thing". Ryo smiled; he could be like that at times himself; he was forever putting his foot in his mouth.
"Diena tends to keep herself to herself, especially around people she doesn't know," Tia stipulated carefully, "she's a lovely girl but can have a bit of a fiery temper and as odd as it may sound it is the situations she finds hard to forgive, not the people".
The four new males took the warning; Randy had already learnt this about the girl from previous years. He had mistakenly lost his temper after hours of Rylie' baiting. He said some statement along the lines of women belonging in the kitchen when the girl threw a plate she had just dried towards him; luckily for him she had just missed him. He had to give the girl credit she did apologise for doing it and had explained all his chauvinistic remarks had finally got on her nerves. Randy remembered resolving never to make such remarks round her again if possible - which was a task as she had three friends who liked to wind him up on occasion.
"We better mention the fact that we only found out you were joining us this morning," Tia announced glancing awkwardly at the other two girls. Ella looked equally uncomfortable while Rylie just shrugged.
"We have already picked our rooms," Rylie explained, "these girls are embarrassed about having to chat about sleeping arrangements" the girl continued unabashed and to her friends embarrassment.
Before an answer could be uttered, there was a knock at the dormitory door; Tia immediately got up to answer it, "Tia if it is a girl called Alison, do not let her in" Ryo requested; the girl looked at the boy for a moment bemused before nodding and continuing to the door. The five males watched the girls progress none in doubt of it being Alison at the door, and all knowing the girl would be difficult to turn away.
Tia opened the door slightly placing her foot casually against the bottom, just in case. On the other side of the door stood a five foot eight, bleach blonde girl with ice-blue eyes who sighed impatiently. "Oh, hey Alison, what's up?" Tia enquired politely keeping the door open only wide enough to see the person on the other side.
"I have come to see Michio Harte," Alison demanded self-importantly. Tia' jaw tightened for a moment before replying the boys were busy. "Go and tell him I am here little dwarf," the blond burst rudely, "he will come when he knows it is me at the door".
Mich frowned at Alison' tone and comments; he could not believe Alison was being so rude to Tia either. "Ok, well wait here while I check," Tia responded tightly before clicking the door shut in Alison' face. She looked at Mich expectantly; there was no way she was going to face that girl again today.
Rylie rejoined them and sat back down in her seat after reappearing from one of the rooms. "I don't know what you want to do," Tia prompted uncomfortably.
Mich sighed wearily, "I better get it over with," he stated with a grimace.

"Do you want to speak to her?" an unfamiliar voice enquired, the group turned to see a fourth girl stood in the doorway of where Rylie had just come out of. The girl looked at the individuals of the groups before returning her attention solely on Mich, "well, do you?" she prompted looking slightly irritated.
"No, he doesn't," Ryo replied for his friend; the girl glanced at him before walking to the door where a rap of impatient knocks were playing.
"Better get yourselves moving and looking busy then," the new form-girl hinted, which was taken up instantly. Tia directed Mich into one room, and Randy into the room the girl had just vacated, before dragging Casey into a third room.
Once she was sure they were all out of sight she swung the door open with a frown, she was six foot and was well built, "What is it Alison," she ground out annoyed, the bright blond haired girl in the corridor looked at her opponent taken back.
"Hi Eve, I - I've come to see Michio," she squeaked.
"Sorry, he is busy," Eve replied simply.
"But-" Alison tried again.
"Nope still busy," Eve retorting interrupting the other girl.
"I only want to-" Alison retorted getting irritated herself.
"I have told you twice already," Eve pointed out forcefully, "you wouldn't make Addiena repeat herself so often".
"Miss Akemi is not here though," Alison sneered, "is she?" she smirked which infuriated Eve.
"Lucky for you, no she is not back yet" the taller girl snarled, "the boy is busy come back some other time". With which she slammed the door in the girls' face.
Eve called to the others it was ok to come out and sat down, the others soon joined her. "That should keep her at bay for a while, but I doubt for long," she predicted looking bored.
"This is Eve," Tia introduced before changing the subject to the topic that had been interrupted, "what are we doing about sleeping arrangements?"
"Well I'm not moving, and you know for a fact Diana won't either," Eve yawned. The girls agreed and sat in silence; Rylie was content making faces at Ryo, who was returning the favour.
"I suggest we stay where we have put our stuff," Ryo put forward, to which Randy replied he would think such a solution was acceptable.
"It is actually the only fair way," Casey conceded after a few moments of thought, "or there will be one room with a male and female while the other four are split into two all male rooms and two all female rooms".
The others eventually the plan was probably their only real option in this situation; so the four girls and five males made their way to their nor designated quarters to settle in. Only Mich entered his room alone, and the 'Diena had yet to turn up; The room divider had been pulled across closing off the section to the right of the door from the living-quarters, which he had been informed by Eve just as he entered the room, had the fifth girls luggage was placed.
Mich looked around his room; the was a comfortable looking bed, a wash-stand, wardrobe with built-in draws, a bookcase, locker and desk; it was all nicely spaced out and looked in pretty good shape.
The tawny male was soon unpacking his luggage and setting up his new room to his liking; he wondered what the last member of their form was like - the other girls seem diverse and Mich could not help but wonder where this 'Diena' fit into their spectrum.


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