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Shaye Thompson has just had her life torn apart by one guy, and not in the way you think. Now she's out to find the truth and the only one who knows is the cute guy who brought her home that day. Now she wants the whole truth, but it muight be too hard to bear. View table of contents...


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Chapter One
I like to think of it as irony. I mean, walking on a crowded sidewalk, and someone comes up to you randomly. You would never even think of talking to them normally, but they end up changing your life forever.
That's what happened to me on January 6, 2010. He looked normal enough with his blue jeans and a deep blue sweatshirt. The only weird thing was that he had the sleeves pushed up to his elbows in below 0 degree New England weather.
"Can you help me? Please, I need help. HELP ME! ", he said as he ran towards me.
"Yeah, what's wrong?" I replied as he stopped near me. He grabbed my arm and pulled me near a hotel with a balcony shade. As we got nearer to the hotel I saw the cloth balcony was torn and there was a limp figure lying on the welcome mat beneath it.
"Help me turn her over" he said. We did and I had to step back.
"OH MY GOD! No Rackel, please no! The limp body was my sister. The sister that I saw this morning eating cereal, texting on the couch, running off to go meet her friends. I ran to her side and started CPR. "Call 9-1-1!" I started screaming at the guy next to me. After a while I heard the sirens, but I just kept going. The medics took over and one of them checked her pulse, I saw him shake his head and I knew it was over.
For the first time that day I cried. I sank down against the wall behind me and the guy in the sweatshirt came and hugged me. A complete stranger came up to me hugged me, little Shaye Thompson.
"You want me to walk you home?"
"Yeah, thanks" I sniffled.
He took me to a white van. I stepped back and shook off his arm. He laughed.
"It's okay; I'm trying to do anything to you. Can't a guy walk a girl home anymore?"
He asked for my address and we were off down the street.
"So what's your name?" he asked.
"Shaye, Shaye Thompson", I replied.
"What was your friend's name?" he questioned. I wanted to explode I was so angry!
"Not my friend", I gritted through my teeth, "my sister. And her name is Rackel, or it was."
"It's a pretty name, so is yours." We walked up to the steps in front of my place.
"I don't even know your name."
"Zac Goode. I hope I'll see you around."
"Yeah, me to. Bye Zac." I turned around in time to see as my mother run out of the house crying.
"Thank God! We didn't know if you were pushed too."
Pushed? Like off of the balcony, but only one person saw her!The thought ran through my head. No, it couldn't, be could it? I watched him wave to me as I closed the door. I didn't realize it then, but my life had just changed, forever.


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