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Friends blush when your brother walks in the room but a best friend checks him out and makes a perverted joke

Novel By: MissEbbiePaige
Young adult

Ebonie is really unique, but thats what her best friend lindsay loves about her! Ebonie and Lindsay have been like sisters from the day they met but Ebonies also in love with Lindsays older brother drew whose dating someone completely wrong for him. Every body wish's for a fairy tale ending but only a few get them. Life isnt perfect but you can try to get it there!

So this is a story im writing as kind of a joke with my bestfriend so it has some inside jokes that i'll try my best to explain in a comment at the end of the post. I'll answer any questions you have! View table of contents...


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You're looking for some dirt,
I'm lifting up my skirt
I'm searching for a light under me in my purse
You always think the worst,
I just wanna flirt
You found me on my knees,
Next thing you're saying "tease"
I'm trying to find my phone and my keys, not your sleaze
My spell is like a curse,
I just wanna flirt ......

My ringtone blared from my iphone sitting on the bathroom counter while i touched up my straight bleach blonde hair. I saw the picture of me and my best friend Mitchell light up the screen.

Me* Hey bitch whats up?
Mitch* Hey Skank. Im going four-wheeling with Steph, Drew and Lindsay in 30 minutes and you better be here and bring the usual Dounkin Donuts or ill have to kill you!
Me* K. How about 40 i have to load my four wheeler?
Mitch* Fine. 40. Go!

Then my line went dead. I quickly put on my ripped jeans and a pink shirt. I grabbed my pink Fox helmet and purse. I texted my mom who took my little sister to see my grandma for the weekend and my dad who was over at Jason's hunting to tell them i was at the MClean's house. I gave all 3 of my dogs a bone and went to load my four-wheeler on the trailer attached to my blue lifted Jeep wrangler. I was on my way to dunkin' donuts with 15 minutes left. I blared my country music the whole way.

"Hello can i take your order?" the voice came through the speaker.

"Yep can i have 2 medium dunkachinos, 1 medium white hot chocolate, 1 large extra extra and one large extra sugar normal cream." I ordered the drinks for My other best friend Lindsay who happens to be Mitchell's younger sister who's my age. Mitchell and his girlfriend who are both 20 and then Drew. Drew was their middle brother who's 18. I've always had a major crush on Drew but he's dating some bitch who makes him miserable and he can't even see it.

"Any thing else?" The voice asked.

"Yep one chocolate chip muffin, 1 butter nut donut, 1 pumpkin, 4 chocolate glaze, and one blue berry muffin please."

"Your totals $16.87 please pull up." The voice sounded annoyed with me. I dug through my purse to find my wallet and pulled up. Speaking of Drews Bitchy girlfriend there she was. We where opposite by a long shot. She was so skinny, we used to think she had an eating disorder while im normal. She's flat in all areas if you know what i mean unlike me who's a little big. She has brown hair and green eyes while i have blonde hair and grayish blue eyes. The only thing we have in common is where both in love with Drew MClean.

"Oh! Hey Brandi i didn't know you where working." I smiled politely. I know what you thinking 'why are you nice to her?' I want Drew to be happy and if i was a bitch she wouldn't let drew hang out with me and it would suck.

"Hi Ebonie. That's $16.87." She didn't even smile. I handed her my Visa card. Now i know your thinking 'yep spoiled rich kid.' But I actually work hard for my money. My god parents own Rockingham county towing so i work after school in the garage as a receptionist and i can't lie i do get payed more then normal but its hard and during the summer i clean for my moms cleaning serves cleaning beach house. "Can i ask why you need all these coffees?" I knew she wasn't trying to start conversation just be nosey.

"Im heading to Drew's to go four-wheeling with them." I smiled as she handed me the coffees then the bags of donuts. She handed me back my card with out saying another word. I took off toward the MClean house and pulled in the drive way with 3 minutes to spare. "HELL YEAH!" I screamed hopping out.

"SKANK!" Lindsay yelled from the door running out to help me with the drinks.

