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Evelyn is fifteen year old girl who ends up meeting gang members and becoming intrigued. Whilst doing so, she becomes intrigued and get sucked into the gang scene, causing tons of trouble and the deaths of those dearest to her. View table of contents...


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Chapter One
Evelyn walked quickly through the heavy, wooden doors that led out of the school. Her face was crimson with embarrassment, and at that very moment, she decided she hated this school. Why? Why did my parents have to make me move to Los Angeles, away from my friends, home, family…? She held her head high and trudged through the grimy, cracked sidewalks that lead from Jameson High to her old apartment in which she lived with her parents. She ignored the stares of the older men, and boys her own age as well. Being a blonde, short skinny girl who looked about as strong as a five year old was not a good thing in this part of the city. Not to mention she was obviously weighed down by her heavy backpack. As soon as she saw the chipped front door of her new home, she was relieved. It was frightening for a girl like her to walk past those cold smirks and snickers that accompanied the steps towards her that always made her flinch, just the slightest amount. She fumbled with her keys as two scantily clad girls who looked as if they were in their early twenty's walked by. One had caked-up makeup, red hair, and seven inch heels. The other had on blue eye shadow, red lipstick, and thigh high leather boots. Evelyn broke out in a cold sweat as she realized her key wouldn't fit in the door. She knocked on the door, and waited for about three minutes. No one. "Hey, having trouble?" a familiar voice inquired. She spun around and recognized him as one of the "gang boys" that the girls in her class warned her about. He was good looking, with cool gray eyes, a slightly teasing smile, jet black hair, and he was tall. Tattoos covered his arms (Inked illegally, of course.) She had been told his name was Aaron. "Uh…No. Yes. Yeah," she stuttered. "I-I'm not able to… like… the key won't work, and um… I can't…" she trailed off as he began to grin. "I'm guessing you're not that strong?" he asks. This took Evelyn off guard and she began backing away. "Heh… Dude, that's not what I meant… Just twist the lock and push," He demonstrates, opening the door. "Old place. Pretty cool though… Anyway, you're in my class, right?" Aaron stared at her. "Oh… Yeah. Hey, thanks for opening the door for me," she mumbled. "I guess I suck… Oh wait! Sorry, I didn't um…" she stumbled along her words. He grinned. "Okay, sure. See ya' round." He snickered and walked away. Evelyn blushed and walked into the apartment, slamming the door behind her. She threw her backpack on the floor beside the door and ran into her room to think. As soon as she lied down though, she received a phone call. She stood up clumsily and grabbed her cell. "Hey, Evelyn?" a voice from the other end of the phone asked. It sounded like Jess. "Yeah?" Evelyn answered. "Hey, um, were you seriously talking to Aaron? He's like, almost the leader of the largest gang in this city! Are you crazy?" she asked. "No, I'm not crazy; he was helping me open my door!" I grumbled. "You… Needed help opening a door!?" Jess burst out laughing. "Seriously Ev? A DOOR!?" She loudly guffawed. Evelyn sighed and hung up. She walked into the kitchen and pored herself a cup of coffee, then proceeded to grab her iPod, headset, and book. With rap core music blasting in her ear, Evelyn sat on the couch and began to read. It wasn't until late that her parents arrived home from work. Her mother looked drowsy, and her father went straight to bed. After sipping some coffee, her mom sighed. "How does it feel to be young?" she tiredly laughed as she trudged into the room Evelyn's father had entered minutes ago. Evelyn sat there, and sighed. I love you too. She stumbled into her room, fell upon her bed, pulled the covers up over her head, and tried to sleep. As she began to drift off, she heard a crash and shot out of bed towards the window. She watched as Aaron and one of his friends beat up a man and stole his wallet. Before leaving, Aaron took a quick look around, making sure no one spotted him. Then he caught Evelyn's eye.


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