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Kiss It Better

Novel By: MissChildish
Young adult

COMPLETE: The silver moonlight glinted forbiddingly off the length of steel they held tightly in their hand. My blood ran cold as I saw the past few months flash before my eyes and I knew what was going to happen. I was going to die.

Riana and Stephen meet as young children under unlikely circumstances. Against all odds they meet again years later and their bond of friendship is strenthened, but even then it's not forever and terrible occurances pull them apart once again. When they meet after years of seperation as adults will it be third time lucky? Or is there just no hope for the two to have the lives they both desperately hope for? And will all the dreams end in one painful disaster? View table of contents...


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(Stephen P.O.V)
My new nanny squeezed my hand tightly pulling me along behind her. My short four-year-old legs couldn't keep up with her long sweeping strides, but she didn't seem to care. My mother and father walked in front of us. Her dark black hair was pulled harshly off her face without a single strand out of place. Her long tan coat, lined with real fur was just short of the ground thanks to her thin, high heels. His blond hair was slicked back professionally and he wore an expensive suit. I'd been forced into a mini version of his suit and the hard, heavy shoes hurt my feet.
"Hurry up Stephen," growled my nanny impatiently. She wore some rejects of my mothers that probably cost more then her entire weeks wage.
"Yes miss," I mumbled starting to jog to keep up. Finally the smooth footpath opened up into a large car park that was in front of the cities biggest cathedral. It looked tall enough to touch the sky and the colourful windows shone in the morning light. The other churchgoers all wore clothes that gave the appearance of wealth while still being comfortable. They all gave my family sidelong glances and I heard the usual wishful sighs as I was hurried past them.
All accept a young couple. They wore jeans and comfortable tops. Her hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail with a few stray strands framing her heart shaped face. His was long and messy, falling into his dark green eyes. The woman held a young girl in her arms. The girl's curly brown hair was wild atop her head and her pink baby lips were parted as she giggled. She wore a cute floral dress and small, soft looking sandals. As I was rushed past them I sighed wishfully.
If only my mummy and daddy would play with me and not always leave me with the nannies. If only daddy didn't have to go on trips so much and mummy didn't go shopping all the time. If only they ate a meal with me or asked me about my day like all the parents on the T.V shows.
We were of cause early for mass and got good seats the second row back from the front. Mummy and daddy didn't really believe in what the man at the front said. They said it was appearances that they dragged me along every Sunday. That's why we never sat in the front row, in case someone guessed. I sat at the end of the pew, swinging my legs because they were too short to touch the ground. My nanny sat next to me discreetly txting someone on her phone.
I watched with large hazel eyes as the young family I'd seen outside walked in and sat in front of us. I'd only started to see this family a couple of weeks back, so I guessed they were new, but I wouldn't know. Mummy and daddy refused to talk with them. I don't know why but they thought the mummy was disgraceful and the daddy should no better. The little girl sat in front of me. Her legs barely hung of the pew at all.
I leaned back into the wooden seat as the mass started. I entertained myself by trying to find patterns in the stone floor. I looked up when I heard a sweet giggle coming from in front of me. The little girl was standing on the pew looking at me with big green eyes. I smiled back at her. She giggled again before crouching down behind the back of the seat so that I couldn't see her. I frowned wondering what she was doing. Then she popped back up again, smiling.
"Peep-ba-boo," she sang out. I looked at her parents, expecting them to tell her off. But her mummy just smiled down at her before turning her attention back to the large man who was talking. I turned back to the girl who then repeated her actions. I started to giggle along with her. This whole thing of playing at church was unknown to me. I decided to ignore the annoyed looks from my parents and enjoyed myself.
After mass the family and little girl left to go outside. My mummy and daddy stayed back to talk to the other mean looking people. They did this every time and I new all I had to do was stand they silently and smile when the said my name.