"Hey hoe!" I joked handing her one drink tray and a bag of food. We walked in side and found everyone in the living room including her parents. "Oh I'm sorry if i known you where here i would have brought you guys one to." I apologized dispersing everything.

"Oh its ok Eb we where just leaving to do some early christmas shopping." Harrison smiled at me.

"Early is right its september! I haven't even planned my halloween party yet!" I chuckled taking the only available seat next to drew.

"I can't wait im so crashing that!" Mitchell smirked.

"Its not crashing if your invited idiot!" Lindsay rolled her eyes.

"No he's not invited, only stephanie because i like her more." I stuck my tongue out at him.

"No way you love me Eb and you know it! What would you do with out me?" He asked.

"I wouldn't be at dunkin donuts so much." i giggled as drews phone vibrated again on the table.

"Are you going to answer that?" Steph asked looking at the phone.

"Nope. I told her i was busy today and this is the 5th time she's called in 12 minutes." He didn't even have to tell us who 'she' was we all knew he meet Brandi. Lindsay and Stephanie looked over at me both know i have a major thing for Drew. I tried to act like i didn't even notice.

"Sorry thats my fault she was working and was asking me about all the coffee and food so i told her i was coming here." I sighed wishing that it didn't have to create so much stress for Drew every time i came over. I know Brandi knows i have a thing for drew and if she doesn't know for a fact she has suspicions.

"What ever just like every other day." Drew muttered. I felt so bad, i knew if i never opened my mouth he wouldn't have to listen to her have a temper tantrum.

"So?" Mitchell tried to change the subject.

"Wheres Tyler?" I asked lindsay about her boy friend for the past year. Tyler was Drews best friend that lindsay had a crush on forever then last year he asked her to his junior prom. That stirred things up and they've been going strong ever since.

"He had to work." She pouted.

"Wow end of the world he's away from you for a few hours. I swear people don't know the meaning of 'Space' these days." I rolled my eyes.

"Tell me about it." Drew rolled his eyes.

"Yeah right Eb as soon as you get a boyfriend you'll be the same way." Mitchell pointed out taking a big bite from his chocolate donut.

"No i wont because i know i would shoot myself if i had a clingy boyfriend. I want someone that i can hang out with and have fun but also realize i have you guys and i like to have my time." I glanced at Drew quickly hoping no one noticed me.

"Oh my god! I should soooo hook you up with my friend Joe!" Mitchell looked like he just discovered a new world.

"No!" Stephanie jumped. "Really Mitchell anyone but Joe! He's a man whore."

"Well she doesn't want clingy." he pointed out.

"Yes but i want faithful and id rather not go out with someone whose been with half the girls in this state." I knew the guy i wanted and i wasn't going to give up on hope.

"Your to difficult! Lets go!" he huffed getting up to throw away his coffee cup. Everyone started to get up and Drew offered me a hand to help.

"Thanks." I smiled blushing slightly. 

"Any time i can help." He smiled that smile that i haven't seen in a long time.... since Brandi came into the picture. We walked out side to see Mitchell already unloaded the four wheelers. Steph and Mitch had their own so Lindsay and Drew had to Ride with some one.

"I'll ride with Mitchell!" Lindsay winked at me putting on her helmet.

"Sorry Drew but i ride solo." Steph smiled smugly at me.

"I guess your stuck with me." I smiled at Drew trying to flirt slightly.

"I don't mind." he smiled helping me put on my carheartt jacket.

"You want to drive?" I asked holding up the keys to my green 2010 Sportsman® 850 XP ATV.

"PLEASE!" He tried to grab the keys from my hand but i snatched them away.

"What will you give me?" I flirted.

"Um, how bout I drive you to school all week?"

"And?" i pushed.

"And buy you your dunkachinos every morning."

"Deal!" I handed him the keys and put on my helmet. I got on wrapping my arms around his toned waist feeling his 4 pack under his flannel shirt. We followed Stephanie though all the trails near their house. Once we got back it was close to dinner time and Mitchell and Drew where bitching about being hungry.


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