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Like Orange in Spring

Novel By: MirkleyJo
Young adult

It's three years later when Shawn Midlock returns to life, but just when she finally is able to enjoy it, the paste washes back over her.

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Submitted:Feb 23, 2009    Reads: 224    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

I couldn't see anymore, not wanting to know where my eyes would be directed to and too terrified to find out when I opened them, they were seeing something wasn't real. It was unacceptable and impossible to give in to this disease they named and decided it was slowly taking over my brain.
"No!" I screamed with all the strength left inside of me, refusing to move my eyelids upwards by all means. Even though my eyes were shut with my hands covered over them for extra protection, I could feel David being near me as his breath tickled against my skin, when he pulled me close and placed my head on his shoulder. I buried my face deep into his neck until everything was pitch black.
It seemed an eternity for his embrace to slow me down and letting my exhaustion take over as I clasped onto him like I was never going to let go again. He gently caressed his hand up and down my back and rocked me in his lap while slowly the tears dripped down on him, one by one.
"It's okay..." David's silent whisper sang in my ears over and over again, as if he said it to himself so that would be okay.
Though it never would.
"Stay with me."
"I'll never leave, darling." His voice was clear like an angel hovering over me, but his lips never moved. "I shall always be here. I'm never going to leave you mind. If you don't see me, you'll hear me, Shawn. Always."
"Shut up!" My voice sounded broken after all the fighting. "Make it stop! Please, make it stop."
I was worn out. I felt like life was being sucked out of me, slowly and gradually over all these years.
"It's okay..." There was the whisper again and I could feel his warm breath, making me feel secure and almost accepted. But he couldn't accept me. He wasn't able to, like I wasn't.
"I love you, Shawn."
"Tell me it's okay." I sobbed desperately, hugging him closer when it was no longer pitch black. I needed it back. I couldn't live if there was only a spring of light.
"Open your eyes."
"I can't."
David didn't push me. He had learned over time that if he pushed me, I would pull away. It was my nature, my instinct.
As he suddenly stirred I came to realise we weren't the only two in the room of real existence. His head had turned towards what I recalled from memory the door, knowing that somebody was standing there.
"Who is she seeing?"
Before he was able to open his mouth, I snapped my head up and with wide eyes I snarled, "Don't ignore me."
"What is going on Shawn?"
"You don't have to answer her. She doesn't care." I frantically moved around the room, flickering my eyes from left to right in all the directions I could possibly look, trying to find out where the sound was coming from. "I'm right here, darling."
"Go away! Leave me alone!" I no longer register who I was speaking to and who was talking back to me. Words were verbalised but I struggled to find out where they were coming from.
"Shawn!" David wrapped his fingers around my arm and pulled me to face him. For the first time, I genuinely examined his eyes and realised he actually meant all of it. All the anxiety, fear and unconditional love joined together in his flawless expression.
He pressed my hands down against my own body, but held them with force as I tried to wriggle free.
I couldn't hear David nor see him. The only person I could truly see while the content of the room vanished in the background on was the one standing behind him, grinning sheepishly.
"Please darling, don't."


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