"I mean do they have any control over the wild girl," one woman commented in a high-pitched voice.
"I know, she was distracting my little Stephen." Cue smile. "And they did nothing," mummy replied in an annoyed voice.
"That's what you get when teenagers think they can be parents," huffed the high-pitched woman. "Those poor parents, they're probably so ashamed."
"I know, I would just die if my little Stephen got someone pregnant, even though he would never do such a thing till marriage," mummy added.
"I know, I would be so ashamed if some hooligan got my little Penelope pregnant," high-pitched woman gushed.
"That would be terrible," agreed mummy. Both women then turned to look at the young three-year-old standing by the high-pitched woman's leg. Her curly blonde hair was held back neatly by a flower headband, she looked up at mummy with big blue eyes smiling.
"Listen we must be off, we're going to Hawaii for the week and don't want to miss our plane," informed the high-pitched woman.
"Oh really, well have a wonderful trip," mummy said. They then pretended to kiss each other's cheeks like they always did as they said goodbye. Once they high-pitched woman, her husband and Penelope left my mummy turned to my daddy eyebrows raised. "Hawaii, why don't they just shove money in peoples faces. Don't they understand they subtleties of being rich at all," mummy huffed.
"Not nearly as well as you darling," daddy replied smoothly.
"Well of cause,' answered mummy. "Oh is that Michelle, I must talk to her about Danielle's party last week, hurry." With that my nanny had a vice grip on my hand again and was pulling me after my parents. Is tumbled after her down the stairs.
"Listen sweetie," the nanny said kneeling down in front of me and squeezing both my hands in her own. "You just stay around here and out of trouble while nanny goes and talks to that fine looking man over there." I just nodded, used to being left along after church. I stood watching the smiling couples and families walk to their cars. I looked around at the tall steel and glass buildings that surrounded the grey stoned church. It was really strange such different buildings so close to each other. I was not looking forward to the long car drive out of the city to my other house in the country. It sucked being so close to open land, great climbing trees and puddles of mud and forced to stay inside.
I sat down on the step and noticed that the little girl from the pew in front was still here. She was wandering off from where her mummy and daddy stood talking to another man and lady. She had a thumb in her mouth as she walked towards me. Her eyes wide and taking everything in. when she was about a metre away from me she tripped over her own legs and fell to the ground. She put her arms out and grazed her palms on the rough concrete.
She sat back and looked at her bleeding hands. Her face screwed up and she opened her moth to cry. I ran forward to help her up. She stopped crying when I took her little hands in mine.
"Wou okay?" I asked. She shook her head and pushed her hands closer to my face. On all the shows on T.V when the little kid got hurt the mummy or daddy kissed it better. No one had ever done it to me but it seemed to work. I leaned forward and kissed both her palms making a 'mwah' sound like the people from the shows.
"Tank-wou," she whispered giving me a shy smile.
"Aww that is so cute." I heard someone squeal. I looked up to see the little girls mummy standing next to hours, her hands clasped in front of her face, smiling.
"What's your name little guy?" she asked crouching down next to me. My gaze flickered to where my parents stood pretending to laugh, then back to the kind woman.
"Stephen," I answered.
"Well hello Stephen, I'm Amanda," Amanda replied putting her hand forward. I'd seen people do this to daddy all the time so I put my hand in hers and shook it up and down.
"That's a nice strong hand shake you got their Stephen," she complimented. "Now Stephen this is my daughter Riana," Amanda told me pointing to the little girl.
"Riana," the little girl repeated.
"Stephen," I told her. She smiled. Suddenly a cold hand clasped my shoulder tightly.
"I thought I told you to stay put Stephen." I heard the nanny say behind me.
"Sorry nanny," I apologized.
"Nice to meet you Stephen but I guess it's time for us both to go, uh?" Amanda said smiling at me before giving my nanny a dirty glare. Amanda then scooped up Riana and started to walk off.
"Bye, bye Stephen," Riana said giving me a wave.
"Bye, bye Riana," I whispered waving back.
That's the moment that changed my life forever.
A/N: How quick was that! ^_^ I'd already come up with the idea I only really needed to write the first chapter down, so here it is! Enjoy!


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